Bird Gard Protects Vineyards

You work hard to create a beautiful
vineyard and produce a
bountiful harvest. Don’t let the pesky birds steal your
grapes and create an unsightly health hazard. Bird Gard has been helping farmers
protect their crops for over 25 years. Unlike other products that simply
annoy the birds, Bird Gard broadcasts digital recordings
of bird distress calls to provoke an
innate fear and flee response. Raptor bird calls are added to help
attract real raptors and repel
the small flocking birds. Multiple random features are programmed
into each Bird Gard unit to simulate
multiple birds in distress throughout your vineyard, so that the
birds will not habituate to
the sounds over time. Bird Gard units are easy
to install and maintain. We will provide a custom map of your
vineyard showing the exact location
of each Bird Gard unit. Bird Gard protects some of the largest
and most respected vineyards in the
country and around the world. An investment in our equipment will
provide a quick and dramatic return by
decreasing your crop loss and cullage and
by increasing the quality of your harvest. Bird Gard is so effective that we are the
only bird control product that guarantees
your satisfaction. Contact us to learn more and to get a
free custom proposal map of your vineyard.

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