Bird in a Cage – Episode 1. Russian TV Series. StarMedia. Melodrama. English Subtitles

Star Media presents Ekaterina Astakhova Ivan Stebunov Alexander Davidov Mikhail Zhigalov Yuriy Moseyvhuk, Alexandra Platonova Natalia Vasko, Stanislav Boklan Alina Grosu, Irina Mak, Sergey Melnik Directed by Anatoliy Grigoryev Created by Natalia Shimboretskaya Music by Daniil Yudelevitch Director of Photography –
Arunas Baraznauskas, R.G.G. Art Director – Lyudmila Malyshko Sound Producer – Valentin Tymoshenko Executive Producer – Dmitriy Olenitch Produced by Galina
Balan-Timkina and Vlad Ryashin A BIRD IN A CAGE Episode One Hold it, hold it, I’ll help you. Grandpa, why is Stephanida crying? Because of happiness.
She has come back home! Grandpa, do I look like Stephanida? I was named after her, wasn’t I? Shhhh…. Be quiet, Stesha. One can’t
talk loudly in a church. Mum, will I be as
beautiful as she is too? Of course, you will! But be quieter. Great! What do you have here? Egor, one can’t shout in a church! Stop it! Egor! Go, I’ll catch up with you. – All right.
– Stop! Stop it! Stesha, where are you
going? What’s the matter? I explained to them that a
church is not a place for games. And they’re playing tags here! You’re a good girl! Why
are you playing tag here? Egor, take your gang and go
outside! Run in the street! Come on! The last one takes his turn! Christ has resurrected! In truth he has! Christ has resurrected! In truth he has! Christ has resurrected! In truth he has! Where are the parents, Stesha? They went after some people…
first mum and then dad followed. Help! Mummy! Daddy! Help! Hold her! Don’t let her go! Help! Hold her! Help! Tolya! Tolya! What’s the
matter? What has happened? Fifteen Years Later… Milk! Milk! Custard! Buy some!
All food is fresh and tasty! Milk! Here you go! Thank you very much! This is Stesha! A daughter
of the late Ternovs. – Polya, look, who has come!
– Hello! – Good afternoon!
– Hello, Stesha! – Hi, daughter-in-law!
– Hello, auntie Polya! Have you come for the vacations? Well… I’ve graduated. What a good girl! Egor wrote
to me that you were to come. It’s very good that you’re
writing to each other. I write him more often than he does. He rarely writes to me too. I’ll go, auntie Polya.
Grandpa is waiting for me. – Go and have some rest.
– Good-bye! Good-bye! Grandpa! Grandpa! Oh! I’m sorry. This is fine. Are you all right? I am. Good. These are good paints. They are. How do you
know? Are you an artist? A beginner. I see. Well, good-bye. Good-bye. Grandpa! Good luck to you! Grandpa! Stop! This bike is not yours!
It belongs to my grandpa! I repaired its handle
myself, do you get it? I do. Shall I give you a lift? A bike may only carry one person. I see. Here we go. Come on. Let me help
you. Come on, come on… Thank you! Take the bike and go. We’ll
meet at one place anyway. I realized it when I saw paints. Be careful, there is a vase there! I made it myself. Are you an artist too? I am. However, I began
painting long ago. Stesha! – Ninka! Hi!
– Hi! Wait for me! Come down! Hi! – I missed you so much!
– Welcome home! One can’t recognize
you! You’re so beautiful! Stop it! The entire village is wondering
when Egor and you decided to get married. – It was his decision.
– Don’t you want to marry him? I want to study! Marry him! We’ll celebrate
two weddings at once. I’ll marry Pasha and you’ll marry Egor. We’ll arrange a holiday! The
entire village will party! Stesha, hi! Hi, Pasha! – Stesha, hello! Welcome home!
– Hello. Thank you! Here you go, be careful… He is playing up to his
future mother-in-law. Look here! This is a VIP —
a guy from Moscow. Hello. Hello. What a heavy artifact! – Do you know each other?
– We don’t. We do. We… It was like this… He took a bike… It will take long time
to tell you about that. There was a man and a ship
and now we have a man and a bike. Right. Bye, Nina! Bye! Bye! See you! Good-bye! Grandpa! Grandpa! I can’t believe my eyes! At last! Is that you? You became so beautiful! My girl! You’re blooming! Where did you take the
bike? I gave it to Borya to go to the post office.
