Best And Worst Betta Fish Tank Set Ups Subscriber Edition Episode 1

welcome back y’all to another Tuesday
tank review but first I would like to give a shout out to a newer Channel
betta buddies if you’re interested in checking them out I will have the link
in the description box below so today is gonna be a little bit different as we
are gonna be checking out some of the tanks that y’all have submitted now I
did receive quite a few photos and videos of tanks so if you don’t see your
tank featured today or maybe you haven’t submitted your tank photos or videos yet
I will be doing more videos featuring your tanks so don’t worry and if you are
interested in submitting your tanks I do have all that information in the
description box below for how to do that now most of the tanks that I have
received so far have been really really great and I’m very excited and I can
tell that a lot of y’all really really care about your fish and that you really
really do your research before setting up these tanks so without further ado
let’s check out your tanks so the first one we’ve got is a before picture of a
10 gallon tank from betta buddies so it looks like there’s just some marma moss
balls and a couple little single leaf plants you can tell that there is a
heater and you can see the filter in the background so this one is kind of plain
and bloss so I would give the before photo a 2 out of 5 so here we have the
after photo which wow what a huge huge difference what was a pretty barebone
tank is now a much much better more heavily planted tank I really like the
way this is done and I think it’s gonna grow out really really nicely so I would
give this after photo of 4 out of 5 but man once these plants start really
growing in it’s gonna look amazing and then next up we have the three gallon
Bowl titled and my parents got me this 3 gallon bowl and I’m trying to take care
of him the best that I can and I would agree it looks like your
trying really hard to make do unfortunately I don’t really see a
heater and I don’t really see any kind of filtration so I’m assuming that
you’re probably doing a lot a lot of water changes I would recommend if it’s
gonna be a while before you can upgrade to a proper tank maybe trying to create
some sort of lid for the tank something that it’s still breathable material that
you could put on the top so that the betta doesn’t necessarily end up jumping
out of the bowl like I said I can see from the photo you are definitely trying
tanks are not very expensive I’ve even seen DIY tanks out of like Rubbermaid
containers and things like that that are pretty inexpensive so if there is a way
that you can upgrade soon I definitely recommend doing so but again at least
it’s a three gallon bowl and I can tell that you did put some serious effort
into this so I am gonna give it a 2 out of 5 next up we do have a couple of
tanks from Alex first up we have a 10 gallon tank with a koi betta named
Freddy and his pet snail Sally I really like this tank this is pretty well done
I mean I would maybe prefer a few more plants in there personally but overall
it looks really well put together and I like it you can see the heater you can
see the thermometer in there you can see the lid and again and again it’s a 10
gallon tank which is more than perfect for a betta so I am gonna go ahead and
give this tank a 4 out of 5 and here we’ve got their 20 gallon betta Sorority
tank this is definitely a very heavily planted tank which is always a great
great idea when it comes to keeping a sorority tank you really want to give
the bettas plenty of places that they can hide because even females can
sometimes get territorial so by keeping them in an extremely
heavily planted tank you’re really gonna be minimizing the stress levels in your
fish plus plants are just great in general for helping on keeping the water
quality better so for the Sorority tank I really really want to give it a 5 out
of 5 but since it doesn’t have a lid that’s the only thing it’s really
lacking I’m gonna give it a 4 out of 5 this person said I hope you like my tank
I do like your tank it’s pretty simplistic like this tank has a very
clean look to it I would consider adding a couple of plants that have maybe a
different color just to give a little bit of contrast and depth to the tank
but overall I think this is a great looking tank and I give it a four out of
five and next up we’ve got a couple of tanks from Max so first we’ve got Max’s
18 gallon tank which I absolutely love this piece of driftwood
I love driftwood in general I can see you’ve got a couple of plants in there
already and it’s looking pretty good and you did say that you are actually going
to be purchasing more plants in the near future so I really love the direction
this is going I’m gonna give it a four out of five for now but I would bet that
after you get a few more plants that you wanted to put in there this is gonna be
an absolutely stunning tank next we’ve got your original tank that was a 3.5
gallon tank from what I can see it looks like it was pretty well done and pretty
