Big Bird Vah Medoh in Breath of the Wild

Hello! Today we fight divine beast Vah Medoh, aka Big Bird. Intern, can we get the music and the close-up, please? Thank
you! now, according to Big Boss we have to go
talk to his buddy… I think his name was, Falco? Nooo that’s okay Bobokin. Later,
we’ll fight you later 🙂 Hey Mr. Lombardi! Only five targets?? Watch
this! One! Two! Three! (Falco: That’s it!) Four! (Falco: One more!) Five! Aww yea! Time to use what we learned! …One! (Falco: That’s it!) Whoa, hey there. Two! …And a half! Three! Ff-four! (Falco: One more!) Ah, that sweet voice takes me back to my training days… Falco, look out! Four.. Point two! Five! Just like that. Goodbye, barrier! …Oh
no, your leg! I told you not to go so close! More like pretty bad… Ehh, he’s fine! It’s
cold up here so, let’s get the blood flowing shall we!?
one two three, one two three, YYEEAH! All right.. are you really that cold? Oh, okay! I’m gonna use a couple of speed running
tricks to speed up this tedious menu mapping thing… If you watch closely you
can see my technique. Now we’re just gonna pull off a warp here, uh, takes a lot
of setup beforehand. Probably too risky to do it at home, I wouldn’t try it. Better down here, Link? Oh, you wuss! Fine,
we’ll get you those Rito-down pants and those nice earrings you wanted. Happy now?
…okay good, let’s go! Hey watch this sweet arrow trick! …Clear out, clear out clear out CLEAR OUT! …Nice! You know, this music really reminds me of
something… Shadow of the Colossus maybe? It’s good, I like it!
..Gonna stasis this thing for the puzzle whoohaha all right! There it goes… Okay! …Exactly as planned! Mr. Big Bird has made a “big” mistake
giving me this thing! …It lets you solve any puzzle you want! ..For example. *THUNGCH* Auuwah! Now, for my mighty speed running leap!
..Okay, come on, come on, come on come on up up! Nice!
..Now let me just go ahead and use my wii u gamepad here – whoa! ..yeeugh. (Revali: His aim is is
dead-on, watch yourself!) ..why are you warning the
bad guy, jeez! Now I’m gonna speedrun this guy, think I can kill him in one hit with the
Lynel crusher? Whoa, weird glitch there anyways.. oh okay, one and a half hits! So
that’s that, that’s how you speed run Windblight Ganon, killem in one hit, and get this
SWEET breeeze attack. The end!

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