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hi sloppy catters today we're doing in the final product review for the iRobot Roomba which is a robot vacuum and I purchased this one at Costco so it wasn't sent to us by iRobot I've always wanted one of these because I thought they were cool my cousin had one at her house not this this model number is 880 I believe but I'll have the correct info and the title and the description of this video and she really likes it so our liked her room up so I went ahead and and got it and we've had it for almost a little over a month now so I wanted to go through some of the things that I've experienced with it and we'll also show you how it moves and let him move too before we get into the nitty-gritty of our experience with the iRobot Roomba I want to say how much I love this thing it has changed my life which sounds ridiculous especially because I said to homeless the other night and I think oh man I've got lots of privileges that other people don't have but it has it has changed my life Charlie hates vacuums this is touching him right now and he hasn't moved this like every time I brought out my auric he was petrified he ran on her behind the furnace and all that kind of stuff so this allows me to keep my house vacuum without terrifying my cat every week so I will still terrify him with auric because this isn't perfect it is something that keeps me happy keeps my life in order keeps everything picked up but if I was having someone come over to stay or a dinner party or anything like that I would bring out my auric to do the good job and make sure that I got it all but the wispy hairs the hairs that happen just because of their shedding or whatever are what this sucker takes care of it takes care of any dirt and debris bring into the house it's wintertime right now and a lot of leaves and stuff are on the ground and it picks up all that kind of stuff and it really encourages me to keep a clean house which I I know a lot of you wanted to know how well the robot iRobot Roomba picked up things so since we are a cat Channel I've put here clumping clay litter that would be like litter scatter have put catnip dried catnip cat hair and more litter these are little barriers that come with the robot we can either make them be that they close off like a room or they can go you put them around like the pet food bowl so does the robot knows not to go near it so I've put these here to show how they work and now I might have to ask this to kind of not go any further but we'll see like in other words I might have to bump it to make sure that it goes in the right direction and one of the things with the robot iRobot Roomba is that it like right now it's going in a circle you saw that it didn't seen that little sweeper thing picked up that loose hair right there I need to move that barrier back there are tons of videos on the Internet where you can watch the I Robot move around someone's home so I didn't really want to spend a lot of time my review doing that so the first pass not too bad it will usually go around it again I might have to make it turn around and that's the other thing about doing a review on this is that it it doesn't really go in straight lines so you have to just wait for it to do its whole course in order for it to get everything that's on the carpet and that's why I have it run every night so as you can see it picked up the catnip and the hair the best the litter is still kind of down in there but my guess is it will catch it up on its next round so that how it is on carpet and then I'm going to try to do some on tile floor wanted to show you guys that the litter was entirely picked up by the Roomba so basically this is where everything was and sometimes it just takes the room of several passes to pick up everything but it obviously picked up the catnip and the hair way before it picked up the litter but it did pick it all of it up now I've got litter cat hair and catnip on the tile floor for those of you who want to see how the iRobot operates on its own so it doesn't always pick it up the first round as you can see it takes a lot of passes for it to pick it up but I pick it up to my bathroom where I have to litter to litter boxes and have it run up there and you know it does take several passes for it to pick it all up it might not pick up some of the stuff in the grout area like all that but it's to pick up stuff on top of the grout so overall it isn't perfect certainly but it does a superior job than me not vacuuming at all which is exactly what I was looking for and I just don't like you know with litter I get a little bit of litter on my tile floor upstairs but I also have success to collect on but I also have litter mats to collect some of that scatter that comes off yeah it picked up a good portion and still got some catnip to pick up but that can give you an idea of how it does on this is one of my absolute favorite things about the irobot roomba that it goes under things so it just went under this side table and it will go under my couches my ottoman my bed and gets all the hair that flies underneath there which is fantastic and you can tell both of the cats are still a month later very interested in it see how it just went under the ottoman and it will clean under there and then come back out so it's nice because the cats are entertained they're not scared of it trick Charlie tries to play with it mmm and trig sometimes will hiss out it if it comes Adam because you think just like attacking them maybe No wow I've never seen ticking that move from it sorry about the lighting this is my living room in the winter so it's been great cat entertainment I mean as soon as it I do have it on a schedule and wanted to mention that as well one of the things that has circulated the internet about these robot vacuums that's usually how are you response is that a pet owner had one and you can schedule it to run every single day and they had it scheduled to run overnight and overnight their dog had a diarrhea attack so while they were sleeping literally the iRobot went to clean went right through the diarrhea attack and tracked the diarrhea attacks all over the house so rather than having a concentrated area to clean the pet owners had a huge mess to clean up now my cats have had diarrhea but they don't have diarrhea my