Big Metal Bird: Episode 2 — Newark

Does anybody know how to get to Newark Airport? On second thought, there are probably faster ways to get to New Jersey Hey everyone, when coming from Manhattan My go-to airport in the Tri-State area is Newark Airport. And today I get to show you why. Let’s check it out. Most people don’t know this but when coming from the West Side of Manhattan, it’s actually quicker to get to Newark Airport than any other airport in the NYC area. Newark is a city rich with history. It’s undergone a pretty intense renaissance recently. If you head downtown, you’ll find a bustling art scene, boutique shopping and incredible cafes, bars and restaurants. So we’ve been in the car for about thirty minutes and we’re already pulling up to Terminal C. The great thing is, even if there was traffic There are other quick ways to get to Newark Airport. Like, New Jersey Transit or the New York Airport Bus. We’re actually going to be talking more about this when we meet Sarah Kaufman. I like to call her a traffic wizard. She goes by Research Scientist at  NYU’s Rudin Center for Transportation. I wonder if she knows how long it would take to kayak here? Well hi Sarah! Hi Phil! Very nice to meet you! Nice to meet you too! So United asked you to conduct a study to show how easy it is to get to Newark Airport versus JFK Airport or Laguardia Airport. Let’s take a look! I picked ten locations and found that in many cases its faster and easier to get to Newark Airport from New York City than it is to get to LaGuardia or JFK. It takes less time to get to Newark than JFK from The Whitney Museum, Times Square, The Intrepid and Wall Street. Saving you an average of sixteen minutes by taxi or car service. From Staten Island you can get to Newark in half the amount of time it would take you to get to JFK or in two thirds the amount of time it would take to get to LaGuardia. What about a kayak? I don’t know if they have kayak parking here. Getting here is simple, but if you’re not sold on flying out of Newark yet you will be. We’re about to explore the 120-million-dollar renovation of United’s Terminal C and show you why The New York Times is calling this place a culinary oasis. I’m here with Carolyn Harris, Corporate Real Estate Senior Manager for United. Which basically means you helped fill this terminal with some pretty amazing restaurants. Yeah, so I manage the concessions program for United and Terminal C. So I bring the restaurants and the retail to the airport. The design here is incredible. You really don’t feel like you’re in an airport. We were inspired by places like Madison Square Park and European Town Squares. People can come here early and relax, shop a little, get a bite to eat, and even listen to live music at CBGB on Thursdays. There’s world class technology here in Terminal C. We have an iPad at every seat where you can use your United MileagePlus miles to pay for purchases. How fresh is the food here? All of our food here is farm to terminal. We’re brought in five star chefs like Mario Carbone and Amanda Cohen to help enhance the culinary experience. You should really stop at Saison or Kaedama right below for fresh ramen. We have tacos and the largest tequila bar in the state. Make sure you go to Melange before your flight. I’m here with world class chocolate guru, Chef Jacques Torres. Yes Phil, Bonjour. Bonjour. I understand, you have a bit of a nickname? Yes. Mr. Chocolate. Mr. Chocolate, that’s a good one. What is special about this place? What is special is that everything is done here, by outstanding- -Here? professionals at the airport. Nothing is frozen here. Everything is fresh, made everyday. I want to do things for people who love, you know, Macaroons, but also for people who love the croissant, the muffin, the danish, you know for people from all over the world. What about the people that love all of it? Yes. That’s even better. I’m on my way to this amazing burger bar called Wanderlust to talk to a few United employees about the new terminal. Nobody knows this place better than they do. This is Catalina. Customer Service Representative. And this is Joseph a lead ramp agent. How long have you worked here? Nineteen and a half years. Nineteen and a half years! And you are actually from Newark, the city? Yes. What changes have you seen there? The new stadium, all the new sky scrapers and it’s gotten a lot friendlier. And Catalina, what is your favorite thing about all of the changes at Terminal C? The new windows that we have from C1 to C3. You are able to see families gather there and with the New York skyline, it’s beautiful to see the sunset and the sunrise. No one really notices how close we are to New York City. That sounds amazing! So to recap, Newark is incredibly easy and quick to get to from New York City. The food here is incredible; they have five star chefs, the design, the technology. And let me tell you guys, this burger. You gotta check out the burger bar. ♫ So you are Jacques Torres, Yes. I am Phil Torres. Yes. Does that mean that maybe we are distantly related and I have some hidden chef talent inside of me? We might be cousins, somewhere? You know, I don’t know? I mean there’s a lot of Torres’s around.

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  1. I started flying United last year and have done two trips with you out of EWR. A family member did a 3rd trip. All experiences with United and at EWR have been surprisingly good. Friendly staff and a decent airport experience at Terminal C.

  2. I really love United, it's my favorite airline, often the pilots will allow me to take a peek in the cockpit before taxi. But I'm kinda upset because I was flying out of DEN the day after you took the dogs out of your terminal.

  3. This guy is extremely boring. United has taken something that was fun to watch while being informative and made it BLEH. Bring back Katie!

  4. what i still dont get is that why on every flight tracking app and united booking site its still called new york when even he said it its in new jersey

  5. A- Bring back KATIE, Phil is okay but he isn't as lovable
    B- Do an all hub review i.e Denver Int'l Airport for Big Metal Bird.

  6. fuck you United Airlines I was going to travel to Oslo but I can't because I'm afraid of getting kicked

  7. you guys suck first you drag people off the plane and hurt them second a couple see a threat that fuel is leaking out the plane but istead of thanking them, you give them no hotel ticket what the fuck are you guys, you are a low class piece of shit that should die plus you guys have no manners go fuck your self what kind of person would make a airline company but acts like shit. Go kills your self united you stupid pigs

  8. Newark airport is nice and the restaurants in it are really good. Newark airport is surprisingly a really nice organized.

  9. #UnitedAirlines United everyone that I know is no longer flying with you, until you learn how to treat your passengers properly. Your stars and ratings are going down and you are missed treating all of your customers. I'm not here to yell or cuss you out or tell you what a horrible company you are. I am here to tell you you need to change some things I need to change them soon. If your #UnitedAirlinesCEO does not care thing it looks like you need to get another CEO. You need somebody who's going to look out for your company's best interest not just for the money. Believe me I love the aviation industry and plan on working on it in the future. And there's one thing that I have learned if you have a good happy customer base your company will thrive. If your customer base is unhappy your business will crash and you will have to Announce bankruptcy. United Airlines can you change something is any change from now!
    With best regards a concerned citizen

  10. All the locations picked by that study were picked to make Newark look more appealing to the New York market to spur United sales.


  12. Hey I like that all u show is ur fancy $20,000 but ur trash economy make it better even emirates loves to show their economy and barely shows their fist class and ur food is crap even McDonald's food is better and I hate McDonald's I only had it once and also what do u get when u mix united food and stomach acid. salmonella!!! And ur crew is so rude Lufthansa crew is like have another cookie I spill something they get me napkins I spill something on united they say tough luck wipe it ur self and then they ask me how my flight was and I say SHIT NOT TAKE CARE OF UR PASSENGERS BETTER OR MORE PEOPLE WILL BE WRITING THESE MESSAGES AND UR FIST CLASS IF WORSE THAN LUFTHANSA'S A319 FIRST CLASS AND THE FIRST CLASS IM TALKING ABOUT IS UR 787 DREAMLINER FIRST CLASS


  13. Let's talk about the passengers you've been mistreating instead of how good you are, for the fact that you're fucking bullshitting.

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