49 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders refusing to drop out of presidential race

  1. This guy is not a good representation of a sanders voter, social democratic a aren't socialists, far from it they are left leaning capitalists.

  2. "Socialism is a fail policy"
    Wow really that certain?
    Erm, look at Northern Europe lol
    Just look at how many "failed" capitalist democracy around the world.
    Americans are just too afraid of the term socialism because it's been drilled into their brain that it's diabolical lol

  3. What would really help Trump would be if Bernie Sanders drops out. Bernie staying in and winning polls over Trump over and over and over again hurts him more.

  4. Venezuela? Why not Sweden – one of the highest living standards in the world? If you want to see democratic socialism in action.

    Martin from Sweden

  5. The host does not know the difference between socialism and democratic socialism (take a look at Scandinavian countries).

  6. Venezuala crashed not because of Socialism but because it's only export is oil which dropped in price by 50%. In any event Democratic Socialism is totally different than Communist Socialism and there are over 70 major countries worldwide including US that have Democratic Socialist programs as major part of their society and political framework…but Fox only mention Venezuala…like it's somehow an example of everything Bernie stands for (crap) nevermind the other 70+ nations who have benefitted from DS. These countries include the UK, Australia, New Zealand, most of Europe, Japan and South Africa. not China or the USSR….the thing about Trump is all you need to follow him is an ability not to be able to research, think critically or even be able read for that matter. The only other requirement is a paranoid propensity to fear all things foreign and understand that some bad scary people from some other place are planning to hurt you and big tough Trump is the only one who can protect you, because he uses mean words.

  7. When are these assholes going to learn how to use a dictionary? Bernie isn't a fucking socialist. I know FAUX viewers are low information, but lying to these poor idiots doesn't help them.

  8. Taking 1 extreme example of pure communism and calling it socialism does not make all socialist systems bad.
    Pure Capitalism is bad as it only looks at the wellfare of the few rich, pure communism is bad as it kills all desires to work and grow as an individual. The best system is somewhere in the middle. Entire Europe is socialist but most people are more happy and have a better life than most people in the US. Dont be fooled, the common worker in the US is exploited. Too long work hours, little to no vacation for minimal pay.

  9. america is socialist and capitalist tho ? the amount of social welfare bernie plans to introduce is nothing compared to the amount of corporate welfare we spend. #feelthefuckingbernalready

  10. Venezuela ????? What a fucken MORON.
    Democrat socialist countries:
    Germany, Finland , Sweden , Switzerland, New Zealand, Australia, Denmark, Australia, Italy, Belgium, France, Canada, etc…

  11. The person being interviewed is talking much too fast. The interviewer also does not give him a chance to answer the questions without interrupting. This comment is not even discussing the contents being discussed, just the manners or lack of them.

  12. make up your minds republican the classic complaint. …US is already a socialist country…and then go no no America is a capitalist country why do you want socialism in it…and socialism is a middlist ideology that can be mixed into different governments structure..communist socialism failed do to the fact just like in this nation now…political ideology does not account for the moral of those that end up …ON TOP

  13. Get some facts on Bernie's positions and the meaning of, "Democratic Socialism,". It is nothing to fear. A mix of capitalism and democratic socialism is what America is. It has NOTHING to do with Venezuela.
    The videos An Economic Agenda for America: A Conversation with Bernie Sanders and Bernie Sanders: A Presidential Comparison explain this fully. So far, 200 top economists endorse Sanders' plans for Wall Street Reform. Economists for Bernie conclude his Healthcare for All plan will save Americans substantially, and that a Sanders economy will soar.
    FOX is doing what they, and the rest of the purchased mainstream media always does. Mis-represent the facts to gain undue influence.

  14. Less than no reason why Sanders should drop out. Clinton's numbers are dropping, hard, as well they should.
    The media needs to stop pronouncing speculation as fact.

  15. love watching the demtard party go all cannibal on itself… both of their choices are bad for America!
    TRUMP 2016!

  16. This guy is right! Hillary's worst PR enemy is HERSELF! The Rod (HRC) has done more damage (her and Debbie Wasserman Schultz) to  Hillary, the Democratic Party, the USA citizens and the WORLD than any other politician! TRUMP is not included as a politician because he has never been in government and he's filed bankruptcies too many times…..fact!

  17. ACTUALLY …. those who DO SUPPORT Sanders …. ARE SOCIALIST no different than "the NEW DEAL "FDR" Democratic Socialists! …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….And Socialism is a failed government policy  ??????   ….Hey! Ignorant person! Just look at the countries with the HIGHEST STANDARD of LIVING in the WORLD!!!  …..  They are ALL SOCIALIST!!!It's amazing how brazen the Fox commentator is to show his   ….  ignorance! He doesn't KNOW the FACTS!!!  Aka IGNORANT!

  18. It really doesn't matter if Bernie gets out or not…..it will all come out in the wash…..Secretary of State Clinton will be the nominee in the fall. And will defeat Donald Trump in the fall, if the people get out and VOTE!

  19. Socialism has never worked? It's a failed policy? Look at the Scandinavian region.. Norway, Denmark, Sweden etc. They're the happiest countries in the world ranked from 1 to 8. They're ranked in infrastructure, education back to back again from like 1 to 8. And they have pretty good pay…. Like 12 or 15 dollars an hour and actually have a prison reform system that actually rehabilitate people instead of a for- profit prison system to make a profit on how on much prisoners they have in their system and how long prisoners are in. Looks like socialism is not a failed policy if handled right. Yea the Scandinavians have high tax to balance out they're socialist views but everyone pays they're fair share and is good. Venezuela yes is a socialist country but they have crooks that governs their country. Remember that. So use both side of the argument next time before making invalid statements

  20. http://www.nbcphiladelphia.com/news/local/City-Approves-Four-Massive-Pro-Bernie-Sanders-Rallies-During-DNC-380153191.html

  21. Clinton is confident she will be pardoned but that does not mean she has a pass to run.  Bernie good for you, I am a Trump fan, but if you win the nomination, it is fair game.  Trump and Bernie are both winners and either one who wins, America will be safer.

  22. What a false Logic. venezuela is socialist countries and look how poor it is going. false logic, most EU contries are socialist countries compared to the US

  23. By the way there's no way this little doofus is a true sanders supporter. Go buy your gold and hide in a hole hobbit. Leave politics to the professionals.

  24. Ass clowns using socialist Venezuela as the example instead of democratic socialist success stories like Scandinavia.

  25. Venezuela is a completely corrupt country, the fact that it is socialist has little to do with this. There are also many corrupt capitalist countries. Bernie Sanders is anti corruption / pro green energy he would be the most anti-Venezuela candidate that is running in this election.

    Keep it simple, Bernie Sanders want's to be like Scandinavian countries or like Germany. He does not want to be like China/Venezuela/Russia.

  26. Fox intentionally keeps smearing Bernie with the inappropriate "socialist" label, then instead of arguing against Bernie's actual policies, they argue against socialism. It works on Fox's idiot fans.

    Neither Bernie nor his supporters are socialist. Socialism is against capitalism. Bernie and what he describes as
    democratic socialism completely support capitalism. It's simply capitalism as the economic engine but government that serves the middle class instead of serving corporations, Wall Street, and a handful of billionaires. It just takes the "Crony" out of "Crony Capitalism". It ensures that capitalism also benefits the middle class and society, instead of having virtually all of the benefits of capitalism being siphoned off by corporations and the wealthiest billionaires.

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