100 thoughts on “Big Bird – Obama for America TV Ad

  1. Sesame Street is a business and it's making a lot of money
    It doesn't need to subsidized by the TAXPAYER
    OBAMA just wants to keep wasting your tax money
    Like Solyndra

  2. This is sad, PBS has always been interested in educating our children. There are so many criminals out there, and we are just too concerned about saving Sesame Street from the evil Mitt Romney. Sesame Street can only survive with our communities coming together to support it. We cannot build a better America by throwing more money at our education system, our public television programs, and other community projects. We need even more ways to cut our spending and strengthen our economy. Bye.

  3. Brilliant! However, this is only worthy of The Onion, Saturday Night Live, Mad TV, The Daily Show, or another satirical media source. It's not up to the standards of a presidential campaign.

  4. It should be obvious to anyone viewing this refreshingly humorous political ad that Big Bird is a symbol for so much more than *Sesame Street*. Big Bird is:

    Early childhood education

    Educational television in general

    Jim Lehrer's respected brand of serious journalism

    The entire range of intellectual and cultural programs shown on PBS

    Not to mention the NEH, the NEA, and other vital sources of funding for enrichment of American minds.

    Romney will screw education, the arts, and culture.

  5. One man has the guts to speak his name… Do you even NEED guts to say his name?
    Big Bird Big Bird Big Bird Big Bird Big Bird Big Bird Big Bird.

  6. i get what theyre trying to do here, but this isnt funny at all. its just stupid. can they come up with a real comeback, something like explaining why cutting funding for pbs isnt necessary? if it was that laughable a statement from romney why hanvt they done that?

  7. Bankers have no use a econmoy is based on hard working people INVENTING and PRODUCING and not making money trough financial tricks all bankers should get arrested their property seized and then the should work like the rest of the society

  8. I entierly disagree with this video. Romney obviously meant that we shouldnt be borrowing money to provide funds for PBS. Whatever idiot made this had a poor k

  9. Grow up people. I would rather see the money go to schools than PBS. STOP giving our tax money away. If this is all obama got spend his time on he should not be in office.

  10. The sad part is people will actually take this seriously and think big Bird is actually a criminal that Mitt Romney is fighting against. Causing romney to win the election

  11. Even the Huff Post knows that Sesame Street, with $232 million in assets and almost $30 million in cash is hardly in trouble of losing their show. They are so profitable, they could support PBS completely on their own.

  12. That was pretty funny, especially with the serious tone of the voiceover guy and music.
    Thats how you mock someone. Well it is his own fault.

  13. It's strange that Romney would cut funding to PBS a network that promotes knowledge and understanding to young Americans. I think PBS is .01% of the budget. I think he wants to cut PBS not to help but to make it seem like he's helping.

  14. Ridiculous. This looks like something you'd see from SNL, not from a legitimate presidential campaign. Try making an ad with a little substance next time, Barack.

  15. Seriously this is the best Obama can do ? He's running for re-election with the worst record a a President in American History and this is the type of advertising his brain trust can come up with ? RFLMAO you guys are in some serious trouble !

  16. Is the spin only from the Obama camp? Why isn't Romney against the continued support of subsidies for Big Oil? Do you think ExxonMobil execs are in need of some cash and, have an interest in the welfare of future generations?

  17. Romney wants to cut big bird because the government spends millions of dollars every year on this show with taxpayers money. other networks will pick it up and pay for it so we dont have to. romney 2012!!!!!!

  18. I woke up when Romney almost cost me by job by attempting to purchase our parent company and then selling it to Huawei, which is IN CHINA. Luckily the SEC blocked him due to the compromise in cyber security for the government.

  19. I'm not even American and I seriously dislike that Romney guy, everyone I know does he just seems so fake or out of touch… And to be perfectly honest I really want to have to see him on the TV for the next however many years until the next US election, his smile irritates me to no end… But I guess I'll just end up ignoring it all anyway, have fun voting Americans! If you want to anyway

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