Best No Pull Dog Harness – Stop Your Dog from Pulling

Meet Brody our 2-year-old rescue Labrador/Pitbull
mix. While Brody is a great dog, he has one annoying
habit that is hard to break. He pulls on his leash. Hi, I’m Leroy and I’m Rosie and this is
Animal Facts. Let’s get started. But, before we start, take a moment to like
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below. And, being he is quite hefty at 85 pounds,
he is quite hard to handle when he has his mind set on getting to another dog, a squirrel,
or anything he wants to get to. Overall, it’s just an unpleasant experience
for us both. His trainer, or should I say our trainer,
recommended this product – the PetSafe Gentle Leader Headcollar. Disclouse: This is a non-sponsored review. We bought this product with our own money
on a suggestion on how to deal with our own doggy issues and wanted to share with you
guys. But we do make a few cents off the Amazon
links, so if you find our review helpful, considering using the link to get yours. Let’s take a look at how it works. The Gentle Leader Headcollar works much like
the lead on a horse following the philosophy of where the head goes the body will follow. If it works for a one ton horse, it surely
has to work for an 85 pound dog. Right? Right? With regular collars and harnesses, dogs have
a natural tendency to want to pull against pressure and while training can help with
overcoming that instinct, it may be one of the hardest habits to break especially with
more stubborn dogs, such as Brody here. Yes, you. It’s pretty easy to put on, actually less
time consuming than putting on his harness. You simply put the ring around his snout and
bring the straps around behind the ears and snap. And then just hook your leash here. Doesn’t get much simpler than that. It might need adjusting, but we found that
Brody’s fits quite nicely without any fear of him coming out of it. It does come with an instructional DVD, but
we found it easy enough to use. But, the DVD was pretty informative. So, let’s see how well it works for us. As you can see Brody is minding his manners
on leash. He’s gone from pulling at every chance he
gets and trying to lead to being instantly transformed into a more pleasant animal to
walk. Our overall impression of the Gentle Leader
Headcollar is that it does exactly what it is supposed to do without requiring a lot
of time learning how to use it. I have to admit I was a bit skeptical about
how thin the straps were, but after seeing how little he pulls on it that my worries
were unfounded. We haven’t noticed him showing any signs
of discomfort with it on. But at first he wasn’t terribly fond of
the ring going over his snout. You might find that a bit difficult with a
less docile dog. Do we recommend it? Definitely, if you need it. We live in an apartment complex and generally
run across both dogs and people during our walks. Eventhough his intentions are nobile, we can’t
have him lunging after people and others dogs. Can we? If you’re interested in getting a Gentle
Leader Headcollar, you can help out this channel by purchasing it from the Amazon link in the
card or in the description. The price is competative with other places
we’ve seen it. Notice that it comes in different sizes. Brody here uses a large. If you have a smaller dog or one that is generally
well-behaved on a leash, it’s probably unnecessary, but might be nice to have as a training tool
for a puppy. If you like this product review, let us know
in the comments below. Have you had any issues with this product? Let us all know, because we want to know our
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10 thoughts on “Best No Pull Dog Harness – Stop Your Dog from Pulling

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  2. As a long time dog trainer, I am VERY in love with the Gentle Leader. The best training tool I have ever used.

    Just a few things about your video… Customers new to the GL should ABSOLUTELY watch the included DVD. Fitting the GL I absolutely Paramount! I noticed that you have the snoot loop too tight. It should be quite loose, just not able to clear the end of the dogs nose. You also don't mention the most important factor of the GL, it fitting VERY snuggly right behind the dogs ears. Everyone who has tried this has always thought it was too tight, it is not. You should be able to fit 2 fingers under, and that is it.

    If you are going to recommend a product, please do not tell people to NOT watch the informative DVD. If the GL is not fitted correctly, it will do no good…and even damage to the dogs skin, by rubbing the fur off and causing sores and callouses.

    I really appreciate you liking this amazing product, but if you don't represent it correctly, you are doing a disservice.

    Thank you for listening, I really like what you are doing with informative vids… this one just needs some work. ?

  3. I got one of these for our larger pit mix who is one 45#, but feels like he weights a good 100# if he want to add his strength behind any pulling and explosion of energy. I found that the gentle leader wasn't the best for him, and it irritated his muzzle. Instead, I make sure to have a good sturdy collar that sits high, right behind his head. Since he's gotten hold he has become easier to handle on walks. Especially if we take the doxies, because we have to go at the eldest dogs pace. Otherwise, I think the gentle leader is great for those who need them and for the dogs that don't mind them.

  4. Hi! Just bought me self a "Beaphar Gentle leader" exactly the same, just another manufacturer.

    A couple of things, he wasn't too found of the nose loop, and did try to take it off with his paws several times during our first walks. My daughter was surprised over the result and she was happy that he stopped pulling. As he never pull when he walks with me, i don't feel the difference. 🙂

    But i noticed one almost magic moment. We met a small dog that hates me dog and he doesn't bark…he screams and he triggers my dog to jumping and pulling, not this time. He made an attempt and then sat down and just looked at the screaming little dog. At first i thought he looked miserable, but after a moment he looked like he didn't care about the screamer. The leash was short but loose and when we walked away he didn't even look at the other dog as he screamed his lungs out. A really good buy.

  5. the way the leader is on your dog isn't fitted correctly. it's not supposed to touch the mouth at all. I use it on my Aussie and it works great! I'm switching to a halti Though because the gentle leader seems to touch his eyes and it has no safety strap. 🙂

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