Betta Fish Tank Review | 1 Gallon Globe By Aqua Culture ? Tuesday Tank Reviews

what’s up guys welcome back it is time
for another Tuesday tank review and today’s tank we have the 1 gallon globe
aquaculture tank with multicolored LED hood cuz I know that’s exactly how I
would describe this is totally a tank with a nice big hood okay so in here we
are supposed to be getting the 1 gallon globe and the multicolor LED light hood
that is pretty much all it comes in this little kit but the LED lighting does
give us 7 vivid light colors I also love that it says that it’s an ideal home for
your betta I really this would be great for a but up just totally great sure
guys maybe maybe if I really hate that betta and it’s done something awful
towards my family so let’s go ahead and open this baby up and see what we’ve got
going on here oh this aquaculture kit did not come
with a fish chart on it so first we’ve got our amazing one gallon globe it is
plastic and then we have our amazing LED hood which it looks like the button to
change is right here and of course batteries not included so we will need
two double-a batteries for this so I’m gonna go grab some batteries and we’ll
be right back yeah alright let’s see how this comes out all right so I got my
batteries now and we got the the LED hood so it just comes out like that
and then we have our little light switch here and see if I can get this battery
thing open trying to open it without breaking it slide our batteries in and
put our battery pack back okay and stick that on and that’s like all there is to
this thing but we’ve got some different amazing different lighting options so
problems with this if I can ever turn it off so yeah I’ve got a lot of beef with
something like this using it as a tank first starters it is only one gallon so
it’s not really recommended for any fish in general but on top of that is also a
globe it is basically a bowl it’s basically a fish bowl with a lid which
wall a lid is a vast improvement because that is jump and I mean a lot of fish
will jump out of a tank the other thing is because it’s round it’s going to
seriously distort the fishes of you and it’s gonna disorient them so that’s
gonna stress them out so it’s not really not really ideal for for much but I
actually thought this might make a really nice little terrarium I might
have to do something to make a better seal because I was hoping that this lid
would be more tightly fit but with a few modifications this is going to be a
terrarium and in closed terrarium coming sailing coming soon okay so anyway guys
that’s all I really have for y’all today as always thank you so much for watching
I love you guys and I will in my next video by

22 thoughts on “Betta Fish Tank Review | 1 Gallon Globe By Aqua Culture ? Tuesday Tank Reviews

  1. first like,first comments :).wonderful video ,so small bowl ,what is purpose of this led simply showoff ,again thanks for making great video ,it is Tuesdays 🙂 Mandy ???

  2. It’s hard to believe people buy tiny tanks like this to put fish in, but hopefully videos like this will eventually put an end to these gimmicky fish tanks ?

  3. It might be good for temporary housing of bettas but NO it can never be a home to a fish. The terrarium idea is great.

  4. The problem I have with videos like this is that you’re purchasing these tanks so the company that makes them will keep making them because of sales.

  5. I would never buy anything that small in the first place, but I seriously didn't know that the distortion from a round tank stresses the poor fishies:( You're a fountain of knowledge Mandy! Thanks so much:) Next up Terrarium video? Can't wait:)
    And btw u look fine ?

  6. I like how they put the fish in a small bowl WITH A LID. A fish. Who needs fresh air to breathe from the surface in the absence of space in which to breathe with its gills…. With. A. Complete. Lid. You might as well put him in a big Mason jar. Bettas do need something to keep them from jumping out, but uh… they need air.

  7. I got to thinking, well MAYBE for plants? Then you said almost immediately after my thought, “Maybe a terrarium.” Then I got to thinking, but I LIKE my plants. Which of my plants deserves to go to prism, er prison? Not a one. Oh, except maybe for Dr Giggles, a strange fern that I’ve had for several years and who somehow has offspring in the pot of every single other plant I own. Hmm. Perhaps I could control him better in a large globe … Thanks for the inspiration. But I don’t think I’m mean enough to put even Dr Giggles into a globe.

  8. Your videos were a great help in setting up my own betta tank. Thanks much.

  9. i dont know what idiot can buy such bowl as a betta tank its outrageous this is strictly forbidden here in Switzerland, the law is telling how much water a fisch needs for each inch of his body, that means a betta must be kept in not less than 10 gallons tank, and thats mandator, even in shops cups as in petco are not allowed over here

  10. I enjoyed watching… thank you for sharing this video. Keep it up! Happy Fish Keeping!

  11. Ok..well I am a new fish lover. I know anything is better than them being in cups like they are in the stores, but me myself wouldn't even tourture a fish with that tank..maybe something to place them in when your cleaning the tank

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