Best Meat Rabbit Breeds for – Good Eating -Feeding Your Pets – Fertilizing Your Garden

hello my name is Lance from the pin and rabbit farm I'm a rabbit rancher my rabbit ranch is located in penguin California which is near Sacramento California and we raise rabbits commercially we have some of the best rabbit meat available for sale where you can order the meat and either pick it up from the farm and we can shoot it to you rabbit is very versatile not only is the meat good to eat you can also feed the meat to your dogs and cats especially if they have food allergies and also for those people that have snakes we sell live and frozen feeders to feed your reptiles and snakes and one of the best-kept secrets that most people don't know rabbit manure is awesome for your garden sprinkle some of that on the soil and mix it in and it's like kittens your garden supercharge of nitrogen so fill out the form below to find out about how you can order our product

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