Best Pest Control Method + 6 Ways to Eliminate Aphids MealyBugs with Organic Pesticides

Hello Friends! Today, I will list out the
best natural ways for your plant pest control and they are really very easy and 100 percent
organic pest control methods. The last trick will eliminate more than 80 percent pests
in just one single shot, specially those mealybugs, aphids, spider mites, whiteflies and many
more. Thats Coming up. If you are interested in growing plants, consider
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of my new uploads. Well, the main idea of using these methods,
atleast for me is, this saves me a lot of time and Time is really precious my friends!
Here s a list of few easy methods I use. These include natural pesticides and other simple
methods. 7. Grow Plants Full of Health and Vigour:
Yes, Regularly Adding organic composts like vermicompost, decomposed cowdung or horsedung
on your top layer of soil is the best way to develop strong and vigorous plants which
can resisy t or withstand these pest attacks. I also mix organic neem seed meal powder into
the soil which combats many pathogens in the soil and also neem cake is a natural fertilizer
with many micronutrients. 6. Keep Pest Repelling Plants in your garden.
This is infact an easy way of keep many pests away including mosquitoes. You have to do
this strategically � like placing these insect-repelling plants near entrances and
also interspersed between your other plants which are more prone to pest attacks. There
is a long list of such plants � I have listed out these names in these slides on the screen.
This is taken from Wikipedia website. You can freeze the video and make a note of this
if you are interested. Now the fifth important step is:
5. Trimming or Pruning the Affected Leaves or branches. This step is really important
because this has two benefits. This will reduce the load of pests to be eliminated by a pesticide
and also offers the benefits of pruning a plant, that is giving out more branching.
Now the fourth step is, 4. Hand Pick and Eliminate. This is actually
the best method to eliminate some worms and insects like caterpillars, slugs and snails
and other leaf eating worms. Then on Number three is,
3. Neem Oil Spray: This is by far the most widely accepted natural pesticide spray worldwide.
When you have lot of pests, spray your plants thoroughly once weekly or atleast once in
15 days. Then a maintenance or prophylactic dose of once a month if you have no pests
in your garden. The Formula is Add 5 ml Pure Neem oil in 1 litre of water + some 10 drops
of any liquid soap for the surfactant effect and to coat the leaves. Do a patch test on
a leaf and then spray the whole garden. Then on Number two is,
2. My Cocktail Organic Pest Spray: If your plant pest load is too high, consider using
a mixture of multiple natural oils and other stuff to make a cocktail pesticide spray.
I have discussed this recipe in detail in my video titled Universal Pesticide recipe.
You can check that later from a link at top right corner of this video. What I used is
a mixture of Clove Oil, Neem Oil and Optionally Eucalyptus Oil and then liquid soap. This
is a really powerful organic pesticide solution. And again, Always do a patch test on a leaf
to check the result before applying on entire plant.
1. And Now Coming to the Best method of pest control which can eliminate more than 80 percent
of pests in 1 single shot. When we see these pests damaging our beloved plants, am sure
we all feel like burning them to death. But we are helpless, we cannot burn our plants.
You can only burn the cut out branches and leaves loaded with pests, which is infact
the best way to prevent contamination to other plants. Incineration or burning is one of
the best sterilization methods. So, The only best way is to either kill them
on the plants without damaging our plants or somehow dissociate them from our plants.
Yes, This method is to separate these pests from our plants. I will demonstrate how powerful
this is, so keep watching. Yes, Am talking about the high pressure water spray in misting
mode using your garden spray gun with the correct pressure. I will reveal you everything
now. How I experimented many methods to finally settle on this method and also the other benefits
of this method. First of all there is absolutely no water pressure on your teres garden, because
overhead tanks are sitting on the teres or slightly above it. I am sure all of you agree
with me on this point. Most of us must be using the bottle spray to pump or spray pesticides
which is a manual method to spray with very little pressure and with lot of effort and
time and energy consuming specially if you have too many plants. To overcome this, First
I started with the rechargeable battery operated 16 litre sprayer can. This was actually a
good option with good pressure and other benefits like portability and things like that. But
I wanted to connect my multi-mode spray gun with something like a multipurpose gadget
where I can use my coiled hose with this multimode spray gun to do all tasks like water the plants
and also spray pesticides and do all in one activity. And So, I connected my hose to this
Double barrelled Self priming 12 v DC pump which is available online actually as a car
wash pump. I have given the link to this product from a card linked at top right corner of
this video and also in description. I am not promoting this product. You can buy any similar
pump and connect according to your plan and requirement and also please suggest more ideas
in the comment box so that everyone is benefitted. As you can see, I am spraying this in pressure
mist mode on this plant loaded with mealy bugs. See the pressure and with this pressure
of fine misting, any pest will definitely dissociate from the plant, even including
the underside of the leaves. After washing, you can then spray your regular pesticide.
For me, This is looking perfect so far, with the desired pressure and options to use it
as a watering equipment , pest spraying, misting my plants and also misting or watering my
seedlings and do a lot of stuff. It really saves me a lot of time.
So, there we have it folks, that was a short episode on the best ways to control pests
in your garden. Please give me a thumbs up If you liked the video. Also tweet or share
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100 thoughts on “Best Pest Control Method + 6 Ways to Eliminate Aphids MealyBugs with Organic Pesticides