well put together it is a little bit hard to tell as I can’t see the entire
tank and I actually liked the contrast with the look of the substrate and the
plants in this tank so I’m gonna give this one a 4 out of 5 now next up we’ve
got Kurt 2000s five gallon tank in here we’ve got two mystery snails and a bale
tail but uh I can’t tell quite if the water is a little bit cloudy or if maybe
that’s just the glare from the camera because some of the shots it looks like
the water is crystal clear but I really like the plants it is unfortunate I know
you did state that you know that you made a mistake with the substrate I
think you could maybe still salvage that and make it kind of
look like you have a little path running through it looks like there’s plenty of
space that if you kind of sifted that substrate over a little bit you could
really make a cool-looking little pathway and it would kind of divide up
the tank a little bit and give it a little bit more depth I do really like
the plants and I think oh my goodness if you could if you could maybe fix that
substrate right there because there aren’t any plants in that substrate so I
think it would be a pretty easy fix like it looks like it could be a pretty easy
fix to just sort of sift that over to where it makes a little pathway and you
might have to add some more of the darker substrate all in all though it
looks like you’re doing a pretty good job the substrate it’s a little funky
for right now but I think that can be fixed but I’m still gonna give it like a
three and a half out of five and I would absolutely love to see after photos if
you can get the substrate fixed and next up we have George the Redvale tell and
shrimp I gotta say I really do like this little tank
I like the pyramids I like the substrate I’m loving the floater plants I really
like the way that this tank was done I really really like the way this tank was
done and I actually I don’t think I would really change anything on this
tank I think if you added anything in it might just really start to take away or
it would might start to actually clutter up this tank so I’m actually gonna give
this one a 5 out of 5 because I really really like this one actually then last
but not least we have a 10 gallon tank with two young mollies and a betta I
really really like this one as well I love the plants it’s very heavily
planted it’s got the heater it’s got the lid it’s got all the things and it’s a
10 gallon tank and on top of that I love this piece of driftwood I know I
probably say that about a lot of driftwood because I just really like the
look of driftwood I really like what driftwood adds to a tank and I love the
way this is set up now if I were to make any suggestions I would consider getting
live plants to switch out for the fake plants but maybe live
aren’t necessarily your thing I do really appreciate life plans for having
some silk and fake plants in here I think this was actually really really
well done the only other thing is I don’t know if you have a separate tank
for mollies and maybe you’re just keeping the smaller ones in with the
betta for now not all the time but sometimes mollies do have a problem with
thin nipping and they typically do a little bit better in larger shoals so
you might want to also consider getting more mollies if you don’t have a
separate Mollie tank already but overall I would give this tank a 4 out of 5
it really looks very very nice especially with having used some fake
plants in here so anyway guys that’s all I really have for y’all today as always
thank you so much for watching I love you guys and I will see you in my next
video bye you

17 thoughts on “Best And Worst Betta Fish Tank Set Ups Subscriber Edition Episode 1

  1. Thank you for reviewing my tank !! You called me max in the video, but it's Kellin haha 🙂
    But thanks so much !

  2. Love the different types of tanks and great video. I did go over and and joined betta buddies family as well ???

  3. Thank you so hecking much! I really appreciate the time you take to look at all our tanks. Your criticism is always constructive and I'm thankful I was featured. I have no fish friends so YouTube is my way of connecting with other fishkeepers. I love your content.?I enjoy learning from you and your videos. Thanks again dude!!!

  4. Love all the fish! I was going the other day to get plants and another tank for my goldfish & I got pink eye:*( my next fish when im better will be a Betta :)been stuck inside for 2 days, bleh.

  5. I enjoy watching your video on giving your ideas and pointers on good tank set ups and tanks that need to be upgraded!

  6. These vids are great for landscaping ideas. I'm in the process of upgrading my betta's 5 gallon to a 10 gallon. The java fern in his current tank is sprouting rhizomes all over the place, so in time his 10 gal will be a forest of java ferns (once I get some lava rocks for gluing). I'm gonna cheat the nitrogen process with the old filter pad.

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