Where did you lose the guy? I’m already here. Good! Give this to me. Here you go. The vase is intact. Thank you. I’ve been looking forward for you. Come in. I’ve been waiting
for you for so long! Grandpa, where did they come from? The guys? Can you imagine? They heard about our
restoration works and came to us. They brought their own
instruments and materials. This is Borya. Gleb
is his elder brother. They are hard working and talented. They rent a house nearby.
Come on! I missed you so much! Come in! Here you go! Grandpa! I brought
you what you asked for! You did, didn’t you? I did. Here you go. I prepared something for you too. I missed you so much! – Help yourself!
– Thanks. Here you go! What a great present! By the
way, Boris is not just talented. God must have kissed him in the head. Someday art magazines will
write about him as well! Remember my words! Grandpa, why are you advertising him? It’s because he is a talent! We’re not mediocrities ourselves! Let me see… They wanted to send it
to Moscow for a contest. But I made it for my parents. What a good girl! You’re a good girl! Here you go. It’s great, isn’t it? Grandpa, do you remember? Any time dad was leaving
mum was falling sick. They wanted to be always
together. Even in sorrow… Gleb, I don’t want to redo it.
Let’s mix it right from the beginning. I’m mixing it in a right way. Gleb, it’s too dark, can’t you
see? No? It’s too thick, Gleb! I haven’t finished yet! Grandpa! How do you like it? Gleb, what is it?
What are you doing now? I like it very much. Grandpa, may I join them? I knew you’d want to do it! Of course, you may! You should! Gleb, come down to me. It’ll help more. And you may go upstairs to Boris. I’ll finish it myself. You know, they are
brothers but they quarrel like a dog and a cat. Come on, come on! You should have seen
us in our childhood! Borya and I used to quarrel so much… We were trying to establish
who the boss was. Go up! All right. Here you go! Take the clothes!
You may work on the nimbus. Come on. Be careful! All right. I’m older! Gleb, this is your only advantage. This is right. Borya has got the talent.
I must agree with that. – Am I wrong?
– Stop it. Stop it, both of you!
Don’t forget where we are. Why are fingers painted like this? This is the Novgorod
canon, if I’m not mistaken. Cool! So you know what you’re
talking about, don’t you? I decided that the Novgorod
canon is preferable here. I like the Vologda canon more. Grandpa, tell me… I am
looking at your drawings and can’t understand… where
did you study painting? In a place where 99 people
cry while one laughs. I used to study at
the Institute of Arts. They arrested me right here.
I came home for the vacations. They arrested me and sent
to the faraway places. But I got lucky. I was
sent to the local scribe. That’s how artists are called there. He taught me everything that I know. He taught you well. He helped me save my life. Maybe he wanted to
save what he taught me. He wanted me to give it back to people. Viktor Andreyevicth, is Stesha here?
We’re going to meet Egor! Be quiet! What does
she need at the station? Go on your own! Go, go,
she is busy at the moment. Let’s go. Tar doesn’t like to wait. Go, go! Grandpa, who came? Don’t get distracted. Stesha, there is whitewash
upstairs. Bring it to me please. In a moment. Let me help you. Here you go. – Be careful. Here, here…
– Give it to me. – Go downstairs! Hold it!
– Thanks. Stesha! What has happened? – Be quiet, be quiet!
– Don’t open your eyes! Don’t open them. Wait,
wait. Don’t open your eyes. Wait. Wait a bit, Here you go. Here you go. – Grandpa…
– Wait. Why are you laughing, silly girl? – You may open your eyes now.
– Open your eyes, Stesha. – Everything is fine.
– Open them. Have you opened them? Blink.
Everything is all right. Is it? I’ll rinse them. May I? Rinse them just to be on the safe side. – Come on, come on.
– All right. Kids! Hello! – Hello!
