BFFs Swap Boyfriends For A Day • Saf & Freddie

– I feel like my favorite
thing about Freddie is when she gets mad. ‘Cause I think it’s hilarious. – Yooo! It’s so funny! (laughing) – ‘Cause she’s so little and adorable, – She’s so cute! – But like when she’s
mad, she’s just like: “I don’t have time!” And you’re like “Okay!” – It’s kinda scary. (upbeat jazzy music) – I’m gonna be honest; this was my idea, because I love that show Wife Swap. – We’re not hangin’ out. – Not us hanging out;
we’re switchin’ ladies. – And I was like “Okay, what
if we swapped boyfriends,” and Freddie was like “I’m
kinda mad about it, but okay.” (laughs) – [Camerawoman] Do you
guys think that it’s weird that we’re doing this? – I’m okay with it. – Yeah, I don’t care. – [Paul] It’s gonna be fun; Saf’s fun. – [Tyler] I think it’s gonna
be fun to get to hang out with Freddie some more. – I think I’m gonna learn a lot about you, about Game of Thrones. – Oh! – [Freddie] About cat care. – [Safiya] Yes, Crusty’s sick, so we have to get him vitamins. I think you are gonna be doing that. (giggles) – You’re gonna end up at the mall. – That’s fine, I don’t
go to the mall often. – Yeah, no, well I go a lot. (laughs) – He’s gonna wanna skate. He’s gonna wanna go to like, the skate shop with his friends, and like, other socially
awkward skateboarders that make me feel uncomfortable. (laughing) – Oh she loves acai bowls. – Oh that’s fun! – Yeah. – I like those things! – Oh great! This is great. I’m excited; this is gonna be funny. (upbeat music) – We started off at
breakfast, all four of us. Nice breakfast, little eggs, little bacon, little chitter, little chatter. – We’re gonna go– – [Tyler] Here’s a seflie stick. – Don’t selfie stick my selfie stick. We’re gonna go our separate ways, and then we’re gonna meet
up after Paul’s show. – We’re gonna go to my
show; I’m in a musical. – The weather was kind of crappy. – Yeah it was. Usually I feel like
girlfriends borrow their boyfriends’ clothes, but
with me it’s the opposite. – We started off at the mall, walked around, hit all the spots. – We just came from the Lego Store. – It was fun. Very overwhelmed with all
the different types of Legos. Lego’s really stepped it up. – But we got an air freshener. Probably the best-smelling car
air fresheners of all time. It’s a flavor called light squash. Paul’s so happy with it! – It smells just like Sprite! Then we, of course, hit the other spots, which were like Sephora. Lot of different colors; love that. Love color. – I showed him your brow pencil. – [Freddie] Ah. – I used the spoolie to
brush his eyebrows up. – [Freddie] (sighs) He needs that. – I would totally, like, get made-up, y’know what I’m saying? – [Safiya] You would? – Like, sit in a makeup chair,
just let ’em do whatever. Really fun, very overwhelming. Sephora’s cool; it’s like the Lego Store. – Almost more things to play
with than in the Lego Store. – Barnes & Noble. – Oh that’s a great Barnes & Noble that. – [Paul] That’s a really solid– I’ve never been in there;
solid Barnes & Noble. – So our first stop was Petsmart. And we’re gonna get Crusty’s vitamins. – Vitamins. – Hopefully, they’re having
an adoption situation. – They should be. – For kittens, so I can play
with them, and maybe get one. (record scratch) (somber music) – Sometimes, they have this box of cats that are like this big, and
Saf was holding four of them on her chest, and they were
just like dangling on her chest. (laughs) – [Safiya] So Freddie just texted us… That she found a cat. (somber music) (cackling) Paul! (laughing) What are you gonna do if she
legit adopts a cat today? You know that when Quinta got a cat, Freddie was like “Now
I need to get a cat.” – We found a cat that Freddie, I think, put in a request; an application. He doesn’t have a dick,
but he’s a great cat– (laughs) – Poor cat. – No I’m just kidding, I’m just kidding. They uh… (laughs) No, I’m not kidding
actually, they were like “We don’t know where his penis is.” – He loves me! Shinobi. Shinobi’s the cat; his
gangsta name will be Shanasty. – Shi-nodick. (cackling laughter) – So anyway, we were there
to go to the cat adoption, but we were also there
