Betta Fish Tank Review | Half Gallon Tank By Aqua Culture | Tuesday Tank Reviews

what’s up y’all welcome back it is time
for another tank review and today we are gonna be reviewing the half gallon
better view with base by aqua culture I think this is gonna be my final tank
from Walmart and that we are going to be moving on if you have any suggestions
for tanks that you would like to see me review in the future please post them in
the comments section below as I do try to get to as many requests as possible
for y’all so without further ado let’s go ahead and open this so this tank if
you could even call it that really is only like five bucks at Walmart but
there’s not really a whole lot to it pretty much like it’s a name suggests it
is a little tank with a lid and a base not a lot going on there so we’ll go
ahead and open this up and here of course we have our lid and our
fancy-schmancy base and it looks like it comes with a sample of Hikari zabeta bio
gold I will say this I do typically like a lot of the foods that Hikari comes out
with so there is that but pretty much this is all there is to this there it’s
all there is to it nice little lid nice little tight-fitting lid so that you can
prevent your butter from being able to jump out of the tank and a half gallon
aquarium along with your amazing base now unfortunately this tank is way too
small to be able to keep pretty much any anything in it really I don’t
yeah I don’t even know that I would use this for shrimp or anything really maybe
it’s a breeding it is a breeding Cup weird breeding Cup
yeah you can’t really keep you don’t really want to keep fish in this now
unfortunately I don’t really know if there is something that I can do to this
because it is so small and it’s very narrow so I can’t even really use it for
much of anything maybe maybe not even planting anything I’m not really sure
that there’s a whole lot I can do with this it’s not well ventilated enough to
be able to keep insects in it and plus it’s really narrow and it’s really small
so I might actually have to just bite the bullet and return this one unless if
y’all have any ideas what I could maybe repurpose this as if you do then I would
love to see them in the comments section below
go ahead and post that so like I said unless I can figure out something to do
with this to repurpose this tank then I am probably going to go ahead and return
it because I mean what else am I gonna do with it really I was thinking maybe I
could put plant seeds in there and just sprout something but I don’t know don’t
know it’s just so small it’s so tiny it is so tiny so anyway guys that’s all I
really have for y’all today as always thank you so much for watching I love
you guys and I will see you in my next video

22 thoughts on “Betta Fish Tank Review | Half Gallon Tank By Aqua Culture | Tuesday Tank Reviews

  1. Please, please keep this series going! Even from different stores. I love this series. I bought this tank at one point. I also found out you can split the tank in half. I only used it for fry and a hospital tank. It still sucked. Now it’s only use is for pictures.

  2. I guess you could use it as a Brine ? tank? Never tried myself but I guess it could be modified. Love your review video's, Mandy! Have a aweome day??

  3. Pretty sure you can repurpase this as a rudimentary club to beat the Walmart fish tank purchaser to death with? other than that im stumped?

  4. Love these videos you should review the top fin intrigue from PetSmart or the top fin excite also from Petsmart

  5. Think of being forced to live in your closet forever without any air. That's what I think it would be like.

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