– Hello, bros! Hello! Hello! Hi, dear! Hi, Vovka! Hi, Kolyan! Hi! What has happened? Some hooligans were
bothering girls in the train. We had to explain to them
that they were misbehaving. We did away with four of them. Where is Stesha? She is painting the church. I came to her
but her grandfather didn’t let her go. My fiance is an artist! Be careful! Don’t touch it! I can’t see anything. Come here, come here. Be
careful. Stand here. Stop. Don’t touch your eyes with
your hands. Wait, wait. Come on. Come on. Now let’s do
it. Some more water… Show your eyes to me. OK. Good. This is it. Rinse them yourself now. In a moment. You scared me so much! Some more. It’s so easy to
scare people from the capital! Stop it! People from the capital? Do you know that my surname is Lanskoy? Yes! We used to have an estate here! – Wait, wait!
– Lanskoy? Here you go! Yes, I’m Lanskoy! We’re the locals! You used to have an estate, didn’t you? – Yes, an estate!
– Here you go! – Yes!
– Here you go! Hi! I’ve come back! Steshka! Hi! You’ve already come, haven’t you? Did you miss me, honey? What is that? It’s a trifle. What is going on here? We were rinsing my eyes. This
is Boris. He is an artist. He helps my grandpa to paint the church. Borya. Viktor Andreyevitch! Good afternoon! Hello, grandpa Viktor. Hi, Stesha. – Welcome home, Egor!
– Hello. Hello, Volodya. – Who is he?
– Egor, my childhood friend. I’m your future husband! Let me go! Please let
me go! Welcome home! Come on! Let’s toast Egor! Cheers! Help yourself, dear
guests! Help yourself! Why are you drinking? Polya, stop it! We have a holiday today! Our son has come back from the army! I toast you, Egor! Hurray! Hurray! Cheers for Egor! Stesha, I have a present for you. – Do you like it?
– Beautiful! Here you go… What a present! It’s so
beautiful! Isn’t it, Pasha? It must be. A necklace! What necklace? The beads! Borya… Aren’t you ashamed? Natashka is waiting for you in Moscow. And you’re courting a local girl. – Do you know what, brother?
– What? Attention, please! Mishka, pass me the
bread! Yes, auntie Polya? Everyone is here, so… Boris, wait! Have some cold drink. Prepare the presents,
dear fellow villagers! – What for, auntie Polya?
– We’ll celebrate a wedding soon! Ours, Polya? Again? Shut up! The wedding of Egor and Stesha! Great! What a surprise! Stop! Stop clapping! We
haven’t decided anything yet! I’ve made this decision
long ago, Stesha. You’ll be happy with
me. Why are you sitting? – Go and start the music!
– It will start now, commander. Right! Young people, let’s dance! Let’s dance! A disco! The girl is meant for another…
and she’ll be faithful to him. What’s the matter, Stesha?
I can see that you’re upset. I don’t understand anything. But I do. I can see how
you’re looking at Boris. Stesha! I’ll go and look for Pasha. Go, go. Stesha, be careful
with those two brothers. Egor is jealous. You know
him. Why make him mad? He becomes uncontrollable
when he drinks! You’re almost his wife!
You must understand. Why are you standing? Boil some water! Why are you keeping silence? They look at us like at
some second-hand goods… I offered my brother to
leave like Englishmen do. – But he was interested in your types.
– What types do you mean? Guys? What’s the matter?
There was no wedding yet, it’s too early to
fight! Let’s dance, guys! Come on, let’s dance! Instead of being grateful to
us that we take such a girl into a decent family
you’re being arrogant! What do you mean — “such a girl”? Everybody still says that
she was a thief’s daughter! The investigation came
to such a conclusion! It was not an investigation
but a circus and you know it! Stop it! Your son arranged
the robbery himself! Shut up, drunkard! Tolya didn’t share his
profits with his accomplices. That’s why they killed him! He was a thief
and he was to blame for his wife’s death! – Grandpa! Grandpa, I beg you!
– My son has never been a thief! Stop it! I’ll prove it! It takes you so much time to prove it! I’ll try doing it faster!
Everybody considered me to be a robber too.
Do you remember, Fedya? But it was sorted out later.
The same goes for this situation! – I’ll sort this case out!
– Let’s go! – I’ll show you!
