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Doctor Hess: So, what are the best bird pets
for beginners? People who’ve never had birds before. Well, definitely the best birds not to get
when you’ve just started out with birds are large birds, like Macaws. Even Cockatoos or African Greys. It’s very tempting to get those birds because
they’re phenomenal. They’re smart. They talk. They’re very interactive. But, they really require quite a bit of care. So, we usually recommend that you start out
with something a little smaller. Maybe a Parakeet, a Budgerigar or a Cockatiel. If you want something a little bit bigger
you could consider a medium sized parrot. Maybe a Conure or a Caique. I don’t know. What would you say, Sarah? Sarah: I would say that birds this size are
about among the best for beginners. While these guys can be a little louder than
a Parakeet or a Cockatiel, they’re also very smart and playful. When I think that a lot of times what people
are looking for when they want to get a bird, they want that bird that’s going to bond with
them. That’s going to play with them. And a lot of these smaller birds are very
smart. They can learn tricks. They can do different behaviors and you can
really work with them. And I think it’s a good opportunity for people
to learn how to work behaviorally with a bird if you get a smaller one. And then, when they’re ready they can move
on to the bigger birds. Doctor Hess: Yeah. Good things come in small packages. You know, birds don’t have to be huge to be
fun and interactive. They’re a little less intimidating when they’re
small. I think people do develop a comfort level
with little birds. And when they’re ready they can even move
up and have more than one bird. But, please, please don’t rush out as your
first bird and get a big, big Macaw. I think that you’ll be disappointed and that
it may be a little more than you expect. And that bird will live with you then for
another 30, 40 years. And, until you’re sure you’re really a bird
person, maybe it’s best to start with something a little smaller.

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  1. Personally I have always wanted a parrot but it seems like too much time but I heard you can always try to adopt a bird that might be already trained

  2. What about a canary or parrotlet? And what birds are best for a responsible but young adopter (basically if they are out at school for kost of the day)

  3. Budgies (budgerigars) are absolutely horrendous if they are not handled or hand trained from birth. They will be extremely nervous and aggressive, at least that’s what I’ve experienced with any of them not hand reared. If they are hand reared you need to continue to have them out of the cage and keep them used to it, otherwise they might forget you and become aggressive or nervous. I would not recommend budgies at all.

  4. I’m getting a macaw. Like why would I want a parakeet or canary or finch for my first bird? But technically it won’t be my first bird anyway. Just my first bird in a long time.

  5. In my opinion. There is no thing as a starter bird. A bird is a bird. They all need care and different needs. So you can get any bird as your first. Just know a little about what you want before you get it

  6. The thumbnail is really miss leading…. people are gonna think a Macaw is gonna be a good bird to get for your first bird

  7. My friend got an African grey

    It’s been trained for like 20 years he is so frendly even though he was bough 2 like 6 months ago

  8. Why didn't both of them address the elephant in the room??? The eclectus is a superbly wonderful medium-sized bird to begin with. It's super easy and super friendly and super quiet. Shhhh

  9. Please don’t get a macaw for a beginner cuz they are hard to take care of I would perfer a budgie or a cockatiel maybe a small bird but not a macaw ?

  10. Honestly never buy a cockatoo without experience. They are smart in a annoying way. They screech at night which gets you to check but you'll find out it wants attention

  11. If you want to start with a bigger bird; Chicken, Duck, Turkey. JK, tho that said I've formed a really interesting bond with our local brush turkey.

  12. I'm pretty late, but I totally disagree with the bigger bird rule!! My pterodactyl has been the easiest pet I've ever owned!

  13. I’m planning on getting a Fischer’s lovebird or a Lillian lovebird and I’m just in love with them❤️❤️

  14. Basically, the thing is to do months of research and think hard about it before you get any pet. Talk to the people who live with you about whether it would be okay with them and consider costs as some animals can be very expensive.

  15. I have 2 cockatiels that ive had for 6 years and 2 weeks ago the day came when i took the decision to get a bigger parrot ,anddddd i got a 5 months old Indian Ringneck and im so happy, not hard to take care of 🙂

  16. Yikes… suggesting both conures and caiques for beginners. Two birds that are notorious for being birds that require intensive care and knowledge of to provide them decent care. That out of everything in here had me floored. People – DO NOT GET THOSE BIRDS IF YOU ARE A BEGINNER. Caiques require a certain amount of dominance in order to be properly trained, and Conures are very possessive over their owners and tend to avoid and sometimes even attack people who are not their owners that try to interact with them. These behaviors in conures can be curbed, sure, but they're near impossible to prevent unless you know exactly what you're doing.

    Budgies, cockatiels, and finches. Those three are the absolute best to get if you've never once had a bird.

  17. Conures? No way! Not beginner birds. They have major mood swings and would totally discourage new bird owners. Budgies are totally the best for beginners, as they can’t draw blood from pecking. Conures can bite pretty hard, and for many more reasons, they shouldn’t be the bird for a first time bird owner.

  18. Always remember when getting parrots like African Grey's, or Macaws or Cocatoos, they are a lifetime responsibility, because they WILL most probably outlive you, they grow very very old.

  19. Lovebirds are understated for a beginner bird. However, if you are planning on getting a larger bird, a lovebirds personality will prepare you for a larger parrot. They have big personality of their larger family, but smaller poops, bites, lifetime commitment and out of cage time required. I recommend a lovebirds for a beginning bird.

  20. So my dad used to have a bunch of birds he had a macaw a cockatoo a sun conure and so I'm 13 I was hoping to get a cockatoo so I come home around 3:50 every day and usely fall asleep at 10 so if I put the bird up at ten is that good

  21. I'm thinking of trying to get a pigeon. They are everything I want in a bird. Beautiful, affectionate, loyal, smart (I think XD) and in captivity they can live up to 20 years! (I'd be 32 when it died, I'd grow up with that cutie!) What do you think? Should I try? They (in my opinion) are the smaller versions of peacocks (my fav bird) Like, a dove and peacock had a baby, boom! Pigeon.

  22. "what kinds of birds should beginners get?" "birds this size" proceeds not to give any names of birds beginners should buy*

  23. I would rank the following birds according to my experience. (1 being most likely and 5 being less likely)

    1. Cockatiel
    2. Green Rinkneck parakeets
    3. Conures (sun, green, jenday, etc.)
    4. Alexandrine Parakeet
    5. African Grey parrot

    I have no experience with budgies or love birds so i have excluded them from the list.

  24. I want a cockatoo. I have lots of experience with budgies and they are at the doctor, they have to stay there for their rest of their life now.?

  25. I don’t suggest budgies. They are super hard to tame. If you do get a budgie, only get 1 at the time. If you get more, they’re going to be hard to tame because they’ve already bonded with each other. If you’re going to get a Conure, do your research. Some types of conures can be very loud such as a sun conure which was my first time bird. If you give them a shot, all birds are rewarding little things!

  26. is a Green cheeked conure? a good idea bc i rllly want one of those im doing my own lil resreach to get one :3

  27. Started off with a budgie and one of them almost made me never want a bird again. He was the most aggressive and antisocial bird I had ever met. But I still love birds and I’m striving everyday to be an even better owner. I plan on getting my parakeet a new friend because sadly his old friend died (of old age)

  28. You should get the bird you want despite size because once you get a bird and you plan on only getting one it’s a long commitment if you do research you should be fine

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