Bernie Owning Fox News Hosts Is A GOOD Thing

let's get to this so there's some controversy because Bernie Sanders is doing a Fox News Town Hall so I just wanted to say three things about this and then we're actually gonna play a clip from the last time he did a Fox News townhall 2016 Fox News is a cancer it's a essentially state propaganda it's white nationalist it's a I'll say it again it's a cancer on American society I think that the Democratic Party was absolutely right and not have a debate under the auspices of Fox News because the notion of having these people up on stage as candidates getting far-right talking points in questions as a frame for the debate is ludicrous so let me witch Lee and I'm making zero moral equivalency here obviously but here's like the difference in my mind because I think Bernie should absolutely do this and I think it's insane to expect any presidential candidate to not do a town hall and I see you know some people who were sort of moralizing and nitpicking about this I have made some of their very own sort of interesting choices about you know who they put forward but that being said I think that he's right to do this and here's the difference that I would say if the majority report or the Young Turks or even Democracy Now were to say we want to host the Republican presidential debate that would be awesome and the Republicans you know what if they said no I think we'll pass on that or the libertarians I wouldn't hold that against them that would seem like a pretty sort of probably a wise move now if one of these platforms said we're gonna give you an hour to make your case in a becerril environment but with an audience of voters and we'll see in a second how this ends up working and could be enormous Lee to Bernie Sanders advantage it would be insane of them not to say yes so I think look the bottom line is is that Bernie Sanders running for president and this is an opportunity to reach voters and even if it is 1% of people watching that could get flipped that's how votes work and I do not think that his going on there and making the case making the argument is the legitimization of the white nationalism platform and that by the way holds across the board my beef is basically almost never I you know never say never but almost never the actuality of going on a particular platform it's what you do when you're on it that's my bottom line so if somebody went on fox and said hey you know i'm a democrat but we need to you know we need to ice needs to terrorize people of well of course it's disqualifying you going fox and you do this I think it's actually enormous ly effective yeah I mean I agree with you I'll just mention a Minority Report Sam Sachs the district Sentinel said I don't think Bernie should go on Fox News it's not that I'm concerned he'll add legitimacy to the network it's that the left should have principles when it comes to engaging with racist fascist organs and I think like that principle is one worth noting even if Bert we are going to give Bernie a pass for breaking it at this point absolutely that's fair I happen to believe and I know not everybody agrees with me I believe that health care is a right of all people I believe that there is something wrong when we are spending we're excuse me where did that right come from in your mind being a human being and what I believe Brett we may disagree with me I believe pause that I just love cuz it's exactly right that is where the right came from and Brett's it's funny when a kind of meathead guy does like that's a very Shapiro like well they're not to come from sort of like dumb you know but the unconstitutional fundamentalism yeah constitutional fundamentalism or religious nonsense or whatever and I just like the subtext and I actually do think it's effective debate tactic from people on the left is like when you state something that anybody with like a beating heart should agree with you can always be like Brett you all free to be an asshole I love that guy go ahead the way we may disagree with me I believe that if she is poor and you are rich she is entitled to the same quality health care that you have because she's a human being boom excellent another reminder of why he's the candidate that's ridiculous I mean imagine coming away from that being like well they have more money on yeah but they have more money so they have more value I mean that is literally the sociopathy of that position you know you talk about you bi and things like that about basically that give in to the idea of how important money isn't a society but doing things like just everyone gets the same health care no so that basically sorry your money's no good here absolutely that's how you make money less powerful in society like it needs to not be a reserve to go to to like basically to survive absolutely 100%

44 thoughts on “Bernie Owning Fox News Hosts Is A GOOD Thing

  1. Like you Michael but some of you talk too much. Especially before playing the damn clip. That said, thank you lol.

  2. To every Bernie fan in this comment section. Be warned. The strategy they will try to use against Bernie will be some form of the following.
    They will try and use identity politics against Bernie, by pointing out that he’s a old white guy. They will try and make his base think he isn’t progressive enough, and try to insert a centrist in his place, like Booker or Harris.
    We must resist this bullshit, and remember that content of character is what’s important. Perhaps we can even stop using identity politics in general. It seems pretty cancerous, and unhelpful to working class people who need to work together.