my experience is captain diarrhea is that they have it in the litter box and then it can get on their bottom and then wherever they put their bottom it can get but they usually don't have a diary attack in the middle of the floor and that's you know difference between cats and dogs and dogs you don't have any other options they don't have a litter box he's so funny with it today he's like in the mood to play so the other thing with cats then would be hair balls or vomit so you do run that risk of it a bit dragging vomit all through the house the good thing for us is my cats usually don't vomit on the first floor for some reason they like to vomit in the basement so when they're feeling sick they run down there and you know I probably would just turn the schedule off you wanted to avoid all of that you could just not schedule it out and run it manually whenever you had the thought of it and I that's what I do when I bring it to the basement or bring it to the second floor it's I do it when I'm home that's when I move everything out of the way that didn't really make sense I move everything out of the way when and you gotta move hmm when I take it upstairs or down to the basement so that guy robot has full range to move and clean up so what I also like about it is that it refers tub all every morning I come downstairs the carpet looks like this looks awesome and clean and perfect and then I'm reminded on my couch that everything isn't perfect that I need to need to use the lily brush on that but it reminds me to keep everything picked up so it almost encourages me to clean right I want to show you guys how to empty that iRobot Roomba so you just press down on this little release button and then this is the filter all the grime and goop that is collected is in there so you can see there's a fair amount of when I posted the arrival video a lot of readers said you know can you please tell me how much it picks up and that sort of thing it's really hard to make that estimation because literally I was she talking about I'm not even in the videos it's hard to make that estimation because you know everybody's household is different the traffic the weather the you know how clean they keep their house so that's very subjective and I can't really say anything on that matter but I always include this after it's run so that it has the full capacity to collect everything it needs to and hopefully keep the filter a little bit cleaner as well the first time it filled up completely and you're supposed to dump it out entirely and every time after it runs this is a little filter section and and you can pull this filter out I recently pulled it out and vacuumed it so I I pull that out and vacuumed it with my other vacuum I bagged vacuum so that I get the filter used for a little bit longer the other things where I've had it kind of be a problem this one is cat hair collecting around here and this this little thing turns around and sweeps so you have to remove the cat hair from there I also had to unscrew it and take this off to get the cat hair underneath these guys come out and they get cat hair collected on them around the corners and then around here you got a pull and it's kind of fun actually to pull it out and then you pull out the other one same thing so you know just as long as you stay on top of all of it I think and it can be fine and and I just did this the other night and and cleaned it all out this awesome pulls out and then this wheel pops out you can pull this wheel is really hard to pop out actually it took me a long time to pop it out but then you can pull out the hair there as well but this one is more essential because it turns in circles to pick up loose debris so you've got to make sure that it's operating correctly and it stopped working because too much cat hair got caught in it so I had to unscrew it to get the cat hair off so I went ahead and unscrewed this so you can see what it looks like there we go so cat hair gets stuck under there so you got to pull it out there and then you know just screw it back in you kind of have to align it so I'm not going to try to do that while you guys are watching the video then on the filter what I do is I grab a bagged vacuum and then vacuum it out and I kind of vacuum everything out which you're probably thinking oh my gosh like I need another vacuum not necessarily my sister dimension that you know you could easily found this outside or you know hit it on something to get all of that stuff on there but it does remind me of when bag bagless vacuums came out how my sup they were really nasty because when you you know hit it on the side of the trashcan it kind of goes everywhere whereas a bag vacuum keeps it contained regardless I absolutely love this thing it has made my life so much easier so much happier so I don't really care if I have to spend 15 minutes once a month and making sure that it lasts and for longer so here we go and I go I might as well back in this part out right now I usually dump this part in the trash and then that's that you put this back in I think it's like this it does come with one extra filter and then you can buy extras you know online or I think probably only online just back over I need to install that again then you just click this through it will also tell you there's a warning sign on here that comes up if the basketful is a little trash can letting me know that it needs to be emptied the only other thing about bagged versus non bag vacuum is that flea eggs if you ever have a flea problem this could be a problem in the sense that when you're when you vacuum up flea eggs is supposed to vacuum them up into a bag and not have a fabulous vacuum because then you can put the bag in a plastic bag and throw it away so that when they hatch they die so that's the only other problem I thought about with the Roomba and in animals all right floppy catters so that does it for our review and Charlie says us.the luego that doesn't for our review of the iRobot Roomba if you have any questions if you're still watching our video at this point please include them in the comment section below we might be able to do additional videos to show you anything that you we might have missed in this one all of this stuff can be explained via their instruction guide and stuff that I kind of skipped over that and we will see

