Big Bird’s Comfy-Cozy Nest

[sighing] Hi, Big Bird. Hey Big Bird, you OK? Hm? Mm. How are you feeling? Oh, not too good, Alan. I’ve got all these
feelings, you know. Are they big feelings? Yeah. Like sad or angry? Yeah. Or confused? Yes. Anxious? Yes, it’s all those feelings. And they’re all mixed together. And I– I don’t know what to do. I understand. These big feelings are
OK, especially when hard things happen. Oh. Big Bird, do you know what
I like to do to feel calm? I go to my safe place. Your safe place? That’s right. It is a place in my imagination
where I go to feel peaceful. Peaceful. Well, that sounds nice, Alan. Oh, it is. Hey, would you like to imagine
your safe place, Big Bird? Yeah, I would, but
I don’t know how. All right, just use your
imagination, all right. You want to try? OK. OK, good. First we’re going to
breathe deep, all right. Inhale. And let it out slowly. Ah. Good. Now picture yourself
in a place where you feel calm and comfortable. It can look any
way you want it to. What are you imagining? I’m in my nest. Well, that’s where
I feel safest. Good. What would you like to
have with you in your nest? Oh, I’d have my
favorite bear, Radar. Good. What else do you see? Well, it’s a beautiful
day, and the warm sun feels good on my feathers. Nice. Do you hear anything? Oh, a little birdie
singing a happy song. And I hear a soft breeze. Do you smell anything? Oh yeah, bird seed cookies fresh
out of my Granny Bird’s oven. Hmm. Oh. Tell me about your Granny Bird. Oh, I love her a lot. She’s sweet and she’s caring. And she made my
favorite blanket. Oh, just thinking of Granny
Bird always makes me happy. Big Bird, how are
you feeling now? Well, I feel safe and
much calmer inside. Thank you, Alan. That really helped. I’m glad. And you know, you can visit
your safe place any time you need to. It’s always there for you. And guess what? What? So am I. Oh.

8 thoughts on “Big Bird’s Comfy-Cozy Nest

  1. Awww….This is so sweet…especially with Big Bird. This video is one of the reasons I love Big Bird.

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