BIGGEST PIRANHA – Amazon River Monsters

hey guys bill here the most famous river monster in all the Amazon is the piranha from movies to books to magazines and TV documentaries these River Monsters have fascinated people all over the world most people think there's only one kind of Kurata but actually there's over 20 different types living in the rivers of South America the most famous is the small red-bellied piranha and that's the one you see in most of the movies but the biggest baddest piranha in all the Amazon is the black teeth the d-10 just wouldn't even want to look at today we're gonna see if we can catch some black piranha and to help us is champion angler Steve Townsend also known as the fish finder if I told you how long I've been fishing for you guess my age but let's say many decades and I fished in the Amazon for over 15 years Steve told me he prefers to look for catfish and peacock bass which are much more fun but if you want to find a black piranha I'll find you a black piranha I'm gonna start off with my trusty peacock bass outfit but I am using this rather small circle hook on a cable both on a leader and then an egg sinker and it's really simple I'm just gonna cast out a little piece of peacock bass and this should pick up you should handle most fish right I didn't sit back and wait we've been here 10 minutes we've been here five minutes we've had that Vader I threw that bait out five minutes I mean this is a big fish and I don't know what to do that's a 20 pound fish right there I'm a little tiny piece of little tiny piece of peacock bass well that's one are we gonna get another one right on Seto Oh Beast Boy look at that be there you go folks that is it that's about 20 pounds of solid muscle it's got a head like a snake head it's got teeth that are in she's like cat claws and that's where it gets the power from for that big paintbrush tail all that energy it explodes on baitfish is that or is that not a fish to be proud of caching love it it's pretty cool that's another one that's another one to the list right let's get yourself another one we can get ourselves a brown it's not over the next couple of hours Steve easily found the black piranha we were looking for the problem was keeping them on the hook turns out piranhas are very good at stealing bait and biting through fishing line one thing I learned about the black piranha it's a fish that can test any anglers medal even a professional fish finder like Steve fold it pissed off losing fish today is not my day of glory not yet anyway but it will get on it big okay Wow I have no idea what this is but it feels like a very big piranha to me you know you went flying across the river there couldn't be a suitable catfish but it's a rather big girl it's found it I think we want is a proper Puranic six and a half pounds of qur'anic Wow look at the size of that day powerful body I mean look at the thickness across his back how does that thick thick big fish the biting power of a fish this size so six and a half pounds times 30 times its body weight that's a hundred and eighty that's two hundred and ten pounds per square inch that is an absolute beast that's a piranha and a half the fishfinder thanks Steve that was an amazing fish hey if any of you are interested in taking a fishing trip with Steve into the Amazon stop by his website at Amazon angler com for more information I'll leave a link in the description below now here's what's coming up next

37 thoughts on “BIGGEST PIRANHA – Amazon River Monsters

  1. I’m learning about the rainforest in school and my animal is a Red Eyed Tree Frog but my friend Zac, his animal is the Piranha

    I don’t know much about Piranhas but my friend Zac does

  2. Do you know Amazon River is the most dangerous river in tge world there are so many piranha anaconda and the small fish that can go in your banana part and morengerms and bones under the river?????

  3. Challenge: You’ll get a million dollars if you swim to the middle of that river at night, float on your back for 5 minutes and swim back to edge.

  4. The pacu (spelled wrong) is a much larger relative of the piranha that is not an aggressive species

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