Big Metal Bird: Episode 3 – Eco-Skies

Ever wonder what happens to one of these after you get off a plane? Me too! We all have to do our part to help the environment and today we’re going to learn about some of the ways United is doing just that. First, let’s meet Aaron Stash, Manager of Environmental Strategy and Sustainability at United. So Aaron, tell me all about the Eco-Skies Program. Yeah, so the United Eco-Skies Program is our commitment to the environment. If I think about the thousands of flights United has on a daily basis, there’s a lot of different opportunities. We’ve electrified nearly forty percent of our ground service equipment. To improve the air quality for our employees and also our customers at the airport. As an airline we use a lot of fuel. So United is the industry leader in sustainable aviation biofuel. Flight attendants are collecting a lot of recycling. Like cans and bottles and newspapers. Which leave the airplane and go to a Materials Recovery Facility. Where those items are recycled. And then we also work heavily with Clean the World to recycle our amenity kits. I want to know more about what United’s doing for the environment so today I’m visiting Materials Recovery Facility, learning about biofuels and volunteering at Clean the World. Alright, once a can leaves an airplane and gets here, how long does it take until it’s back on the shelf? Usually within ninety days, it’s back on the market already. So ninety days, I might be seeing it on a flight again? Absolutely. In addition to recycling, United is partnering with a specialized biofuel plant to first recycle materials then transform waste that can’t be recycled into sustainable aviation biofuel. United is already using biofuel on it’s flight originating from Los Angeles. And has committed to purchasing nearly one billion gallons in ten years. So what is biofuel? Biofuel is made with renewable resources like agricultural waste or trash instead of petroleum. Did you know that the average american produces nearly one ton of garbage a year? Enough for sixty gallons of biofuel. How does it work? Household trash will be collected and delivered to a clean energy facility where they will process and convert it into sustainable aviation biofuel. Then it will be send to United where fifty percent biofuel will be combined with fifty percent traditional fuel. Greatly reducing their carbon footprint on a lifecycle basis. In 2011, United operated the first U.S. commercial flight powered by renewable biofuel. In 2016, they became the first airline to continuously use biofuel for regularly schedules flights. I just arrived in Orlando to learn more about United’s partnership with Clean the World. Sometimes, customers don’t take all the items from the amenity kits provided in United’s premium cabins. Now, items like toothpaste, toothbrushes and eye masks can be donated to those in need. Flight attendants noticed amenity kits being left behind and started collecting and donating them on their own, and now we’re here. So, what is it that you do with these amenity kits? Well, volunteers take all the items out we separate them and then we rebuild them into hygiene kits and we distribute to those in need locally and around the world. Toothbrush. Toothbrush. The United Airlines Clean the World partnership has had a tremendous amount of impact. It’s helping us serve our mission. United is doing their part every day with onboard recycling using biofuels to fuel their planes and donating amenity kits to Clean the World. Volunteering for just a few hours can literally change somebody’s life. It’s so simple but the impact can go so far. I’m going to keep doing my best to help the environment and I hope you do to. Am I good?

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  1. You should really make a YouTube channel about united speaker skies so then you’ll have a channel about big mama bird also

  2. We need to teach -show people how to break everything doun and recycle it ALL of it we need to luanch programs in schools to keep it #OUTOFOUROCEAN

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