34 thoughts on “Best Hot Dog Ever! – Cooking in the Forest

  1. الطبخ على الطبيعة شئ مذهل وهذا انسان جدا رائع لديه اسلوب جميل في الطبخ الحر

  2. What do you do with the ash on the sausage after you take it up? Looks awesome! Love your video's.. I have been subscribed for years!! Something unsubscribed me. Guess you tube stuff.. Just seen I was not on the list. I was wondering where y'all had been. I really only whatch my notifications..

  3. I would have clicked like if you hadn't have had pricked the sausage. I didn't click dislike tho. Im not a troll.

    Edit:- I couldn't do it…. i had to click like ??

  4. Oooh I love hot hot dogs gonna after make this one in the summer thanks for sharing your wonderful food and talents such a blessing

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