28 thoughts on “Best Robot Vacuum Cat Hair – iRobot Roomba 880 Review – Roomba for Pets Costco – Floppycats

  1. I am thinking about getting one, but I have always been worried about my cat's tail fur getting caught up in this. Have you had any problems like that? My ragdoll has a VERY floofy tail and I was worried that the roomba would catch it.

  2. Will it go around the cat toys under things (chairs, ottomans, etc.), like the krinkly foil balls or little fuzzy mice? Thanks

  3. I agree: it DOES encourage one to keep things picked up so it can do its work. It is a positive device to have. I have an 880, a 980, and am getting an i7+ tomorrow.

  4. Your video camera doesn't work as well as your eyes. You need to give your camera time to focus. Filming was blurry and wobbly. But I did appreciate it anyway. Thank you for the review.

  5. I have one, it does not pick up fur from Berber carpets. I could drop clumps of cat fur in front of this thing and it rarely picks it up.

  6. Awesome review. Cute cats. Btw the yellow end caps of the brush rollers pull out so you can clean under there as well 🙂

  7. Another vacuum that cats like, because they don't make noise, are the ones that don't use electricity, called a carpet sweeper. They pick up fur well too. I'm still thinking about getting a robot vac tho.

  8. Thanks for the great review! My girlfriend and I are getting a Ragdoll at the end of the month and I have already purchased one of these to assist with keeping the apartment clean. I was just wondering how much of a difference has it made in your house? Do you noticeably see a difference on the amount of cat hair on the floor?

  9. I have always wanted one, but could never afford one. I will have to save for one. I am getting another long hair cat today! An old lady cat this time! Mine died of pancreatic sarcoma at 16 and I just haven't been right with the world since. Hopefully the rescue will be a good patch to get me through Pontouf's death. I adore your product reviews!

  10. LOL When u cleaned your Roomba with your vacuum, my cat freaked out (did her little Meercat head pop up thing) at the sound of YOUR vacuum turning on.

  11. I own an irobot roomba 880 and a 15 pound kitty named Sheldon and I can honestly say that it's awesome and really gets the job done especially when I just can't get around to sweeping every other day.

  12. Wow! EXCELLENT review video on this amazing vacuum, Jenny! Very thorough ad comprehensive, too! PAWESOME! You know, the first questions that popped into my mind upon seeing that you had gotten one of these Roombas was the issue of cat vomit and hairballs. So glad you covered that! (And, yes, that dog diarrhea Roomba story was horrifying!) And, I lurved that you took it apart and showed that additional cleaning was needed on it due to kitty fluffies getting caught in certain parts of it. All in all, I am so happy you found something to help keep the your floors clean each day! What a blessing this product is! One day, if I can ever save up enough money, I will get one of these. Miss PSB also hates our vacuum and she runs from the room when I am using it. I was so happy to see how Charlie and Trigg react to the Roomba. Nice. Very nice. Thank you so much for this wonderful and super in-depth video of being a cat owner/lover and the practicality and usefulness of owning a Roomba. Excellent job! Big hugs & lots of love! 🙂 <3

  13. oh man, the diarrhea dog story!!! ack!! that would really suck. i bet the place reeked too! i think that thing is awesome, i'd love it for my floors that always need vacuuming!

  14. Am SO glad you reviewed this! I've been pondering one for awhile. We have tile and sweeping has become overwhelming. Might be a good present for mom.

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