Betta Fish Tank Unboxing And Review | Top Fin Enchant 3.5 Gallon Aquarium

what’s up y’all welcome back it is
Tuesday which means it is time for another tank review so I have been
getting a ton of questions out there from y’all asking about betta tanks
what kind of betta tanks should you get well that is a difficult question to
answer as it’s kind of a personal preference I personally like more square
boxy tanks but you might not feel the same way I decided to pick up a tank
that I normally would not purchase and I’m probably not gonna keep I’m probably
gonna give it away to a friend whatever friend that I feel like needs fish cuz
everybody I think needs fish so since the majority of people that have been
asking me about betta tanks have been asking me specifically about Petsmart
tanks I went ahead and picked up the top fin enchant it is a 3.5 gallon tank and
it is on sale right now for only $20 $20 for a 3.5 gallon tank there’s no reason
for y’all to go out there and buy some little half gallon Bowl the only thing
that you might need to purchase in addition to this would be a heater and
let’s face it heaters you can get one for like 15 20 bucks 15 20 bucks
I’ve seen some as cheap as seven but they’re kind of ugly so yeah get the
fifteen to twenty dollar one so without further ado let’s go ahead and open this
sucker up and check out what is in side so in this kit we are supposed to get
the top fin element filter – top fin cartridges the 3.5 gallon tank and hood
and LED control button and a multicolored LED light and the hood
comes with a feeding door the fact that it has a feeding door means that we
should have a nice tightly fitted lid as we all know that as tend to jump so now
we’re gonna go ahead and open this up and check out what is inside
so we got our little so we got our little manual and information directions
whatnot we have our hood with the little feeding door so this is going to be a
nice tightly fitted lid on there we have a little light switch or I guess it’s
more of a button with our nice LED lights and our little plug plastic see
if I can actually get this so we here we’ve got our team we did I filtered
nicely wrapped in lots in little boxing I have my dog is barking so we got our
nice little filter cartridges in there so it looks like this is a to this
filter does take two cartridges I’m putting them back in upside down that’s
okay here we got our nice little tank it is
basically a little Halfmoon it is acrylic it is not glass so it is super
super lightweight and really really reflective for the camera and in here I
assume is our little plug for our lights and yes it is huh I guess with the
button I guess my guess is that the button on here is to change the color of
the lights because there is also a switch on here which I assume is to
turned off and on so I do already have a tank that has the top fin element filter
so if it is anything like the one that I have does this one is a little bit
larger so it’s gonna be a little bit more colorful if it’s anything like the
other one that I have it gonna be a very very low low flow filter
which is good because that is what we want when it comes to a betta fish we
don’t want our fish blowing all over the tank well look how big this tank is for
20 dollars 20 bucks 20 bucks I have seen half gallon tanks for twenty dollars
this is 20 bucks 3.5 gallons this is much more appropriate so I’m gonna go
ahead and set this up and fill it up with water and try it out I am NOT going
to be putting any gravel or Dacor in here as I am probably not keeping this
tank now me personally I do prefer planted tanks and it doesn’t look like
this is gonna be a very big light for a planted tank plus it’s pretty deep so if
you’re thinking about doing live plants you might need to upgrade the lights or
you might want to look at a different tank but for the average beginner
getting their first betta fish this is amazing this is amazing
20 bucks 20 bucks 3.5 gallons I just want to test it out and see how the
lights work and the filter works and then I will wrap all this back up and
dry it out or I’ll end up going ahead and throwing in some gravel and getting
another fish will see bends on the lights it’s all about the lights if the
lights are terrible I will not keep this I will give it to someone who does not
want live plants or who only wants like super super low level lighting plants
all right so I am gonna go ahead and get this thing filled up with some water and
then we are gonna test out this filter and check out the lights
okay so the tank is now officially filled with water and the filter is
running and I gotta say that is a quiet filter a very quiet filter it is a
little bit more powerful than my other filter my other top fin element filter
but not by too much it’s not really moving the water around too crazy I
don’t think a betta would have any problem swimming in there although I
would have to put a fish in there to test that theory out but it seems like
it has a decent filter I know that my other element it’s not the most amazing
filter but you know twenty dollars the whole thing twenty dollars for
everything I should say $19.99 really $19.99 but you know 20 hours so we’re
gonna go ahead and trial the lights and see what we got see if there’s any hope
for plants okay that’s a weird color that is blue so got the white light in
there and I don’t know it doesn’t seem super bright but it doesn’t seem
terrible doesn’t seem terrible we got red pink and act white green wait blue seems like it cycles back and forth
kind of weird but that’s okay but the white light doesn’t seem too terrible
I’m sure you could get some low-level I’m sure you could probably grow some
like anubias or something like this in here and you know have it do okay you
don’t really need a whole lot of lighting for that or some maybe some
Java firm I know my java fern seems to grow no matter what kind of conditions
that I keep it in which is awesome so all in all I would definitely say that
this is an awesome tank for a beginner $20 it’s got lights it’s got a nice hood
you don’t have to worry about your fish jumping out of here decent filtration
filters not too crazy it’s not gonna blow your fish around I would give this
tank probably like a four out of five just because the lights are not amazing
or anything to write home about and you know the filter but I think for a
beginner it is absolutely perfect and now that I think about it I may actually
go ahead and hang on to this tank for a little bit maybe I can do something with
it that I could do a nice little escape for 50 bucks in this tank we’ll see
where this goes let’s see where this goes so anyway guys
that’s only really hot for y’all today as always thank you so much for watching
I love you guys and I will see you in my next video bye for those of you who were hating on me
for dissing the aqueon betta Falls tank you could buy two and a half of these
tanks for the price of that tank and your fish would be much happier just
saying just saying