– Stop it! Shall I help you? I’ll manage. Is that true? The things
that said… about your parents? Not everything. Ten years
ago somebody stole our icon. My parents died. I was
sent to an orphanage. They didn’t leave me with
grandpa because of his old age. People still rumor that my
dad was to blame. This is all. You may prove that he was not
guilty… even after many years. I have a dream — to stop
dirty-mouthing about my father. To put an end to it. May I help you with the investigation? – Thank you.
– I’ll try. – I have to go.
– Right. – Good night.
– Good night. – Bye.
– Bye. Egor! What are you doing here? Are you waiting for me
or for somebody else? Egor, you’re drunk. Leave! Why do you behave like
a stranger, Stesha? Egor, don’t touch me!
I’ll call my grandpa! You’re my fiance! Egor, hands off! Take your hands off! A fiance is not a wife! Go! You’ll be my wife… soon. Do you get it? Hello, auntie Lena. Hello, Egor. Wait a
minute, I have a queue. I have no time to wait! Stesha
and I are getting married. Book a place for Friday, about ten a.m. Wait, the fianc?e shall
be here with her documents and an application. Everything
should be according to the rules. The fiance will come to the wedding.
What is there to understand? Thank you, sonny. Stop! Stop! Thank you, Gleb. You’re welcome. Wait. Grandpa is gathering materials. It’s his own investigation. Well… what’s the matter? Young people! Will we work today? We will. Viktor Andreyevitch left. He
said that he fully trusts us. When did he leave? What for? He went to Moscow for
a few days… on business. Are you still courting the beauty? What if I like her? She has a crazy fiance. We’ll sort it out. I tore it again. Stop it, father. I’ll repair it. Stop it! You never do it! I’ll
have to work on it on my own. It has already dried! Vovan, hi. – Hi.
– Hello. Hi. Egor, Stesha went
somewhere with that guy from Moscow. Pasha went with them too. Where did they go? To the archives. They want
to investigate the ace. “Help! I must sort it out, I promised her!” That Boris was talking to Pasha. Have you even been in Moscow? Only as a little kid. Come there in autumn, if you want
to. I’ll show the city to you. – Maybe I’ll come earlier.
– Will you? I’ll try to enter the institute. I see. What about your fiance? He’ll wait… I think. Borya, they issued a permission
in your name. Come on. All right. – Stesha, wait here, will you?
– All right. I leafed through the
case. It’s a dark story. They didn’t close it in vain.
There was only one catch there — a knife they were murdered with. I see. Borya, are you interested in the case
or are you trying to play up to Stesha? I’m interested. Let’s go! Egor? Hi. You’re here, aren’t you? And I… we came to the archives. Who are “we”? Why didn’t you
ask me to give you a lift? You’re in the town, so let’s
go and file an application to the registry office.
Our wedding is tomorrow. – Let’s go to the car.
– What wedding? Wait! I don’t want to get
married! I want to study! Look, I waited for you because
it was important for you. However, there was nothing
between us. We’re just friends… There was nothing between
us because I was saving you… for myself! Do you think I’m an idiot? You’re going to go to Moscow,
aren’t you? It won’t happen! Let’s go to the car. Egor, what are you doing?
It hurts! Let me go! Egor! What are you doing? Let me go! Hello, auntie Polya. Hello Stesha. Come on, honey. Egor left to buy some food. It’s good that you took a
decision quickly. Why not? If you love each other you shall marry. I’m sorry, auntie Polya. It was not me. Egor decided it himself. I… I don’t love him. I just realized it. Auntie Polya! Auntie Polya, help me! What shall I do? You’ve known each other since childhood.
Egor doesn’t need anybody except for you. You’ll fall for him! Cry, cry! All fiances
cry at their weddings. Do you know how I cried? Mum said: “Polya, you’ll flood the house”! Egor loves you. He loves you very much. This is the reason why he is so rude. It’s here. Who is there? What do you want? I need to see Platon Lavrin…
or Eduard Platonovitch Lavrin. Such people don’t live here. Leave! I got this address in the Artists’ Union. Open for a minute. I
need to clarify something. They don’t live here anymore. I beg you! Get out! Otherwise I’ll call the police! Yes, I can hear you.
