Betta Fish Tank Review | Marina Betta EZ Care Aquarium Kit Unboxing And Review

what’s up guys welcome back it is
Tuesday which means it’s time for another tank review so this week I went
over to Walmart I am going to be checking out some of the different tanks
from Walmart over the next few weeks but today we went ahead and picked up the
marina betta easy-care aquarium kits now whole disclosure this is a one gallon
tank so this probably isn’t gonna go well but that’s okay because I mean this
is the kind of tank that a lot of beginners and of buying they end up
buying a lot of times the one gallon tanks and unfortunately they are usually
not appropriate for bettas or any fish for that matter so without further ado
let’s get into it so how are in these section right next
to the betta cups are all their tiny tiny tanks like these so in this kit
you’re supposed to get actually it’s not a gallon it’s point seven gallons it’s a
point seven gallon aquarium with an easy care feature double-sided background
decorative pebbles and a water changing Cup sounds great doesn’t it it really
does but it’s really not big enough so let’s go ahead and open up the box and
see what we got so here’s their amazing water changing
cup cuz that’s better than a gravel vacuum I usually recommend turkey
basters at the very very bare minimum for water changes alright and then we
got our little tank so it has this little tray it sits on
and we got our little pebbles I don’t know what’s going on here okay so this
is one of those like self water changing things where the tank reserve is in here
there’s our little background so we’ve got our double-sided background you have
the choice of these lovely little flowers on a branch or this little more
modern look so that’s kind of a nice little idea and we got our lid so this
is not so another strike this is not this is not a full lid
not a full lid and if you know anything about bettas or you watch my channel a
lot you know full well betta fish jump so that’s another strike is there’s
nothing there’s nothing to keep your butter from being able to jump out of
here so I’m gonna go ahead and set this up I’m gonna go ahead and rinse the
pebbles these look like terrible these look kind
of like those little chalky rocks so this might take a minute to rinse okay so it prints these several times so
I’m going to go ahead and add these in to the team so that kind of covers the
bottom so let’s go ahead and fill this up with water and you know see what we
got so basically you have like a little fill
line in here and when you add water to it then it will go into this little
overflow that we have back here in the back this little removable overflow so
whenever you would do a water change you would just fill this cup up and pour it
into this tank the main tank and then the rest would overflow into here and
then when this gets full you would go ahead and get it out you would go ahead
and pull this out and dump it I rinse this gravel off like so many times and
it is still like this water is still super super majorly cloudy this is just
like milk yeah don’t don’t choose chalky looking rocks for your gravel I don’t
usually recommend white gravel in general just because well fish waste
it’s gonna show up like crazy so in addition to the fact that this is only
point seven gallons of water this is not big enough the ideal bare bare minimum
tank size for a betta would be 2.5 gallons bigger always being better but
the bare bare minimum being 2.5 gallons this is only 0.7 gallons the there’s not
a lot of space to be putting a filter or a heater on here which means you would
be doing a lot a lot of water changes which can stress the fish out
every time you do a water change because you’re potentially changing the
temperature you’re losing beneficial bacteria
you’re losing beneficial bacteria you’re it’s just filters are usually better
filtered tanks are usually better and unfortunately if I were to put a filter
on this tank it would take up probably a good half bare-minimum quarter of the
tank bare minimum it would take up a quarter
of this tank and then if I were to throw a heater in here – ah it just gets all
bad it just gets all bad because you got to remember this is just an overflow
this is not part of filtration this is not connected to the tank in any way it
just has a little overflow here where the water comes into this compartment
it’s not one unit it’s not one piece and of course there is this amazing amazing
lid which is perfect if you want your butta
to leap to its doom so all in all I don’t really recommend this tank I do
not recommend this tank but I wanted to do some reviews on the typical tanks at
Walmart that you see right next to all the buttercups and these these are
marketed specifically towards bettas and they are not appropriate tanks for them
but they are marketed specifically as betta tanks and it’s unfortunate because
um if once you add all the things that have better needs in this tank that are
they really need to be happy and thriving in something this small there’s
not gonna be a whole lot of space for the actual fish to be able to swim
around typically for photos they need decor they need they need their
environment to be stimulating otherwise they get bored they can get stressed and
this is just not enough space to provide them with even even the bare necessities
really unfortunately unfortunately though not just Walmart Walmart is not
alone in this even a lot of the mom-and-pop shops that I have been in to
have the teeny tiny little tanks half gallon to a gallon next to their bettas
it’s just something that for some reason even even the mom-and-pop shops that
know better and can do better and don’t have like a corporate entity coming down
on them telling them where they have to place things even then a lot of times
we’ll have these tiny little tanks next to their buddies they’re just not really
appropriate if you want your budget to live a long thriving life while they
might be able to survive in something like this long-term this is not not an
ideal situation for them so anyway guys that’s all I really have for y’all today
as always thank you so much for watching I love you guys and I will see you in my
next video bye

24 thoughts on “Betta Fish Tank Review | Marina Betta EZ Care Aquarium Kit Unboxing And Review

  1. Thanks Mandy! So I have this feeling you will not be re-gifting this one:)
    It's sad that a lot of people don't do research before making purchases:(
    Stay awesome girl!

  2. When ever there is tank review in update ,Mandy I come know in my mind it is already Tuesday ,wonderful video thanks for uploading ???

  3. The one thing I noticed at Wal-Mart is that they sell barebone 10 gallon tanks for cheap. No excuses for the newbies.

  4. What if you kept a betta in a gallon tank for 2-4 days and ended up in a 10 gallon tank in my living room

  5. Love the review. But in the end of it all let's get more into some of the fish keepers saying that Bettas are considered nano fish. That's why most new and becoming fish keepers get confused because someone slams them because they are doing something someone everyone looks up to is wrong. Much love and take care ?????

  6. Please review Walmart tank kits. I have been wanting them cuz they are so cheap! I think it’s aquaculture or great value or something 🙂

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    Many Thanks.

  8. I purchased one too, I wondered about them jumping out without a lid. Thanks for this post?

  9. I was just wondering if you actually kept a Betta in the tank for any length of time? I've heard all of the rhetoric about "minimum" size for a Betta, but I keep Bettas and they really don't move around much.

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