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our topic for this video is about bin cages si what is a bin cage? bin cage came from the word bin or plastic bin these are the plastic storage we see in our houses we usually put things in these boxes often called “storage box” so how do we know which size is best for our hamsters? there are specific sizes of bin cages for every hamster for example syrian hamsters, these are the largest type of hamsters the minimum space requirement for them is 1300cmsq or quivalent to 30 Liter bin for dwarf hamsters like robo, winterwhite and campbells the minimum space requirement is 1000cmsq this is just the minimum we still advice to give them bigger bins in other counties, their requirement is 3000cmsq but here in the Philippines we will start with our standard (1300cmsq) then eventually we will higher up our standards until we can follow international standards take note, the minimum space requirement is based on each number of hamsters for example: we have 2 dwarf hamsters so if they are 2, we need to double the floor space from 1000cmsq to 2000cmsq equivalent to 40L~50L bincage for syrian hamsters, minimum is 1300cmsq. but since syrians are solitary we cannot cage them together. what are the most important part of a bin cage if we make our own bin cage, make sure to provide good ventilation this is the most important thing some of the advantages of bin cages is they are easily modifiable i have made a video tutorial on how to make your own bin cage just check it on my channel named “DIY Bin Cage Tutorial” so in that video, i’ll teach you how to make your own bin how would i know if the bin that i bought is good? so first, always consider the floor space which means always look at the floor space area inside as you can see there are plastic bins that are tall just like this one so what’s the difference? this one is around 155L the one on top is 58L what are their advantages the advantage of 58L is that its low and wide pretty good for dwarf hamsters for tall bins, they have similar floor space with the small one but the advantage of the big one is its taller good for syrian hamsters ill explain later why syrians should have taller bins compared to dwarf hamsters what are the pros and cons of colored and transparent bins advantage of colored bins: they are cheap they are cheaper than clear bins for the clear bins the advantage for them is they look elegant since its clear and light can easily enter the bin you would be able to see your hamsters clearer because of the light that is entering the bin they are easier seen for now, ill share all my hamsters bin setups for this one, this is the cage of my winter white hamster i only have 1 winter white the floor space size of this cage is around 1800cmsq we can buy this on ace hardware 34L bin the nice thing about this is its long and low so what do we have here we have a winter white then 18CM silent wheel wooden seesaw tube my beddings is Aspen beddings we also have a ladder so he can easily go up the floor then a sand bath tub here its a little dirty, so he pees here we also have a cooling tiles good for cooling when they feel hot, they can rest here also we have hides underneath they can use this side tube to go up to the 2nd floor what makes this bin special is that i can modify it in such a way that there will be a digging area so we can remove this floor to insert the digging box i’ll show you how to put the digging box lets remove some items first removing the beddings then we just insert our digging box here when we insert this thing now we have a digging area then we will just need to add some beddings now he can start digging so if we want to remove it again lets move Tora first we pull this thing out return the cover oops. return the hides first ok then close it then just return the sand bath tub and the cooling tiles ok! so next is Pipo’s Cage Pipo is a syrian hamster this bin cage is around 58L it has a floor space of 2500cmsq we can buy this in ace hardware so what do we have here we have a plastic seesaw tube you can buy them on Azi Pets Supplies if you want want just buy there we also have a hide this hide is actually for reptiles I’ve thought of using it as Pipo’s hide the good thing about this is it makes the cage cool we also have a 21CM silent wheel we also have a bendy bridge so this is our bendy bridge the good thing about this is we can form it the way we want then we also have a sand jar so i put the sand here so if they pee, this is the only thing ill change no need to change beddings for those who are interested to buy look for japan homes, daiso japan, and sm department stores kitchen department if you’ll see, its pretty simple. so next is Mochi’s Cage the difference with this to Pipo’s cage is this is more blue and yellow theme i tried to get all yellow toys to make a blue and yellow theme so lets see what toys she has. just like Pipo’s, She has her own plastic seesaw tube She has 2 hides this hide is for syrian if youll observe