Big Metal Bird: Episode 4 — Boeing

Over the past hundred years our ascension into the sky has taken us many places We looked into the future and saw what we were capable of, with that foresight came opportunity. Opportunity for people to come together and craft the dreams of geniuses. Today, we are going to see those dreams become realities. I know you’ve seen me get excited about things before, but right now I feel like a kid again because today we’re gonna build an airplane. We’re at the Boeing facility in Everett, Washington. This is where it all starts, the factory floor. This place is massive. It’s kind of like the rainforest in the sense that you don’t realize how big it is until you’re standing in the center of it. Let’s go meet up with Elizabeth lund here at Boeing. So, how do you describe the size of this place to somebody who isn’t here? Well, I’ll give you a comparison, this building is so big that you can fit nine hundred and eleven full-size basketball courts in this building. So what happens here? What’s going on? This is where we do the final work on the aircraft. We join it and put it together. We do all of our final testing. Then we roll it out paint it and deliver it to Airlines so that we get to fly on it. Well, that sounds pretty great to me What can you tell me about the history between United and Boeing? United and Boeing have a wonderful history. Our relationship goes to the early time of aviation, when United Airlines and Boeing were actually one company, who worked together flying mail routes. Through the years they’ve flown our airplanes and made us so proud For me one of the most special parts of the United relationship has to do with the 777. They took the very first 777 aircraft that we ever built and delivered in 1995 and the last week of June, the last day of June actually, we delivered our 1,500 777 also to United. I’ve never even seen most of this equipment before. This is the heart and soul of the factory. The employees of Boeing are no question the lifeblood of this company. There are thousands of people building these machines by hand. I am at the assembly line to chat with Kelly, a member of the door crew, to get a front-row seat for all the 777 action happening here today. Well this looks like a brand new door Yeah, brand spankin’ new. Now what exactly does a door crew do here? We receive the doors from our suppliers, and we then attach them to the airplane or body section. And then we rig the doors, so it’s a good fit in the cutout. Now does every door fit onto plane No, they are not interchangeable. They are custom fit to each cutout. So you can say this door and this plane, They were kind of made for each other. A perfect match. I love that. Can I see this thing swing into some action? Sure. We’re in the full open position here, we’ll just release the lock Bring it on in, nice smooth action Drop it into the cutout. Pressure vent door and handle retracts ready for takeoff. Well now that the door is done I want to go see what they do and final assembly All right. You’ll like it over there. Thank you We’re heading over to the last position in the factory before the plane goes out the door to meet our technician, Brad. Okay, so thousands of people have contributed to this plane and now it is in final assembly. What happens here? Right behind me you’ll see these spoilers actually being deployed. What this does, is it tests the plane’s hydraulic system. I feel like there’s the plane kind of like waving at us right now. Yeah, it’s quite interesting from this point of view. It is and once it’s done here, where does it go? From here, it’ll go across over to paint, be painted and receive fuel and then be delivered to our customer. You know when you’re at the painting stage of building something you’re getting close to finishing it. For a plane though it’s a little more complicated. The painting process differs based on what part of the plane is being focused on A team that has lifted around the plane to cover its body and work on the details, does the majority of the aircraft. From there, we only have one step left for this plane, put together the interior. All right. Now, I’m gonna go see a finished United plane Let’s go talk to Patrick Quayle, Vice President of International Planning and take the all new United Polaris business class for a spin. I’m standing on a brand new Boeing 777-300ER that just rolled off the factory line here at Boeing. I’m one of the first people on the aircraft and the first thing I noticed, it’s completely kitted out with our United Polaris cabin. A little-known fun fact, there’s actually an aircraft catalog that you order seats, carpet, sidewalls and lights out of and we didn’t do that. What United did is, they actually worked with interior designers And they created their own environment. We’ve got a walk up bar. We’ve got spacious lavatories. Has a big TV Privacy screen. It’s got a ton of personal storage space. A do not disturb sign. The best thing of all, we’ve got seats that are fully flat. 100% aisle access. The coolest thing about the lighting on this aircraft, is you can simulate sunrise and sunset. You feel really comfortable. It’s almost like being in your own living room. The inspiration and innovation that is Boeing comes not only from the impressive aircraft that they make but from the incredible facility that they build it in. Which is why United Airlines is constantly updating its fleet to ensure the highest standards are met for its fliers Hey you, uh, need a hand If you guys wouldn’t mind I’m trying to get a selfie with the new airplane here.

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  1. Literally every airline designs their own interiors. United is just getting to do that years after every other airline. ? this guy asks the dumbest questions aswell, of course the door is not interchangeable between different aircraft.

  2. I wouldn't call Phil boring but I would call this series lost. Katie truly gave this series an identity and some child like spunk which couldn't even be copied by Jezza Clarkson (in this series anyway). They'd be an excellent team though it's a shame to see Katie missing

  3. Screw you United, I went on your Damn plane and I was watching good TV and then You start playing your stupid show Big metal bird then when my mom bought your tv app so we could watch tv and that was the worst 99 cents ever spent because we could not watch tv you deserve your bad reputation you cash grab bastards I’m going on Delta cause I got free movies,music,games and tv shows!

  4. Why did you delete all of your previous episodes? If you don't bring them back I guess I'll just have cancel my trip with you next week and re-book on Delta.

  5. 0:13 I have a debate class and every morning in 1st period, I'd hear this song cause right next to our class is a band room. Please tell me the name of this song?

  6. Get a hold of you're self United you send apologies but it seems none of them are true. You would think that you would learn after how many mistakes, well let's think about that. Let's see I think about 5 now? And let's think about who's telling this to you hmmm A CHILD!! I WOULD RATHER DIE THAN GO IN YOUR AIR CRAFT!
    I mean to be honest this "United" stuff is full of crap you are probably the worst of the worst! Injuring your customers and not giving them hotels to stay in forcing him to sleep in the airport and have their children in an unsafe environment I mean come on!
    United… stop messing up please.
    You are putting children at risk!
    Adults are ok at some points in time but children is… is… well it's just cruel if you ask me.
    Bye, United.

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