Betta Fish Tank Mates | 10 More Great Tank Mates For Bettas

hey y’all welcome back and today we are
going over ten more great tank mates for your betta fish now quick disclaimer as
I said in my previous video about the top 10 tank mates for butters not all
bettas are equal some are more aggressive than others there are going
to always be exceptions where they can’t necessarily get along with anyone and as
for the peaceful tank mates that I have on this list again not all fish are
equal every now and then you run across one that is a little bit more aggressive
than they typically are in that species sometimes you get a bad egg and
sometimes fish and creatures that are supposed to be peaceful are not always
as peaceful as you would expect them to be I also do not recommend community
tanks for beginner fish keepers as there is a lot a lot to learn about the hobby
so my recommendation if you are just starting out in getting a betta fish to
try to start just as regular but attain and sort of learn everything that you
can learn because like I said there is a lot to learn in this hobby so number one
in our list our feeder Guppies now I’m going with feeder Guppies as opposed to
the fancy Guppies because sometimes those bright beautiful brilliant colors
that the fancy Guppies come in might actually agitate the butters
now I have seen people into great fancy Guppies in with betta
successfully but I have to say this is not something that is recommended if you
want to have a better chance of success I would go with female or more plain
feeder Guppies in your tank now feeder copies tend to get to be
about 1 and a half to 2 inches in size and they do best if kept in groups of 6
or more the minimum tank size them is going to be 10 gallons but
always bigger is better especially when you’re talking about a community tank
where you are keeping a betta next up we have the clown pleco clam tacos get to
beat about three to four inches in size so you do need to have a minimum of a 20
gallon tank to keep them in they will help to keep your tank clean and they
are one of the smaller versions of plecos you wouldn’t want to put a common
pleco that gets to be one and a half to two feet in size in a 20 gallon tank
number three is the coolie load these guys get to be about two to four inches
in size and they require a 20 gallon tank now with coolio loaches it is best
if you do keep them in groups they will be a lot happier but because they are
kept in groups you might want to get a larger tank than just a 20 gallon number
four is the cherry shrimp cherry shrimp are adorable and they get to be about 1
and 1/2 inches in size now as with most shrimp they do better in a heavily
heavily planted tank and they require a minimum of a 5 gallon tank now because
they tend to be very small if they are not kept in a heavily planted tank there
is a good chance that your butt up might might treat them as an expensive snack
but if you are keeping them in a heavily planted tank with your butt up then they
should have a pretty good chance number 5 is the silver tip tetra the silver tip
tetra gets to be about one to one and a half inches in size and they need a
minimum tank size of 10 gallons although honestly personally I would say 20 would
probably be a better size for them now tetras are all schooling fish so you
want to keep a minimum of 6 in your tank and keep in mind that some tetras do
tend to be thin and even though these are supposed to be more peaceful tetras
I would definitely keep an I own them when you are putting them
with your bada and number seven we have the Cardinal tetra the Cardinal tetra
looks very similar to neon tetras and they can add a nice little splash of
color to your tank once again they are a tetra so they are a schooling fish which
needs to be kept in a minimum grouping of six and as with the Silvertip tetra i
would really recommend at least a 20 gallon tank to keep them in and these
guys do get to be around two inches in size so they are a little bit on the
larger size number seven is the yo-yo load the yo-yo load gets to be between
three to five inches so they are a larger species of fish so they do
require a minimum of a twenty gallon tank and they do best in groups so you
want to get a minimum of three number eight is the fire Raz bora fire rose
borders get to be about two inches in size and they need a minimum tank of
twenty gallons Raz borås are schooling fish so once again you will need to get
a minimum of six and number nine is auto-sync lists while autos are very
small they only get to be one and a half to two inches they are considered a
schooling fish so you want to get a minimum of six although with autos they
really tend to do best and seem to thrive the most and really come out from
hiding when you have at least ten or more so with autos I would say the more
the merrier with auto-sync lists you want at least a minimum of a 20 gallon
tank although often I would say thirty gallons or more would be better because
because they do so much better in larger groups and number ten is the bamboo
shrimp now the bamboo shrimp is a little bit on the larger size when it comes to
shrimp getting between two to three inches they are a little bit more
unique-looking than some of the other shrimp out there available and sometime
they are a little bit harder to find but they can be worth it as like I said they
are a much more unique little shrimp now with the bamboo shrimp they do need a
minimum of a 10 gallon tank and again as with all shrimp they do better in
heavily planted tanks with plenty of places to hide now as I said before even
though species might be considered peaceful you still want to make sure
that when you are putting new species into your tanks especially with bettas
you want to make sure that you are observing the betta and you’re observing
the other fish to make sure that they are truly getting along before just
calling it done and thinking it’s a successful community tank I also cannot
stress enough that I don’t recommend doing a community tank if you are a
beginner fish keeper for that”s so anyway guys that’s all I really have for
y’all today as always thank you so much for watching I love you guys and I will
see you in my next video bye

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  1. wonderful video Mandy , good information , what you think about koi and gold fish , and molly with Betta fish ,thanks for uploading,first like and first comment ? ??

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  3. Perfect time to upload as I’m putting a community beta tank together and just watched the old vid thx for this

  4. I typed up tank mates for a 5 gallon tank with a betta. But I get stuff that requires 20 or 10 gallons. I still watched it cause I like your channel and great video

  5. My Betta is a whimp, haha. Everytime I put a mirror in front of it so it can exercise his fins he instead runs away.

  6. I started off with a comunaty tank and may fish ate doing great I have 1 betta 5 panda Cory's and 5 neon tetra and some snails in a plated tank

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