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Hey Toby, what do you think about making
another video? Hey Toby what do you think about making another video? Hi Folks welcome to Kitchen Tips Online,
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that demonstrates just how smart this little dog is. All right Toby, you ready,
ready to go for a run, go! On this video I’m going to show you how
to use these dudes here to completely eliminate this issue. We’ve all been
there, you open up the drawer or wherever you keep your plastic storage containers
or Tupperware. only to find that there’s nothing left but a bunch of lids. And
what happened to all your food storage containers,
well you handed them to some friends or family with some leftovers in them never
to be seen again. If you’re lucky enough to find a food storage container in the
drawer, a lot of times it is stained with tomato based food like spaghetti or
chili. Well that’s where these dudes come to the rescue again, because these dudes
here are designed to hold Ziploc style bags. Let me show you how they work. For
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These bag holders are designed to hold any kind or any brand of storage bag.
We’re going to be using Ziploc brand. They’re adjustable so that you can use
large bags, or small bags. They have little grippers at the top that hold on
to the bag so that it opens it up wide enough for you to fill it up. All you
need to do is let the grippers grab onto the top of the bag, and then you can
fill it up with anything you want. This means if you have some leftovers that
you want to share with your family, friends, neighbor, or whoever, you don’t
have to loan them one of your food storage containers and try to get it
back. These bag holders are about 12 bucks
from Amazon and we have them available on our amazon affiliate store for those
who would like to get some. We’ll put a Amazon affiliate link in the video
description. You can use these bag holders to fill up
ziplock bags to take in your lunch and this way you don’t have a storage
container to bring home. All you have to do is when you’re ready to get the stuff
out of the bag is just cut the bag with a pair of scissors and dump it out. Now let me tell you how smart my little
buddy Toby is. He absolutely understands the words, “do you need to go outside and
do your business?” It’s just that when he doesn’t have to go, he just lays there he
doesn’t move. Hey Toby, you outside outside and do your business, mmm yeah go
outside. Toby you have to do your business? Well how about
this, you want a cookie? Oh so you do understand what I’m saying! Thanks for
watching ♥

13 thoughts on “Best Food Storage Containers

  1. Awesome cool video thanks for sharing. Tell Toby to get a good agent. He can't trust movie makers, lol. I truly hope you have a blessed week my friend.

  2. Oh, Mike, you and Toby (my lovely little furry friend) do make some brilliant video's, love the idea of those bags and that bag – opener thing and please give Toby a treat from me.

  3. What a great vlog….I just put the zip lock in a jam jar works fine ,but the holder is a great idea.
    Laugh at the start with Toby on the worktop I thought eeeek?was he going to be used in a stew ?
    Look again ,it looks like he has one odd leg ,think it's a knife handle in white !!
    As ever my friend soo watchable thank you ??

  4. Legislation around the world is leaning toward removing plastic storage bags especially those for 1x use. Our oceans are full of them. I’m trying to get away from them. Glass jars are what I prefer.

  5. Hell yeah, Toby wants a cookie! When I shut down my (Windows) computer it makes certain tones. My dogs hop up when they hear it because they know it’s time to go to bed. Thanks for another fun video, Mike.

  6. I like this idea as my storage containers constantly disappear! Toby is a cutie. Thanks for the tip. Very useful for me.

  7. You deserve YouTube sponsorship, some of the videos on YouTube are just senseless and don't deserve the views. great daily tips! ?

  8. I been using an emty can to stuff my ziploc in for years, but that is a cool idea. Toby seems like a good boy. I miss having a little buddy, but after my wife died our doggie developed Separation Anxiety and I gave her away, but she's with other little doggies now, but I shed a tear now and then missing "Cookie"
    Thanks Mike like always great videos friend.

  9. I recycle my zip lock bags (unless they have had something that smells strong in them).
    I just wash them and let them dry, and they are good to go again.

  10. My daughter gave me a pair of these helpers. They are great. But I gently fold the ziplock part of the bag to outside. That makes a pocket for helper arms in the area that is folded over. It holds the bag open with the arms concealed behind the bag so they do not get messy. I love mine. Use them all the time.

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