Bird Dog

Of all the exercises in the GOLFFOREVER
program, this is the one that’s most commonly done the wrong way so pay close attention to this. It’s is a very important exercise for spine health and for
developing the extensor strength in your back necessary for a powerful swing so
pay attention. Kalle is going to demonstrate. So, in this position in the
hands and knees position, the first thing we’re going to do is find our neutral
spine and we do that between dropping our stomach towards the floor and then
arching our back. Find the position that’s the most comfortable, lock it in
by engaging your core. Then we want to rotate the shoulder blades back to
engage the lats. OK So we’re going to go into this exercise, the
bird dog exercise, by extending one leg and then the opposite arm. Key things to
notice: her palm is open, thumb up, and we’re going to pull the shoulder blade back to engage the lats. We’re going to have the toes pointed towards the ground pushing
through the heel which turns on the gluteal muscle. This is a very stable
position. I’m going to provoke Kalle and she can resist me. If we get out of this
stable position by pointing the toe reaching forward with the hand and I
push her, see what happens…it’s very unstable. So, that’s the first most common mistake. Let’s get back into the right position. The second one is that people
go through this quickly. This is an exercise for endurance, meaning the
ability to maintain a contraction over time. So, we’re not rushing through this.
We’re going to hold each repetition five to ten seconds. Go ahead and switch. When
you’re switching you’re keeping your back completely still. Again, she’s
pulling the shoulder blade back to engage the lats, toes are down, pushing
through the heel to engage the glutes. Five to ten seconds, switch again. So one
more time, just because this is so often done the wrong way, let’s go through this
quickly with repetitions, reaching forward, pointing your toes. Look at all
this movement in the back. She’s putting compressive forces through the facet
joints, potentially causing pain in the long term, more harm than good. One more time the right way. Hold five to ten seconds. Remember, change comes with
commitment. Stick to this. This will help your back and it’ll help your swing. Good job.

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