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welcome back y’all it is 5:00 a.m. and
what better time to check out some fish tanks by popular demand we are doing a
part two of the best and worst betta fish tank ideas that we can find on
Pinterest so without further ado let’s get into it so first off here we’ve got
a betta in a blunder that’s always a great tank that’s exactly what you want
your typical blenders not even gonna hold a gallon of water that betta does
not look like it has a lot of room to swim and does this remind anybody else
of the Joe cartoon from the 90s of the frog in a blender game yeah not a fish
tank not a fish tank negative a thousand out of five now this next one
unfortunately does not have a lid but oh my gosh the aquascaping on this tank
life goals sear his life goals I can only hope to one day be able to create a
tank that is this beautiful I really wish that it had more of a lid or at
least more floating plans to keep the betta from maybe being able to jump out
of this tank so I’m gonna have to give it a three out of five for not having a
lid but man seriously that aquascaping so this time here we’ve got a gumball
machine that poor abouta that poor thing that water is so cloudy there’s no room
for much of anything in this thing that it doesn’t even look like it’s a half a
gallon this poor poor abouta guys gumball machines not fish tanks
maybe if you got one of the giant monster sized gumball machines that
could be pretty epic but a little desk gumball machine that’s that you can’t
even put real full-size gumballs in not a fish tank Oh Plus that water is just
so dirty oh that poor betta no poor betta
negative a thousand out of five here we have a betta in a coffeepot
they have made a fish tank out of a coffee pot minimum tank requirements for
hey butter is gonna be a 2.5 gallon preferably with a heater preferably not
a coffee pot the only thing that really should be going in a coffee pot is
coffee I’ll give him this they it looks like they did try and put a live plant
in there seriously this fish barely has room to
swim negative a thousand out of five and we’re just not doing that much better on
this one so here we’ve got a vase here we’ve got kind of an aquaponics thing
going on here with a vase with a very large plant growing out of it I don’t
know how you would feed your betta in this looks like it might be about a half
a gallon to a gallon of water and again I don’t even know how you would feed
your betta so there’s a lot of myths out there that I’ve heard about aquaponic
tanks and planting them and that the the plant will feed the betta well that is
are insectivores they need a very very large amount of protein they need a lot
of protein in their diet or they will get sick they will not they cannot
thrive on plant matter if you are thinking about setting up an aquaponic
tank you still need to be able to give your betta high-protein food they need
to be on a high-protein diet they cannot live on plants I don’t know who started
these myths that butters could live off of plants but they can’t negative a
million out of five this next one oh my gosh I think this would be like my life
goals for a Halloween fish tank this tank is creepy and dark and I kind of
love it I really kind of love it it does have a heater
it looks like the tank has a lid but it’s kind of hard to tell in the picture
but it is a really nicely setup tank and it looks like it’s
got a heater and a filter in there and I just I’m a sucker for all things
Halloween all things Halloween and of course it looks like plenty of space for
the betta to live in it looks like it’s probably at least a five gallon tank
maybe a little bit even larger I’m gonna give this one a five out of five and I
absolutely I love it oh my gosh seriously this would be a great a great
tank for Halloween next we have a really nicely planted tank the only thing that
I have against this is there’s no lid it’s beautifully planted it’s plenty
spacious enough for the buttah I can’t tell if there’s a heater it does
look like it has a filter but there is no lid so there would be a risk in this
tank that the betta might jump out unfortunately because this is a really
really nicely aquascape tank and ah I just wish I had a lid I just wish it had
a lid three out of five here we’ve got another wonderful aquaponic vase that
again I don’t know how you’re supposed to feed your betta when you’ve got the
plant taking up the entire top of the vase there’s not a lot of space for this
fish to swim around this looks like it’s probably maybe maybe a half a gallon to
a gallon but I mean it’s a it’s it’s tall it doesn’t have any width but does
need space to swim around fish in general needs space to swim around
they’re not a decoration they are a living creature that needs space to be
able to spread out and move around it’s just not fair to them it’s not fair to
them to put them in this kind of an environment negative a thousand out of
five now this one I would say is probably the best attempt I have seen or
at least one of the best attempts I’ve seen at keeping a betta in
fishbowl I don’t advocate putting fishing bowls but this one is extremely
heavily planted and it looks like it actually is a pretty decent size it
looks like it’s probably at least a 3 gallon they did put a heater they did
put what looks like a sponge filter in the tank so they at least made a really
really big effort to try to make this a decent environment for a betta now while
I don’t advocate using bowls if you’re going to try and see set up a bowl this
is probably the best that you’re gonna come up with unfortunately the tank
still does not have a lid so there is a possibility of the betta jumping out so
as far as bulls go while I’m not a big fan of bowls and it does tend to distort
about as view I’m gonna still give this a 2 out of 5 because you can tell a lot
of effort was made to try to make a bowl a suitable environment the big thing
about that is is that they need to be in a minimum of a 2.5 gallon tank bare bare
minimum 2.5 gallon tank bigger is always of course butter if you can afford it
and you have the space a hundred gallon tank for a single betta sounds fantastic
you also always want to make sure that your tank remains at a stable
temperature of between 78 and 80 degrees which means that most of us require
putting a heater in our batas tanks bettas are also known to be jumpers so
you want to keep a lid on your tank to keep the butter from accidentally ending
up on the floor also for most people out there they don’t want to have to do 50%
water changes or more on a regular daily or every other day type of basis not
many people want to do that kind of maintenance so a filter is typically
required or you would need an extremely extremely heavily planted tank which
would also act as a type of filtration for your fish tank but as
so do require a very high protein high quality diet if you want them to live a
long and healthy happy life so always keep these things in mind when you are
purchasing or building or setting up your aquarium so anyway guys that’s all
I really have for y’all today as always thank you so much for watching I love
you guys and I will see you in my next video bye you

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  1. I would love for you to rate mine! I took out the sharp amethyst I think I should be good now.
    Lid, live plants, heater and filter. Woo! I'm sure you would approve of Castiel's home. Check out my videos! Very new to the YouTube.

  2. I'm new to wanting fish but idk what kind to get ? Bettas seem pretty easy to handle but I'm not sure lol

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