Billie Eilish Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

what's up our bodies Joe from complex were in New York City at Stadium Goods with Billy Eilish I love sneakers and I love burritos so I'm good gonna do some sneaker shopping today I get to see what she's feeling what she's not and then hopefully she's gonna buy some sneakers let's go Billy I read when you were way younger you were never really looking for a woman sneakers you were more so looking at guy sneakers in the smallest size is that kind of like you're buying pattern coming up when girl shoes are fucking stupid honestly they look dumb as hell they're tiny I like my shoes like super thick I don't know like I feel like a lot of guys feel like that about girls I feel like that about shoes okay it's like I want my foot to not look like a normal foot I want it to be like not like I have big ass feet it's just a little like chunky a little chunky okay like I'm chunky we have the classic ones but you also like the bright ones you like some of the colorways that maybe aren't exactly like the Gatorades hmmm that's more your speed they even sometimes the the classics I feel like a lot of shoes don't commit to being what they are I feel like there's so much like let's do this color and I feel like we should keep doing this color in this feeling like all these different colors to commit to this there's gonna be people that don't like this at all but it's like out there you know I'm saying yeah I love this stuff we've done like a hundred and forty plus episodes we have a lot of people getting credit riff-raff has never got credit for putting someone on to jordan's and I read that tip telling you my Jordans for you know that was it I didn't even know what the fuck Jordans were till I heard that shit I was like what ordens tiny yes I don't know when that was but I remember going to a thrift store when I was like 11 or something and I remember as I walked into the door completely on the other side of the store was just a big shoe rack yeah and they're all these janky-ass beat-up shoes and right like in the middle for these fours and they were beat the fuck up yeah they were these little red tiny little oh my god and I screamed and I ran over to them and you know I grew up not with a lot of money so it's not like I could ever afford him growing up so to actually find them in the first world was like huge these I swear to god they look like shit when I wear them now because they are so fucked up beat-up I've never worn a shoe more than this one I just love there's so many elements the fact that it's like the laces and the velcro and the color and like Foom I don't even I wear them so much that I sprained my ankle in them once and I kept wearing them you know and then you know going back to kind of like this design that has a lot of twists and turns do you look at shoes and and you like almost a challenge I love a challenge that's why like with these I saw you in those recently one of the most underrated shoes I feel like even if Jordans like people are such haters on stuff that's different because we're automatically like trained to think anything that's a little bit not what were you still yes it's ugly is like unnatural whatever and the fact that these you know they don't have laces that are that appear to you they do underneath but you don't know that you know it's like it's a Velcro and it's this weird fucking like Chinese handcuffs whatever the fuck your the try right yes like that's the material it's like even with those you know it's just like a wrap it looks like a fucking burrito yeah hey no I love burritos I love sneakers and I love burritos so I'm good Billy we talked about thrifting but you also used to shop at Target and put fits together do you think at a young age it prepared you for like putting things together now for sure oh I used to get like t-shirts and cut them up and make them into who knows what I make pants and shirts and jackets and headbands and stuff I remember getting like a pair of superstars okay I said well the lace is off okay cut the tongues out slip the tongue to the other side of the shoe and like taped it around not even tape I think I sewed it in Wow and then it worked out were you able to tell I could have really walk in him but I tried and I was I mean I just was proud I just created it by myself to that point like a lot of people shy away from customs I feel like you're a supporter of custom sneakers I like the idea of having something that nobody else has you can't go and buy that and I mean obviously you can go and buy almost any shoe that's out there in the world and I was just saying like I love the 15s more than like any other shoe in the world like one of the most hated on Jordans people fucking hate that yeah and it's your favorite it's my favorite shoe and also like nobody really wears routines because it's such a weird like what's there so oh oh my god I love things that people hate so the Murakami spread the cover of garage working with him must have been amazing I yeah he is like on another planet honestly I remember we went to Tokyo he took us to his studio it just was like a dream like I just walked in I was like oh this is insane and like the ASAP so yeah I thought in the shape that you wore these and you you love the chunky shoes that have shapes so you're I feel like this is the shoe I've been wearing the most right now you see how big that is yeah and it doesn't matter what size shoe you are it's more just like it just fits yeah to your foot like and that's why I have such a thing with like women's shoes I go into stores and I ask do you have this in my size right you know in a men's shoe never women's because it's like there's so much like flat low to the ground that's why with the vans it's just like a small dick energy yeah I heard not I'm not a big fan I don't know what it is I tried I see somebody with vans I'm like up the guy's mother we talk you know we talked about you having kind of issues with how women's shoes look and I think I read that a Jordan exec said there may be something coming you helping out with the women's line man I would I mean maybe yes sir I just like the idea of being able to go into a store mm-hmm and be able to say do you have this in my size and it's yes I don't want to hear no I love hearing yes I hear you in life but also a shoes mailing with shoes did you ever think the same girl who was coming up superstars in getting $6 thrift store Jordans would have a chance to work with that brand no fucking what the fuck no not at all are you kidding me like takashi murakami crazy what yeah it's insane to think about it because I mean like I said I grew up not not able to afford it and now I I'm working with the people who created it that's crazy that is unbelievable and it's just like I don't know it's well we can't wait we're gonna stay tuned to see what what you guys cook up together we talked about everything now is the easy part get the browser she'll see what you're gonna take home [Applause] okay so off whites maybe yes sir I look at the bottom in this colorway just as fucking insane to me all the All Hallows Eve the Halloween joints you like Halloween I love I love being scared I wore these until they turn brown but that's what that's how you supposed to wear them I know how they give you a vibe so you got to get these Billy your total was 2003 ins at $88 $0.72 Thank You Raymond anytime it's your soon so Billy came through told some great stories thanks so much for taking the time make sure everyone checks out the album when we all fall asleep where do we go out March 29th

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  1. imagine having such a trash fashion taste that not only do you wear,,, THAT, but you also say that vans are a bad shoe? also her last album was trash (bad guy was okay. just okay) and her entire personality is a rip off of april from parks and rec. i cannot believe someone wearing those clothes has the audacity to make fun of vans.

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