Betta Fish Tank Mates | Top 10 Most Popular Tank Mates For Bettas

Hey, y’all, welcome back mandy with my hectic
life. That’s where we talk about all things related
and today we’re talking about tank mates for your betta fish. Contrary to belief, Betta fish can be kept
in community tanks if they are kept with the right fish in the right environment. Community tanks for Betta fish is typically
not recommended for beginner fish keepers as it can be a little bit challenging at times. Now, not all fish can get along with, but
especially with their long flowing fins. You had definitely want to avoid putting them
in a tank with any potential fin nippers, especially if they are notoriously known to
be a fan nipping fish. Even if you are putting a Betta fish in a
tank with fish that are supposed to be compatible with Bettas, there’s still always a risk. There are some barriers that are more aggressive
than others and there are even say neon tetras that aren’t as peaceful as they are known
to be. So without further ado, here is my top 10
list of the most popular tank mates that are kept with that as number one is the neon Tetra. These guys only get to be about an inch and
a half in size and they are typically known as a peaceful fish. Always keep your tank size in mind though,
because these guys will require at least a 10 gallon tank, although I would recommend
if you are keeping these types of fish, what the betta fish, the bigger the tank, the better
chance of success you will have as neon tetras Ra schooling fish. You would want to keep at least a group of
six of them with your butter. Number two is the Harlequin rasbora. These guys get a little bit bigger than the
neon tetras as they get between one and a half to two inches in size. They are also a schooling fish, so you want
to keep that in mind. Number three is the celestial pearl Danio. These tiny, peaceful fish typically only get
to be about one inch in size, and again, they are a schooling fish. Number four is the corydora. Oh Cory, catfish. Now there are several different species of
quarries and they typically run about two and a half inches. All those, some do get a little bit larger,
so you want to make sure to keep an eye out on the species that you are getting. The Koreans tend to be a very peaceful tank
mates and they tend to just kind of hanging out at the bottom of the tank and they also
will help take care of any excess fish food that you might put in your tank, I mean how
many of us are guilty of overfeeding our fish, but with the cory catfish, a lot of people
will recommend that you have a minimum of a 20 gallon tank to keep them in because they
do tend to do better in groups. Number five is the mystery of snail. If you’re keeping your bettas in the typical
average tank size of between two and a half to five gallons. That’s what I know. A lot of people tend to keep their betta fish
in. Then mystery snails might be your ideal choice. They are one of the little bit larger of the
snails as they get to be around two or so inches in size and they will help with keeping
algae in check, but do keep it in mind that these guys can breed rather easily, so one
per tank is probably ideal if you don’t want to end up with a large amount of snails or
there are actually ways that you can tell whether or not the snail is male or female
as these are not a hermaphroditic type of snail. Number six is the nearest snail. This is another one that is great for some
of the smaller tanks that a lot of you guys out there have. Nerites do tend to be on the smaller side
of only getting to be about one inch in size and the nicest thing about the near I’d snail
is that they require brackish water to be able to breed, so since you’re going to be
keeping them in a fresh water tank with your benefit, you don’t have to worry about a booming
snail population erupting in your tank. Number seven is the ghost shrimp. Now shrimp, a lot of times are considered
a feeder, so they do tend to run on the cheaper side. When I see them in the pet stores, they typically
only get to be about an inch to an inch and a half in size and are relatively peaceful. Now, do bear in mind though that if you put
younger, smaller, go shrimp in with your benefit. There is a good chance that a year, but I
might find them to be a really nice snack. Number eight is African dwarf frogs. Now the African tour frogs can be considered
relatively peaceful. However, they are sometimes known to nip at
fins. Many people have successfully housed a benefit
in a tank with the African tour frogs, myself included. However, I am keeping a female better that
has shorter fins just in case number nine, and another personal favorite of mine is the
rummy nose, Tetra. These guys tend to get only to be about two
inches in size, but as with the other is on this list. They are a schooling fish and you will definitely
want to keep that in mind. And number 10 is the ember, Tetra. These guys are a really small Tetra, typically
only getting to be about one inch in size, and again, as with the other tetras schooling
fish. And you will need a larger tank. Now, as I mentioned earlier, keeping a better
in a community tank is not typically recommended for the beginner fish keeper. If you are new to the hobby, maybe try just
having a single benefit before moving forward and trying to start a community tank because
there’s really just so much to learn when it comes to fish keeping. So that’s all for today’s video. If you liked it, please give it a thumbs up
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78 thoughts on “Betta Fish Tank Mates | Top 10 Most Popular Tank Mates For Bettas

  1. I agree to all of them and i love my bettas. And your right with the level of fish keeping on putting Bettas in a tank with others ???much love and keep it up ??

