Best Places to Live in Knoxville TN | Dog-Friendly Farmington Subdivision

Are you gonna be moving to Knoxville and you need a great community to live in do you like walkability great schools
easy access shopping and entertainment and do you have dogs that like to run
out of the yard like a Houdini escape artist and you don’t want neighbors that
threaten to call animal control on you well I have the neighborhood for you hey everybody my name is Ben the real
estate pro and I’m a realtor with Keller Williams Realty in the Knoxville area
and welcome to my channel where I talk all about real estate and all things
Knoxville alright this is my first community
review so bear with me and I wanted to start with my very own beloved
Farmington subdivision located just a thousand feet a couple thousand feet
from one of the best grade schools in the county this neighborhood has roughly
about four hundred and forty-eight unique homes and it sits on rolling
landscapes and the homes are valued at an average of about two hundred and
twenty thousand dollars I’ve personally lived here for about three years and I
love it I love the area and my house my house could use a bit of an upgrade but
we’re here to talk about the community so not only is this an affordable and
highly sought after area but the landscape is gorgeous the homes they’re
not they’re not just like from one builder so they’re all unique and have
their own charm traffic is super light and so it’s safe for kids to play
outside there is a small HOA and I believe it’s about thirty-five dollars a
year so it’s not a it’s not uh it’s it’s not it’s very affordable everyone in
this area is friendly and the best part is they all seem to love dogs
you see I I have a dog named mocha and she’s a bully or a pit bull mix and
she’s also an escape artist we bought our house because it had a
privacy fence but the fence is a bit old and has plenty of weak spots while Moka
has figured out how to find these weak points and exploit them the first two
years of living here we’d leave her out we couldn’t leave her outside for more
than 30 minutes because she would escape and I’d fixed the fence and for a few
months we’d keep an eye on her and then we’d get lazy or we’d forget and boom
she was gone so of course we would frantically search
for her we drive around this neighborhood the neighboring areas
screaming her name out the car bugging our people but maybe one out of two
times we found her all of the other times it was a different neighbor who
caught her held her called us so we could come an interceptor big daddy’s
home now I’ve lived in a lot of different areas in Knoxville over my
time being here and some of them I’ve actually even been asked to leave
because of the bully breed that I owned and but this is one community where
everyone that has a run into my dog on leash or off leash has just been so
loving towards her and so friendly towards us I mean we have two other
bullies and one of them has followed mocha out into the great beyond and
people have never threatened us with with the law or any other type of
threatening behavior so if you have a dog of any kind they’re safe in
Farmington subdivision so that’s really it on that aspect I do wish that there
were some doggie bag stations in the neighborhood but I guess some of the
home owners would have to be ok with such a station being installed and then
on their lot so maybe maybe I’ll bring that up in a future HOA meetings but
other than that it’s this is a great place to live the community itself has a
lot to offer it’s minutes from shopping with our
Knoxville famous Kroger grocery store just around the corner and just up the
street from our famous Weigel’s gas station which is you could throw a rock
at from our subdivision entrance their restaurants galore nearby bluegrass
elementary is just a rocks throw away along with schools like West Valley
middle and Bearden high which all get like a nine out of 10 in school ratings
for this area the the area that Farmington is in is also it also seems
to be like recession-proof with home value staying strong throughout the
recession in 2008 and in the last year our home values have grown over 10 to 15
percent I mean we bought this house three years ago and we already have
somewhere from 20 to 25 thousand dollars in equity in it so if you’re stuck on
where to buy your next home you might want to come and check out Farmington
subdivision it’s in West Knoxville is three seven nine to two zip code off of
Ebenezer and North Shore and I’d be happy to give you a tour of the area you

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  1. Do you have an escape artist pet? Dog or cat or goldfish? What tips do you have for keeping a dog safe and locked down while not keeping him/her in a box all day? Have you ever been to Knoxville? Tel me about it below.

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