Bicycle U.S. Presidents Playing Cards from Bicycle

play poker war and more with the US presidents hi I'm Tammi with ttpm and this is a deck of a bicycle US presidents playing cards just in time for election time the 54 cards in this deck feature all 44 presidents from Washington to Obama for first ladies and some US landmarks all hand drawn with great detail on the card faces the kings are the four presidents sculpted in Mount Rushmore George Washington Thomas Jefferson Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt and their wives are the first ladies pictured as the Queen's with the Statue of Liberty and Liberty Bell as two of the aces and Uncle Sam as the Joker's this patriotic deck is great for any history buff card enthusiast or collector available in Republican red and democratic blue the topcase has a pearl finished with slightly embossed images and features an American flag inside for where to buy in current prices find us at ttpm and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more reviews everyday

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