carefully, the size of this hide is made for syrians quite big, bigger than the regular hide where can you buy this? Pet Lover Centre at Robinsons Galleria This hide is good for syrians because its big for them we also have some hamster tubes a 21CM silent wheel then we also have a potty bowl so this is where she pees, just like Pipo’s this one, the bowl is circular, different design just to blend with the theme i still lack a bendy bridge, i haven’t started doing it yet. so next is the cage of my camp bell dwarf hamsters this is also a 58L bin cage we have 3 campbell dwarf hamsters so what do we have here if you can see, there is a 2nd floor so i tried to maximize the space by adding 2nd floor i place their sand bath tub and food dish here so that i can maximize the space then theres a ladder here so that they can go up same as my winter white, there is a side tube going up the 2nd floor as you can see, we have 2 18CM Silent wheels then we have toys like barrel and log with holes most of the time in night they are actively playing here this is their sand bath our 2nd floor has wooden fence all these are DIY’s 2nd floor using sintra board using viniyl laminate to make it look like wood then on the sides we have the tubes so next is our roborovski bin there are 2 robo hamsters here same as with my CDH, this has 2nd floor too the only difference is, the design of the floor is different so i added an extension on this part so i can place their food dish here then sand bath here sand bath is also removable they also have a tiny hamster tube so these are my robo hamsters if you want them to be this tamed, you need to play with them everyday so they will not be that hard to play with see, he doesn’t move get down our wheel size for this is smaller than our CDH’s wheel this is 11cm silent wheel this is good enough because they are quite small then we have a slate stone it helps with cooling them similar to the cooling tile then also a mineral stone so this one, this is Sashi’s cage size of this cage is 155L Which has 3000cmsq floor space how did i able to increase the floor space so i didnt took the main floor from the base but rather created a main floor right above the ground since the bin cage is tapered, space is wider above the main base so what i did here was i made a main floor right above the base, using sintra board so i used the under part as digging area so that i wont waste space let explore more Sashi’s cage since we have a big bin cage its not practical to only use the cover as the main opening so what i did here was i placed an acrylic door in front so i wont have a hard time taking Sashi from her cage so we can freely open the front lets check her cage now so we have a liter jar placed on our 2nd floor this is our food dish Sashi don’t escape, come here be our model. so again, this is our food dish we have a tube for her to go up and down we also have another tube here going down the tube is connected. next is that, we also have a plastic seesaw tube, just like Pipo’s and Mochi’s then we also have a big syrian hide bendy bridge then a 25cm Silent wheel for sashi so, one of the advantages of a tall bin is that you can add a 25cm wheel in it you cant do that on 58L bins because the cage is too low then we have a 2nd floor here simple. Just to maximize the space above lets check the front this was given to me by my friend given by Sister Russelle during one of our hamster event i don’t know how she made it but Sashi seem to really like it alright, so that’s how it looks if i want to clean the underground, this base is removable, look so i can remove the whole thing, then check the underground digging area for this setup, She’s usually stays under but when i call her, like now, she comes out becuase, she is used to me. She’s trained to respond to my voice so when i call her, she comes out. here, we also have a side ventilation also we have one underneath so this how it looks. we have a ventilation here to make sure she can still breathe air so here, we have our water bottle and side tubes as you can see there is a hole. that’s a mistake. i punched the wrong side. problem is, the platform is not there. so i just made it into an additional ventilation so that’s the hole setup of the cage there you go, now you’ve seen all my bin cages i hope you’ll be able to make your own design using our bins When we make our DIY’s, make sure it’s safe for them as much as possible, don’t use unsafe materials if you have questions, just comment below if you want to contact me, search on facebook “theHamsterGuy” you can message me directly, then i’ll try to answer asap. if you’ve learned something new and you liked this video, leave a like and don’t forget to subscribe also we have a facebook group, Philippine Hamster Keepers if you are interested to learn more about proper keeping then join us we will teach you how to properly care for your hamsters. that’s it! Thank you! come. here we go, you’re easy to call.

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