They don’t live here… I beg your pardon… Ternov Viktor Andreyevitch… Did grandpa call? Not to me. I worry for him. I want you to go with me. What for? You need to study and… And what? I… Boris, look here! We have guests! Hello, Borya! We’ve come together. Our beauties have finished their semester
so they may stay with us. – Hello.
– Hello. Could you call me at
least once in a month? What if Gleb failed to call Svetka? – Hi, Borya.
– Hello, Sveta. Aren’t you glad? I am. You… I’m sorry,
I’ll come back soon. Boris! Boris! “I was looking for Lavrin.
Somebody attacked me in the house”… I got a call with a complaint
that you’re wandering around houses and are homeless… Somebody sold me. I caught
a full-bodies attack. They took documents, money… “Sold, attack”… How long
did you spend in prison? You won’t believe it, boss. A quarter. 25? What for? I studied at the Institute of Arts. I came home for my vacations. I got to know that our church
was destined to be blown up. I decided to save the most valuable icon — Stephanida of Damask. I hid it. Then I was arrested. When our village restored the church, I took the icon out of the
hiding place and put it back. I wish you saw how
happy the people were! But not for lon. It was
stolen. I’m looking for it… Drink some tea, grandpa. I’ll bring some more
ice. Put it to your neck… Thank you! The ice… Ice will help… What does it mean,
Borya? I have just come and you’re telling me to go
away! Is that all between us? It has ended long ago, Natasha.
We broke up a month ago. Borya… Let’s change it.
I’ll be the one you want! Natasha, your bus is leaving. I’m sorry. Borya, you can’t do it! Borya, I came because we shall be together! Stesha, who is a happy bride? I see. Look, friend, you
shall escape for Moscow. Moscow is a large city. Nobody
will find you there, even Egor. Ask your Boris! He’ll elope with you. Nina, a fiance has come to Boris. What a beauty! I have a right to see you. Stesha, don’t worry about
your grandpa. He’ll come back. We won’t postpone the wedding…
the guests and the presents can’t wait… But we’ll wait with the church wedding
until your grandpa comes. I know that it is important for you. This is it. I’ll go… I want it
all to be according to the rules. See you tomorrow. Look, grandpa… I checked that address. Lavrin doesn’t live there
anymore. Other people do. He moved. It’s his old address,
I realized it there. However, he had a gallery.
I might find him through it. Look at your leg! – I can’t.
– Why? My neck won’t turn. And you want to look for somebody! Wait till your relatives
come to get you. How are you, girls? Is
everything all right? Yes, everything is fine. Look at you! What’s the matter? Polya! Don’t start, don’t start! Hello! Congratulations! Hello! Thank you! Come in! The rings! Bring them here. This is
it. Let me look at you! Here you go! – God, you’re so handsome!
– Stop it! Viktor Andreyevitch is
in the police department. He was robbed, he has no
papers. He got there yesterday but they only informed us today. Wait! Don’t you want to warn Egor? Egor? What? Stesha left. It won’t hold. Come on! Faster! Faster! Let’s take a detour! Don’t touch her! If you come close to her once more, I’ll kill you, scum. Do you understand?! No! No! Egor! Egor, I’ll marry you! I will! Follow me! Gleb! Let’s go home!
You need to have rest. – Stop!
– Gleb! – Get out of the car!
– Gleb! I told you to get out of the car! Gleb, I beg you! – Where are you going, Borya?
– Gleb, get off! Don’t you understand what
kind of people they are? – Gleb, get off!
– You won’t go anywhere! – Gleb!
– Get out of here! Get out of the car! All
right, but I’ll go with you! They are coming! Thanks God! At last! Well? Is everything all right? What? – Where have you been, sonny?
– Fedya? Stand here! I’m here. – What is going on, Nina?
– Don’t ask, Pasha. Oh, God! You’re both so
beautiful. Wait a moment. Stop. Everything is fine. No, no. Here you go. This is
it. Very good! God help you! Let them not ask me whether
I agree or whether I love you… Come on! Don’t! Don’t do it! Don’t do it!

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  1. i love it, Russian dramas are worth watching from Russian World War 2 and now Russian Dramas. My life is now worth living fr the Philippines

  2. I didn't understand few things in this episode.why did Egor didn't consult the grandfather of his wedding with sresta while fixing the wedding date?how come they got married without the grandfather?

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