  3. The idea that you won't hold a debate because you don't like the political views of a cable network is ridiculous. If your going to try and get more voters you don't whine about the moderators. Ignore them and speak to the voters.

  4. 'Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness'. If you die because a lack of healthcare have they taken your life away from you and thus being against what America conservatives claim to hold dear?

  5. The funny thing is that even Fox viewers will benefit from Sanders. They’re just as financially hamstrung as the majority of America

  6. There are many candidates that I think are generally good (while flawed.) The are also some that are flat out bad but would still get my vote in a general election because the possibility of a Trump second term would be detrimental.

    But Bernie Sanders is so clearly the best candidate. I mean, this entire primary is about whether or not the Democratic party is willing to do the obvious right thing. I'm not in favor of "Bernie or bust" as a political strategy (and neither is Bernie.) But the Democrats are total fools if they pass up the opportunity to nominate him again.

  7. Being a human something Trump and his people are not they live for money for their pockets and thank God gave them money for themself and no one else and they will die and go to hell without one red Cent a man conquer the world and lose his soul have nothing but Satan forever

  8. The young turks should not be allowed to host a debate. The fact you cant see tyt has their own bias and disregard of fact is hilarious and baffling. So you have an issue if the right hosts a bias debate but oh if the left does it fair game? Dude if you’re gonna say something and try to base it on principle then you have to stick with that same principle the whole way through.

  9. Honestly it's a waste of time because most of those average age audience tards are too far gone no matter what

  10. The other dems can't get those fox viewers, Bernie knows they're ripe for the picking, he knows that in the end they are just people with basic needs who have been betrayed by the man they thought would expand medicaid, get them "the best healthcare" and living wages. They will flock to Bernie.

  11. Bernie believes in his message and knows he doesn’t have to tip-toe around his message based on his audience. He’s going to kick ass. Just like he always does.

  12. What your describing is our healthcare system here in Canada theres no sliding scale, rich or poor everyone pays the same 2$ prescription fee. Ive had healthcare since I was a child as a basic human right. Most things are covered, even accredited naturopaths are covered and theres still a private health care system. Canadians dont need charity compared to the us with 23 million impoverished , thats the entire population of my nation.

  13. It is not a surprise that when a rich person speaks (Baier's yearly salary is $7 million), they will defend the power and wealth of the rich, but they will pretend to speak for the common people.

  14. Similarly, you can look at his trip to Falwell U for a forum and trace a direct line to his win in Michigan, because there is a huge religious right (Zondervan Publishing, the makers of Our Daily Bread) and the religious left (Mars Hill) in Grand Rapids, where Bernie dominated.

  15. Fox is nasty hate spewing garbage for sure. However make no mistake. CNN and MSNBC stole the 2016 Dem primary and are still spewing establishment propaganda. All the coverage of Biden? Come on now. The man has not even announced but according to them he is the front runner. The only old white guy America needs is Bernie. Hes been beating the same drum his entire life. I can hear that beat baby.

  16. Well Sad Sack Sam I see it didn't take 8 hours and my comment is gone. Too spot on I suppose. I guess it made you squirm when I pointed out that you spent over 4 minutes prepping your groupies with anticipation of Bernie's 'ownership' of Brett Bair. After enduring that bilge, you show nothing but Bimbo Bernie's snarky, class warfare answer to a question. Don't show the question, don't show anything of what may have happened after. Once you got your sound bite, or more like 'byte', you're out of there. Go ahead and delete this comment too, coward. I'll just re-post it…..

  17. I just saw the Mobile Home trap with John Oliver. OMG! How many obstacles does the poor and the old in America have to jump over to survive? I don't envy you guys in US.

  18. Healthcare is already a human right in the USA, it's just limited to emergency room healthcare. The issue is preventative health care, which ends up much cheaper than using the emergency room and private insurance, bankster Wall Street Health Care that we have currently. Why aren't progressives framing the debate this way more.

  19. But How can I reconcile my need to agree with democratic establishment taking points with this reasonable and logical line of thinking? Thank you TMR for helping me deal with this cognitive dissonance. If not for you, I don't know how I could deal with life.

  20. "Where does that right come from?" ?!?!?! Where does THAT question come from?! The bottom of a very dark pit, I guess. LOVE how they loved the answer. No God involved, just morals. Awesome.

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