Big Metal Bird: Episode 1 — Basic Economy

Yeah buddy, who’s a good boy? Today I’m going to find out what United’s Basic
Economy fare is all about and explain why I’m holding this baby
American Alligator. Smile. I’m in New York City where it’s somewhere between five and negative five-hundred degrees out. As I can’t really feel my fingers right now I thought it might be a perfect opportunity to try out United’s new Basic Economy fare and show you guys how it works. Anyone who knows me knows that travel and adventure are a huge part of my life. And while I do love my home in New York City, there is nothing quite as exciting to me as the
wild. Fortunately for me, United has a new Basic
Economy fare. It’s less expensive than standard Economy which
is a great option for when I want to get out of town. If the Basic Economy fare is available, you’ll
see it and in this case, it is And just like
that, Newark to Miami, we’re going to the Everglades. When packing for a trip like this it’s important
to keep in mind Basic Economy fare isn’t for everyone. With Basic Economy you get one personal item that can fit under the seat in front of
you, so you want to keep it small. If
you are a MileagePlus Premier member, have
Star Alliance Gold status or
hold a qualifying MileagePlus credit card, when
using that card, you still get a full-sized carry-on, in
addition to your personal item. And,
you still get to board with your normal boarding group. Because I’m traveling alone and I don’t need a full-sized carry-on this is
perfect for me. But say I needed all these items and wanted to check a bag. That’s no problem. I can still check a bag for $25 dollars or the applicable bag fee just like standard
Economy. But if I try to bring a full-sized carry-on bag
to the gate gate I have to check it and pay both the checked bag fee plus a gate handling charge. And just like that, I’m ready to fly. You guys I want to introduce you to my friend
Hector, he’s going to walk me through this. Hey Phil, what’s up? How are you doing? Good, good. So I bought a Basic Economy fare and I know I got to check-in here and get my boarding pass here. Is there anything else that I’m missing? Just start to check-in as you normally would and I will
make sure that your bag does meet our size requirement. Alright I’ve just got this baby. How we looking? You’re doing great. Alright. If you’re not bringing checked bags you’ll have to check-in at the kiosk. You’ll receive your boarding pass there. If you’re boarding pass says “SEE AGENT” go to the departure gate and wait for the customer service representative to call
your name to give you
your seat assignment. Alright well Hector thank you so much. You’re welcome. Have a great time out there in the Everglades. Oh I will! Maybe I’ll
even bring you back an alligator or something. Sounds good to me. You know that’s probably illegal I’ll just – how about I
saw hi to one for you? Ok that
sounds good too. Nice. They just called boarding group five. I’ve got my bag, got my boarding pass. I’m pretty much all set. In a few short hours I’m gonna be in the largest subtropical wet-land in North America. Let’s go. Hi. Thank you. Basic Economy isn’t for everyone. If you’re traveling with your family, just know you won’t be able to sit together. Also, you can’t change or cancel your flight so it’s not ideal for business travelers. You still get all the stuff you’re used to, like access to WI-FI, personal device entertainment, snacks and all that good stuff. Thank you. WI-FI’s going strong. This is the American Alligator they can get up to a thousand pounds. Amazing. Most people think the Everglades is a swamp. It’s actually a slow moving river. And now that we’re here I finally get to reconnect with my reptile
friends. [music playing] Did you know the Everglades is home to 73 major species and provides drinking water for 8 million Americans Just like that I was able to hop on a plane and explore what I’m most passionate about nature, conservation and education I’m really happy with my experience It was easy, I got a great fare and it took me to one of my favorite places I feel pretty good What about you bud? How do you feel? I thought so Alright, see you later alligator

93 thoughts on “Big Metal Bird: Episode 1 — Basic Economy

  1. Phil seems nice but he's not nearly as funny and awesome as Katie. :/

    Katie made these feels far less promotional than they are. Guess it's back to Garbage Time.

  2. I don't care about Katie. It great that the basic economy fare has been explained properly. I am not sure I want to fly it but I am sure some people will like it. But I have to say I am not a United fan I prefer Delta or Virgin America

  3. Katie's 'stick" (as cute as she is) of always screaming and yelling in the Big Metal Big episodes got really old. it might have worked on her "Garbage time" but it got old.

  4. I am glad you guys made this video, I wasn't sure how Basic Economy worked and I was worried about what the restrictions were. Thanks for the Clarifications!

  5. this guy is cute though, basic economy however, thats a rip off, Its priced the same as regular economy while economy has become more expensive all while taking away services and amenities from basic economy for the same price as economy.

  6. I love your customer service about as much as this Doctor who was battered and then kicked from a flight he payed for:

  7. Nothing says "basic economy" like punching a doctor in the mouth and dragging his limp body through the aisle because "We have too many people on board due to our own fuckup" "United: Roll the bones"

  8. Do I need "basic economy" to get beaten up and forcibly dragged out an airplane instead of being compensated properly and not by your shitty vouchers or a punch in the face?

    Thank you kindly for an answer.


    Hoping Dr.David Dao's attorney team sues United Airlines beyond recovery from Bankruptcy.

    Also hoping the BeatDown cops get Justice meted out on them.

  10. Big metal punch in a passengers face. Your airline should disband and the owner should step down. Your brand is ruined FOREVER!

  11. Why United. First you remove video screens and now you removed a booked payed seating passenger. If something is screwed up again I will boycott United Airlines

  12. All those dislikes came from not having Katie I forgot the guys name but he's a great host but I have to go with Katie

  13. Business/Polaris – Prius Prime/Plug-in hybrid
    Economy Plus – Prius V
    Standard Economy – Standard Toyota Prius hatchback
    Basic Economy – Prius C

  14. Fuck yourself, I would rather take a more expensive plane than being beat up and take off the plane seat that I bought.

  15. Basic Economy = Very Restrictive (no changes) Only 1 item that must be under the seat in front of you (no upgrading) Be the last group to board and little savings none (savings between little and none)  Also your baggage (if you check a piece of luggage) will be the last items to go on the belt in baggage claim.   I think of basic economy as the group of people on the titanic who are locked below decks during their ride.

  16. The BMB with Katie had better stuff. FA training, What it’s like to be a FA, Pilots, Day in the life of a ground crew, Aircraft maintenance, etc. Now the show has lost my interest. Some thing are interesting but they aren’t as good as the ones with Katie. But I still love United!

  17. ass hole, tell the truth, basic economy is a rip off pure and simple, people like you are disgustng, you are probably getting a huge pay check for faking the horrible truth about badic economy flights from United…you should be ashame of yourself

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