  2. Mystery snails produce a lot of waste for a 2.5-5 gallon, I would recommend a 10 gallon. Also neons need 20 gallons as they love to swim

  3. Great list! I've had success with a lot of the fish you mentioned. I never thought of trying CPD's though! Plus they are such a cool fish. Active and fun to watch

  4. I want to get the 15 gallon fluvel flex and was wondering if i could put: 1 betta, 6 harlequin rasbora, 3 kuhli loaches & 7 neon tetras. Is that okay or should i get a bigger tank?

  5. I want a tank mate for my little Blue. He lives in a 5.5 gallon planted tank. I'm just really cautious about putting just any fish in there. As I dont want over crowd him or put anything that might nip him. So I think I'm aiming more towards a snail

  6. I personally find Guppies to be my most successful. However they are my most frequent choice. In general I've found certain bettas prefer guppies of certain colors. I noticed a black and red male I had wouldn't tolerate yellow guppies but seemed to ignore everyone else (To be fair that yellow was a known meanie I wanted to teach a lesson for picking on other guppies).

  7. I had cories, cardinals, Harlequins and rummy noses with mine. All did well except the rummies kept nipping 🙁

  8. Bettas nip at the mystery snails long antennas every time. They attack ghost shrimp often and really almost any snail. Might be ok with a Nerite or trumpet snail because they hide during the day.

  9. Can 6 neon tetras, 3-4 pygmy cory catfish, one mystery snail and a (non aggressive) betta live in a well planted, well filtered and cycled live in a 10 gallon successfully?

    (Or if that would be overstocked is there anything I could put in INSTEAD of the corys?

  10. Can I put my female Betta with 3 inch silver shark. I been seeing all these videos with Bettas with silver shark. PS: I have a 80 gallon for them

  11. I will get a betta in a 20 gallon fish tank, which tank mates are best compatible in tempature and personality?

  12. my son put a betta in his salt water tank. (cringe) I know, I tried to take him out but didnt get to it in time, I found out about it after it was there a couple days already.

  13. Mystery snails are a bad idea because Bettas nip there antennas off because they look like worms. Also mystery snails don’t breed that fast and as long as you don’t leave a lot of room at the top of your aquarium they won’t lay eggs there. Other than that great list

  14. I just recently had my Beta murder one of my cherry shrimps. I found the shell of the shrimp on the substrate and later found pink/red waste. Im thinking of trying a ghost shrimp that are a bit larger than the cherry. Anyone have any ideas or advice?

  15. Great video! I’m glad someone cares enough to inform others the misunderstandings regarding Betta fish. Done carefully it is actually one of the best community fish to have because of color and personality! I personally love keeping them with kuhli loaches, corys, small plecos, and hatchetfish. I prefer these species because they stay small, and fill the bottom and top of tank to really give it an active, complete appearance in all levels. Schooling fish like small tetras are nice I just think they are too fast and will outcompete Betta for food and they take up the middle portions of the tank where the Betta tends to roam. This amount of activity in the bettas “zone” can cause a lot of stress to these slow moving fish. But with care and space it can definitely result in a beautiful tank of schooling fish to complement the colors of the Betta. (Just gotta beware of zebra or leopard danios in particular as they are pretty nasty fin nippers… but the celestial danio seems to not share same attitude with long finned fish so a school of them or various small tetras could work well!). Lastly! I did not know that’s how you pronounce Betta… I always said it differently hahaha this bothers me so much now I’m determined to find out! (Tomato, tomato I guess) hahah

  16. I feel like it'd be better for a family to have the neo-bunny

  17. My new Betta Fish keeps chasing my Molly around the tank but there is no contact. Is this OK or should I seperate them?

  18. Before I watched this video I was doing research on betta tank mates. The first thing I have to say about your video is you gave me very little information and missed crucial facts about these tank mates. What you didn't say is whether you can keep a MALE betta with these tank mates, second thing is the care, neon tetras need a heater. I hope the viewers did more research about these tank mates.

  19. 55 gallon with loads of guppies an 4 females bettas an 1 male tank has been up for 6 years when the bettas get a lil wild they eat the babys but im breeding them for feeders so it dosnt matter

  20. i put a baby wild guppy for my female bettas to hunt and eat, but end up with friendship
    they get along together ?

  21. We just got a 5 gallon tank for our Betta. Recommendations on which tank mates would be good for her? And dwarf frogs are out of the question.

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