  1. I’ve had the worst year ever with pests!!! (hence how I found your channel, which was a good thing! Neem oil has been my savior. I made a lot of mistakes trying to buy over-the-counter items already prepared for pest control. However they contain very little like less than 1% neem oil. I ended up just buying pure neem oil and making my own concoction with dish soap clove oil and eucalyptus, even put peppermint oil in. Works well. I advise everybody to test first to make sure it’s not too strong thanks for sharing great tips!!!

  2. Applying fertiliser on top of soil isn’t the best because it takes an extremely long time for it to spread into the root zone, (unless it water soluble)

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  8. Our mango tree is infected with white ants like insects and aphids. Please help. Should not be poisonous to the plant.

  9. When u spray d water under d leaves to wash out the aphids..will it spread to d other parts of d plants or contaminate d soil?

  10. I've been a gardener for about 7 years now and I have about 100+ plants I take care of, not including the veggies and herbs I plant throughout the growing Seasons. Neem oil is my number one go-to product and works amazing to keep the garden healthy, Pest and disease free!. Here in Florida we get all kinds of struggles with pests and diseases and this summer was killer on the garden! I'm hoping next year I can have my Greenhouse setup so I don't lose plants from the excessive heat during the summer. Growing here in F.l is so much different than growing anywhere else. Amazingly I still get produce but it's a lot of work during the summer months for sure! Thanks for sharing your ideas and tips as always! I love to see what other gardeners are using these days! ?

  11. please post the link where on wikipedia you found the list here shown on your video, of plants that protect one another. i went on and cannot find it. thanks. great video by the way. best of luck….

  12. Use some alcohol spray for meal bugs, it can desolve their wax. Then use water spray to remove bugs. Use kitchen waste like egg shells, vegetable peels as bio fertilizer (dry n powder them).

  13. i am so glad i found your channel! i am a newbie gardener and i have a hard time with these nasty white bugs! thanks for the informative videos!!

  14. Liquid soap is a chemicalised product.
    Do you know What is alternative for this. And what is benefit of using this liquid soap.

  15. Dont the mealy bugs go in the roots by this spray method. Because if they are not dead they would fall on the soil and might go in the roots. I have seen the mealy bugs in the roots of my plants. What do u say?

  16. Once again I’m really thankful for your gardening insight. I live on Texas Gulf Coast with semi cool winters so we have a rough time getting rid of pests. Thanks for the info.
    God bless y’all

  17. Neem oil seals off any eggs so they do not hatch off etc. It should be applied in early spring before budding or any buds get exposed or open for best results. I have had spruce bud worm on my evergreens, army worms etc…and the best result is water and dish soap. Nothing works as good and is as safe….no respirator etc to use. Maybe goggles on a windy day for your eyes, but sure smells a hell of a lot better too?. This all I have ever used, and is the best and safest.
    Thank you.

  18. After a hurricane I had several stressed hibiscus plants in different stages of dying from fungus and mealy bugs and from high winds . I had great results root drenching with Organic Labs Plant Doctor Systemic Fungicide 32oz Quart Hydroponics Organocide at a rate of 2 ounces to 5 gallons water per plant every 15 days for 3 -4 applications. Then Hi-Yield Muriate Of Potash, 0-0-60 the Hibiscus love this and respond fast by growing healthy new growth. This is also applied as directed on label. I also used Alaska fish fertilizer and pour a few shotglasses 3-4 feet from plant and water in with the hose slightly . Lastly I did not prune the plant but cut the mealy bug tips on a 45 degree angle so the tip was still growing but allowed the tip to be cleaned of the bugs and mites. After this cutting the next day I sprayed all the plants with soapy water for 5 minutes then rinsed them off. I have had plants 7-8 feet tall with hundreds of blooms as big as dinner plates. Saving my plants took a lot of research and strict scheduling of treatment to save them .

  19. Being an "Avid Intensive Gardener" and firmly believing in "Raised Bed/Container" growing organically, as seen on my own You Tube Channel…"Gardening With Vincenzo" and am always looking for techniques/designs/info from other like minded "Garden Gurus"
    Thanks for your insight and info and sharing your expertise !

  20. Use acetamiprid 20 % with water and striker ( you can use shampoo also with acetamiprid) . Brand name is ekka , a one , act.

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  25. Bought Mint from the produce area in my local Walmart. Covered in aphids a week or two later ?. Cut some really infested branches, brought it outside and trying Neem Oil.

  26. I finally figured out this #1 method about a month ago and it works wonders and yes you’ll spend sometime in the garden but I find it satisfying to shoot them off, my flat water setting is great it stings my hands a little so I know it stings the bugs more, so far 95% effective!

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