Bioactive Crested Gecko Tank Set Up

what’s up y’all welcome back menos my
hectic life pets where we talk about all things pet and pet related and today we
are setting up my crested geckos bioactive vivere em so I’m very excited
yesterday I went ahead and set up my pac-man frogs tanks and I absolutely
love the way that they turned out I think they’re even better than they were
the last time that I had set them up this way and I’m very excited to try to
outdo myself on my crested geckos new tank setup and I have ordered some more
isopods so those should also be coming here within a few days so very exciting
things so without further ado let’s get started on cleaning out my crested
geckos tank and getting it set up okay so first things first we want to take
Brack and get him out of here my buddy I’m sure he’s absolutely thrilled that I
woke him up mom it’s like what is going on now the rack is safely in his tote
I’m gonna go ahead and start pulling stuff out of here I did keep the tanks at a bare minimum
as soon as I set them up here because I did know already that of course I was
gonna set them back up as bio active tanks so now I’m gonna go ahead and take
my handy dandy shop back and again it is a wet/dry vac to go ahead and remove all
this substrate I cannot stress it enough the shop back when it comes to cleaning
out these habitats has made my life infinitely better when it comes to this
stuff now I’m gonna go ahead and spray down the tank to get it cleaned up and
then of course I do have my scraper blade so that I can get any nasties off
of the glass now for spraying down the tanks I am using a 50/50 mix of
distilled white vinegar and water it helps really clean up the glass
quickly and easily and it is safe for the animals that’s a big big thing is
you don’t want to use any unsafe products you would not want to be taking
Windex or something like that to your tanks now to start off I’m gonna go
ahead and put in our drainage layer I’m using the bio drain from Josh’s frogs
and this time I got the natural color because I didn’t really like the false
bottom white so now that I’ve got my drainage layer in there I’m gonna go
ahead and cut this to size to fit my tank this is just going to be a divider
between my substrate and my drainage layer so now we’re gonna go ahead and
place our substrate barrier so now they’re our substrate barriers and it is
time to add our bedding so I’m adding the tropical bioactive substrate from
josh’s frogs and just kind of smooth that out then I’m gonna go ahead and add
Brax vines back in then I’m gonna go ahead and add back in
his food and water dish these magnets are really really really strong very
sturdy makes a nice sturdy ledge for them and then we’re gonna start going
ahead and adding in our plants so I think I’m gonna go ahead and place one
of these brahms back here and why maybe more towards up the front this little
guy I think should look nice right back here i just opened these the other day
and I’ve already forgotten some of their names this little guy also plant towards the back I think we could use another plant it’s
a little further closer to the front and this one I’m gonna put right by the
vines and I’m hoping it will eventually start to climb up the vine I can’t
decide whether or not I want to put this somewhere in here right in between those
plants actually put it the other way then I’m gonna go ahead and add in some
moss to kind of help with humidity and now I’m gonna go ahead and add in a
little bit of leaf litter all right and now I’m gonna go ahead and spray down
the tank with my chlorinated water now that everything’s nice and moist in
there I’m gonna go ahead and add in some spring towels so we’ve got our spring tails out it in
there I’m gonna go ahead and get Brock his crested gecko diets good add in his
food water one more spray for good measure and now let’s go ahead and add
Brack back into his new into his newly set up home I would say he’s gonna be
much happier now that his habitat is properly set up he definitely looks
pretty happy to have his vines back in his tank and I am quite happy with how
this tank turned out I am loving this once those plants all start to grow in
this is gonna look so awesome like I’m very excited because once these plants
start growing this is going to look amazing so I’m very happy with the
way that this tank turned out I absolutely love it hopefully hopefully
these plants really are sturdy enough that my gecko will not trample them
Brack loves trampling plants that I learned with his last tank setup so
anyway guys that’s all I’m really happy all today as always thank you so much
for watching I love you guys and I will see you in my next video bye

11 thoughts on “Bioactive Crested Gecko Tank Set Up

  1. Love this Setup! My parents will allow me a crested gecko if I can win state science fair, already made it to regionals!!!

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