Bird flu advice for poultry keepers

Hello. My name’s Nigel Gibbens and I’m the Government’s
Chief Vet. I’m talking to you today because we still
face a threat of a particularly nasty strain of bird flu that can cause a range of signs
in all sorts of birds from loss of appetite and depression, to breathing problems or possibly
even sudden death. We want you to be able to protect your birds
from infection which is likely to come from wild birds, so we’re asking you keep your
birds housed if you can, or otherwise seperate them from wild birds. If you do this you’ll want to look after their
welfare, So make sure you put them in an area that looks after their needs, there’s enough
room, you have bedding, it should be light enough, natural light if possible but if not,
artificial light, but follow the daylight hours and check on their health and welfare,
and if you have any calls for concern please do call your vet. Whilst you’re protecting them from bird flu
you need to be aware that once housed they may face problems with parasites which may
make them itchy and irritable, they may start falling out, possibly pecking their feathers,
and you can deal with that by consulting your vet, possibly reducing light levels, but not
so low that couldn’t read a newspaper when you’re in with the birds. If you can’t house you can take other measures. You can feed and water then seperately. Do keep feed out of the way of any other birds
so that it doesn’t get contaminated, and you can create areas where wild birds can’t get. You can for example use netting so the wild
birds can’t get amongst your birds. And whatever you do, do make sure when you
visit your birds yourself you are clean, your feet are clean and you don’t carry in any
infection, especially on bird droppings. And keep the whole area where you keep your
birds clean and free from dirt. If you do all of these things, you’ll have
done your very best to make sure your animals don’t suffer this terrible disease. Thank you

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