BEST Doodle Shoes

hi this is Betty to do dog groomer chick and in this video I'm gonna talk about we wanted really cool stuff for doodles and that's doggy shoes the other day I went to the domain with my dog and we got a lot of attention it was really hot and he had his boots on and I guess two pairs one for her and one for the front and pretty much every single people pointed out it hey Dad doggy has doggy shoes and I'm not putting it on putting them on him for the attention but for keeping his feet safe from the ground now if you're one of my clients you probably saw me that I'm gonna greet you when the weather is nice at least I'm gonna greet you barefoot because I just enjoyed so much now the trick comes in when it's summertime and it's gonna be super hot out there and the concrete is gonna go what summer time I can go out perfect because it's just burning hot now since we were most of us wear shoes except for me most of us wear shoes and throughout the day let it be summer winter time then we generally have average idea a sense how hard or how cold the concrete is but whenever we actually check it you're gonna be pretty surprised especially it's midday or afternoon and here in Texas we know that it can go really really crazy so that's why I highly suggest to get loose for your dog for whenever you're going for a walk or get dog food from the store really including the time when you get the doggie out from the car and you run into the store it's burning hot I take my dog pretty much everywhere with me and it's burning hot and it does take only like two minutes to put this on really it's very very easy actually I'm gonna show you it has quite a few and this brand was the best one my naughty lovelies these have the same soul like your shoe like you probably saw whatever they pronounce it I don't know this yellow little thingy the brand um on your shoes I have this one on mine as well many of my shoes in my husband I said the same thing and I saw it and pretty much everyone out there on hiking shoes like these are very sturdy and actually the sole is nice and thick enough that it's gonna keep your daddy's feet safe from the burning hot concrete now it has a very easy way to get it on your dog is feet and that will opens up nicely and then you're gonna have room to put your doggies feet in there once you put it on you secure it with the velcro and pretty much that's it it has even nice nice reflexive spots in there so I love these you can buy these on Amazon I'm going for the link down below and then you can get you don't have to buy four from the same size usually the doggies have a little bit bigger foot feet on their front legs and a little bit smaller one on the back so you can mix and match you can buy two pairs one for the front feet and one for the hind feet and then your rug is going to be nice and comfortable now the sizing is very very easy you just grab a flat sheet you make your doggy stand on it like that and then you can just standing four feet on the ground you just use can you just measure the distance between the two sides and the outside and inside and then you're gonna be able to determine the size for a doggy now for me it took me one try literally I murdered it I ordered and this was the right size so it's that easy so I just wanted to give you a food for thought so you can keep your doodles safe and then you can check it out 100 video in knowing I'm gonna put there if you have any questions feel free to comment I'm gonna reply as fast as I can and if you like it please keep me Oh something I would really love one and subscribe if you want to see more and I hope I'm gonna see you in the next video bad enough so your dudes and dudettes

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