to get pills for my cat. – [Freddie] Crusty greeted
us right at the front door! Hey Crusty, I’m Freddie! – We went back to the apartment, and we gave the cat the pills. (laughing) Yes. – [Freddie] Woo! – Okay, where are we? – Okay, right now we are at Babylon. It’s a shop my homies run and work at. – [Safiya] But we did
go to the skate shop, and the bowl was wet. And it’s metal, so you don’t really wanna be doing that either. So they’ve a kitchen in the back. That’s where people like
me are meant to skate. He put me on his board– What’s the name of the board? – [Paul] Shake Junt. – Shake Junt is the name of the board. There wasn’t really enough
room for me to kick, and like, coast. What I was doing was I
was standing on the board, and then kind of hoola-ing, to get myself from one end to the other. Grabbing air. And just, pulling myself along. – In retrospect, I’m glad
you guys didn’t actually have Safiya go into the bowl. – [Paul] Wow. – I was gonna say the second
she gets on that bowl, y’know. (smacks) Tumble. – I brought Tyler to my
favorite acai bowl place. We are about to ♫ crush! ♫ I love acai bowls a lot,
so I was just in heaven when we got there. – And then we went thrift shopping. – Tyler tried on this badass,
white Lakers bomber jacket. I knew Saf was gonna
like that bomber jacket, ’cause she likes the street Asian style. – Somewhere inbetween K-pop, and Caleb from Pretty Little Liars minus the beanie. That’s my ideal style. But I’ll settle for pants. – I did get a Hawaiian shirt. This is a pretty stylish Hawaiian shirt. I think I’m kinda pullin’ off some style. – And then after that we went to my show. – Paul had to be there a little
bit earlier for his call, so I went to get a coffee by myself. And I think that Freddie and Tyler are gonna actually meet up with us, because they ran out of stuff to do. (giggles) Wait, we have to wait for Tyler! They’re making out! – Did you get a cat? – Um, yes. – [Safiya] Look at that printed shirt! Oh wow. You look just like Frenton– no not like that, though. – [Freddie] Watching the show, and just like sitting and relaxing was a nice ending to that day. – Literally, all four of us
are just like, exhausted. – [Together] We swapped
boyfriends for a day. – That was planned. I just thought it was fun
that we all got along so well. – And we took it outside of work, we’re all hangin’ out,
and it’s like “Yeah, let’s hang out more!” – Yeah! – It was cool to see that the
friendship was transferable. Paul is similar enough
to you that I was like “Oh, this is fun. It is kind of like
hanging out with Freddie.” – Yeah. – If anything, this
brought us closer together. – Yeah us, yeah. – Saf, has been the homie for a minute. – I think the moral of
the story is that, like, I need to get this cat. – I was with Paul when
we were getting the texts about Freddie adopting
the cat, and I was like “Paul, just give it up. You are a cat-daddy now.” – Cat-daddy. – Anyway. – Have you accepted it, Paul? – [Paul] Yes. – I finally came to get him! Shinobi’s mine! – [Paul[ Shinobi! Shinobi! He’s not lookin’.

100 thoughts on “BFFs Swap Boyfriends For A Day • Saf & Freddie

  1. At 40:40 I loved how sweet Tyler was! When he was saying how he was glad saf didn't go into the bowl it was so cute that he was worried about her! I've always felt indifferent about Tyler but now I really like him because of that one sentence ?

  2. Me and my best friend needs to switch boyfriends for a day ? (we are opposite gender best friends)

    Her and her boyfriend is always going outside, going to malls, going to cafes and arcades.

    Me and my boyfriend are always lazy and cuddling on the couch ? sometimes hitting the gym

  3. does anyone know what happened to this cat? I've never seen it before and I know that Freddie right now has Roberta.

  4. This is how you kiss a boy:
    .Put your hand on his waist
    .Slip your hand into his pocket
    .Steal his wallet
    .Don't kiss him
    .Just run!

  5. I would love to have Paul as a boyfriend for literally only a minute. Like it would be awesome
    Hes so feminine and cute I love it!

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