53 thoughts on “Betta Fish Tank Unboxing And Review | Top Fin Enchant 3.5 Gallon Aquarium

  1. Solid tank for the price, Mandy!! "Think I won't keep it, think i will give it away" Doesn't sound like, Mandy. Is this the same, Mandy? Waits for a little.."Bet I can do a scape for $50" That sounds like Mandy again;) You scurried me for a tick.
    Stay awesome girl! Thanks for the video:)

  2. I’ve got one and it’s great! The light is a little crummy but let’s be honest, for the price the tank is a steal! I have mine filled with java fern and it’s thriving ^_^

  3. Cool video Mandy ,I personally prefer Glass tanks ,due to it has property of withstanding temperature and maintain water constantly temperature over this plastic tanks , Rectangular I like because the fish can roam which has more space , thanks for sharing , great video thumps up Mandy???

  4. "Just saying!" Ooo yas, the sass! It's a great beginner tank. I'd love to see you review tanks from Walmart or a similar superstore. They seem to sell everything from bowls, to tiny tanks, to habitable aquarium kits.

  5. If you add a foam filter to the inlet on all your TopFin filters you can double the amount of biological filtration they only cost a few bucks

  6. I got my nephew that tank for his birthday last year. Anubias, hornwort, and anacharis grows just fine in there.

  7. for a 3.5 gal, that looks big. Additional item I would buy would be some foam and filter media, other than heater. I think it's important to highlight the importance of cycling a new tank. 🙂

  8. I don't have much room or big budget for an ER tank so this might be the ticket for me. (Just back into the hobby after a 30 year absence. My oh my things have changed!) Am enjoying your videos, Ms Hectic. Keep 'em coming!

  9. my grandmother has this for her betta, and the filter sucks it doesn’t suck ANY debris, no matter how small. and we she always tries to over feed her betta even though she keeps complaining about how messy her tank is. i wish it had a better filter but other than that it’s good

  10. I love this tank! I actually have four of them ? The only thing that I would look out for is they get scratched quite easily !!!! But other than that I definitely recommend them!

  11. Loved your video. I bought the same tank last week and I thought I did something wrong because the water wasn't really moving like my last tank.

  12. Great review Mandy! I actually just picked up a tank very similar to this one, probably a different model haha

  13. I have something similar to that, works nice. I bought a small heater for it. But I'm upgrading to a ten gallon, I'm still going to use it but what for exactly? Any suggestions? 🙂

  14. please help! I got this tank this past Sunday and my fish are staying at the top, I got fish from pet smart as well but they passed away a few days after but they stayed at the top as well. I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong? I went to a fish store to get my new ones and they tested my water and said it was fine. I’m thinking there’s not enough oxygen but I have no idea how to fix. Please help 🙁

  15. I have this tank for my mustard gas half moon betta and he loves it. I also have a heater in the tank. He's made like six bubble nests in the last three months since I got him.

  16. It’s a good tank but does anyone else have a problem with their betta seeing its own reflection in the back of the tank and flaring up? I don’t want him to be stressed

  17. hi, i just bought this tank for my betta and he loves it so far! i was wondering if the color changing led lights it has hurts them or bothers them in any way. great video by the way!

  18. I got the top fin 10 gallon and I love it and it come with filter themiter and hood with light and it was on sale for 31 and it’s normally 60

  19. Thanks for the review, would love to see how you aquascape this one… Haven't ventured in to planted tanks yet but am curiously headed that route. I bought the Top Fin Imagine 5 gallon with divider very recently and am loving it for 2 of my bettas! My local Petsmart price matched it from an online deal for $23.99! I added a nano sponge filter to the side that doesn't house the filter and of course a heater. They seem to be doing well in it.

  20. I have one of these for my Dwarf mexican crayfish. My light doesn't have a white setting it just runs all the colors at the same time creating a sort of pink color. Also the filter doesn't run nearly as well as the one in the video, I thought it was pathetic so I went out and got the tiniest sponge filter I could find.

  21. I have this tank and my betta loves it. I have a heater but it keeps on overheating the tank, so I’m trying to find a new one. Anyone have any recommendations?

  22. I haven't been in the aquarium hobby for 5 years. I just bought this on sale for $20 and will be putting a Betta in there as an entry back into the hobby. After heater (on sale for $10), decor (I am keeping it simple but decent) and other miscellaneous supplies the total cost is $55 ($20 tank + $35 other). Currently cycling the tank now and hope for this tank to be the first baby step of me getting back in to the aquarium hobby.

  23. I hav this exact tank and the space and everything about it is great for a betta fish. I’m no expert on fish and stuff like that but it is such a great tank for my fish

  24. I got one my male dragon scale betta is loving it. He was previously in a 1 gallon since when I got him I wasn't as experienced and I never had the money or space to get another tank. Now that they are on sale I picked one up. He loves it. And the color changing led light is awesome for the plants but he pops more with the bright white color. His blue looks gorgeous with it and his red looks shiny and popping honestly.

  25. For the flow of the filter I put a fake plant in there and it helps with the flow of the filter there isn't much space for decor but it does work slightly for gravel and like 3 medium sized plants and maybe 2 smaller plants but as for floating live plants wouldn't work unless you replace the filter with a sponge filter.

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