100 thoughts on “Bird Flight – Deep Dive #2 – Smarter Every Day 61

  1. I'll keep saying it man,u r a terrific dad! Those kids will have infinite knowledge about everything when thy grow up,keep doing that,they seem to enjoy every video you make with them

  2. I was doing homework. But I feel like I'll be able learn more than I've ever wanted to by watching this, rather than Factoring.

  3. Awesome stuff destin!! I can imagine the Real hard work that goes in making these.

    Quick question, is you have studied this…how do small insects fly then? they do not have feathers, right? they just have one smooth wing that appears pretty much flat (I may be wrong, but this is what I observe)

  4. I have an entire series coming up for you. Just to whet your appetite, butterflies have scales on their wings. Yeah… scales.

  5. I love flow at micro scale…Eagerly Waiting for that series!! Can I be of some help in this to you…I would love to contribute. Let me know…good luck.

  6. leanbacks were my favorite thing ever. they have been rare lately, so i'm glad to see another great youtuber recreate the best thing on youtube.

  7. "I have an entire series coming up" – dude, you seem to have an entire series on everything anybody could ask for. I really love your channel. You are awesome

  8. Destin's bird's thoughts:
    0:06 Ok, what..?
    0:11 Jeyzews lemmeGO!
    0:23 woowobbly…
    0:28 noOOO. LET ME GO! NOT HIM!
    0:34 I NEED AN ADULT!
    0:50 Góóód. Can someone…
    0:54 Finally….
    0:58 You know what. F*** that. I ain't gonna fly for your amusement, assholes.
    1:03 HA! I told you I will not…
    1:04 Oh crap!

  9. I hope one day I get the sort of family time you and your family seem to have! (sorry if that doesn't make any sense.. I woke up, saw that you put up a video, and rushed to watch it. I'm still asleep.)

  10. Your sense of family and of educating both yourself and others is truly inspiring, Destin. If more people were like you, the world would be a much better place.

  11. Looking at this footage, and just observing bird, it appears that the birds are flying in a oddly straight line. I would expect from flapping their wings they would go up on the down stroke and then fall down slightly until the stroke down again. Are they actually going up and down, like waves or are they travelling in a straight line?

  12. Hey, Destin, Would you mind doing a video on bee flight? It seems everywhere I go, people say that bees should not be able to fly, yet they can. It seems like something that would be interesting to see in slow-motion as it is (the bee), seemingly defying physics. Of course, that's only my opinion. Thanks for your time.

  13. Is there a secret network of awesome educational youtubers? I really like CGPGrey, smarter everyday, vlogbrothers and their channels, vihart, veritasium, and vsauce, and you comment on each others videos. Are there other awesome channels like you guys?

  14. Anything by Brady Haran is amazing. PeriodicVideos, Numberphile, etc. With regards to "is there a secret network"? No… we just know how hard it is to make these videos and try to support each other. As far as new channels go, there's a guy named Mark Rober that I think is going to be good once he gets momentum going.

  15. question for you and i hope you'll see it, even tho the macaws created a low pressure above theirs wings they were going down wards, would they be creating that low pressure going upwards also?

  16. I found this very Intetesting but at the end I started wondering about bats: they only have a membrane like skin. So how is their flight diffrent from a birds?

  17. Amazing feat by a little bird right here. Check it out. Let Destin see this


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