Best Home Security Systems for Pet Owners

Gabe Turner: Hey, folks. This is Gabe and Pepper at “Security Baron.” We know how important your pets are to you. That’s why we’re bringing you the best home
security systems for pet owners. [music] Gabe: In today’s video, I’m going to give
you my top five favorite home security systems for keeping you and your pets safe, that also
help you cut down on notifications, and keep tabs on your pets’ activities throughout the
day. [background music] Gabe: If you like to see a full review of
each of the home security systems that we cover in today’s video, you can check it out
at [music] Gabe: SimpliSafe is the first home security
system that we’re going to go over today. When it comes to pets, you want to keep tabs
on them, but you don’t want notifications each time that they move in front of your
motion detector. Fortunately, SimpliSafe has a rather simple
solution. You’re going to take your motion detector,
if you have a dog, and place it four to five feet up, and then you’re going to invert it. The way to know which side is up, and which
side is down, is the up means that this button is pointed towards your ceiling. You’re going to take it, invert it, and then
it should look out and up, and not out and down at your dog. If you have a cat, things are a little bit
different. You’re going to want to take your motion detector,
place it 6 to 10 feet up on your wall, and make sure that button is actually pointed
towards the sky. Do not invert it. This should prevent your cat from setting
off your motion detector all day. Fortunately, SimpliSafe has these easy as
pie solutions to help prevent incessant notifications. Aside from that, SimpliSafe is one of my favorite
systems out there. It has a super easy peel-and-stick installation. It comes with 24/7 professional monitoring,
and each of its systems has cellular back up. The 24/7 professional monitoring ensures that
if something goes wrong, your alarm goes off, they can send the proper emergency services
to your home. With cellular backup, if there is a storm
and a power outage, you still have power to your home security system to protect you and
your pets, but I can’t say anything about your dog being afraid of the thunder. [music] Gabe: The next security system that we’re
going to look at for pets today is Frontpoint. Frontpoint offers a lot of the same advice,
regarding placement of your motion sensors. You want to put them a little bit higher. You may want to avoid bookshelves if your
cat is always lingering up there. One thing they do offer, especially, are pet-immune
motion detectors. This means that they will ignore any pet below
80 pounds. If your pet is above 80 pounds, or you have
multiple pets, unfortunately, this will not work. Beyond the motion detectors, Frontpoint also
offers smoke and heat detectors, along with 24/7 professional monitoring to make sure
that your pet is staying safe at home. There’s some other elements of Frontpoint
that I’m a big fan of, like the fact that if you’re having any issue at all, they have
some of the best customer support out there. They also have a highly rated app that allows
you to receive notifications and live stream your pet. They also allow you to control smart connected
devices, like lights and thermostats, to make sure you’ve created an environment where your
pet can live their best life. Whether you’re chilling at home, or on a business
trip to Shanghai, you’ll be able to take care of your pets with Frontpoint. [background music] Gabe: Hold on. I hope you’re enjoying today’s video on the
best home security systems for pet owners. If you want to be kept up to date on the newest
in smart home security, VPNs, and password managers, subscribe to our channel. We’re dropping new, hot content weekly. All right, let’s get back to the video. [music] Gabe: The next system that we’re going to
check out for pets is Vivint Home Security. Vivint is bringing a lot to the table when
it comes to what you need as a pet owner. Even when you’re looking at something like
the motion detection, it’s a little bit next level. They allow you to change the sensitivity of
your motion detector, dependent on the weight of your pet. As long as you place it, about six feet off
the ground, out of the immediate sight line of your pet, you’ll be ensured to kiss those
unwanted notifications goodbye. Beyond that, they also give you the ability
to set up temporary passcodes to get into your home. If you have a dog walker, you can set up these
passcodes. They can come in, and you’ll know when they
came in, when left, dependent on that system that you’ve set up. Finally, they have environmental sensors,
like CO2, smoke detectors to make sure that your house and your pet are safe when you’re
not around. Besides all the pet friendly features that
come with your Vivint home security system, it also brings a lot more to the game, like
a beautiful aesthetic, professional installation. That means you don’t have to lift a finger
once the tech arrives, and it has a highly rated and intuitive mobile application that
lets you control a host of IoT devices in your home. You know that you and your pet are going to
be very well taken care of with a Vivint Home Security System. [music] Gabe: The next home security system for pet
owners that we want to go over today is ADT, which is also the oldest home security company
on our list. They basically have the reputation that comes
with that. ADT does have a lot of options for you when
it comes to motion detection. You can, of course, invert your motion detector
like we’ve seen with other home security systems, but you can also adjust the settings on it
to not see your pet, depending on its weight and height. That works up to two and a half feet tall
and 85 pounds in terms of weight. Beyond that, they also have environmental
sensors, like smoke and CO2 detectors, to help you keep your pet safe. ADT has a lot more going for it beyond just
its pet-friendly features. For example, the ADT Pulse app is highly rated
in both the Google Play and Apple app stores. If you have some customer support questions,
you can actually FaceTime with ADT, which will become particularly useful when you’re
trying to set up that motion sensor to prevent your notifications from going off incessantly. No matter what, if you’re away from home,
your pet can be safe, happy, and comfortable with ADT. [music] Gabe: The final home security system that
we’re going to chat about today for pet owners is the Ring Alarm Home Security System. When it comes to motion detection settings,
Ring Alarm does allow you to calibrate those setting for animals less than 30 pounds, and
animals less than 50 pounds. It uses infrared to essentially ignore the
heat of those animals. If your animal is above 50 pounds, you’re
basically going to be out of luck when it comes to the Ring Alarm Home Security System. Beyond these pet-friendly features, Ring Alarm
is actually bringing a lot to the table for the on-the-go pet owner. If you like to self-monitor your home security
system, you can do so. If you want to get professional monitoring,
it’s flexible monthly contracting at just $10 a month. If you add in the integrations with Amazon
Alexa, it really makes it easy for you take control of everything that’s going on in your
home, and spend more time with your little buddy. When it comes to the Ring Alarm Home Security
System, it’s sure to provide entertainment and safety for you and your pet. [music] Gabe: That concludes our look at the best
home security systems for pet owners. If you appreciated today’s video, and my pal,
Pepper, give us a like, and hit that subscribe button. As always, this is Gabe and Pepper at Security
Baron. Be secure. [music]

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  1. The only problem is I'm a tiny bit paranoid that the algorithm will mess up and not detect a robber. I mean simplisafe kinda solves the problem but what if the robber crawls ?

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