Bernedoodle Dogs 101: Is a Bernedoodle Right for You?

hi my name is Cheryl and this is my Australian Burnie little Myka hi hi hi my name is kami and this is my Australian Verna doodle Coco hi my name is Andrea and this is my burn a doodle family my name is Carly and this is my burn little Blizzard he loves to be loved don't you ready yeah sure ready for the ball okay I would definitely say I am a dog mom dog lump for sure for sure and we have a group of dog mums with Furbys I have a roommate with boundary issues Mike has my best friend he is basically odd you know on my side day in and day out she's definitely lazy in a sense that I am someone I like to relax she's right beside me she's very social she's very for keek she's obsessed with balls and toys he's a very gentle soul and he loves he loves to be loved so my story or my journey started with my first dog I had a dog of Pomerania poodle cross for 17 years and he was very ill dogs and in the time that I had him I learned a lot about breeds I learned a lot about Freder I learned a lot about health issues and concerns and so as my last my first dog passed I came across this Ridge and Swift Ridge in terms of the temperament of the dogs in terms of how they're bred in terms of how they're trained it was just an absolute the right fit for me to contacts with Ridge and to basically find a poodle Cross which is really what I was looking for a poodle cross that had the right temperament that fit my lifestyle when I started doing the research and I found Swiss Ridge I I spoke at length with the owner the breeder about what type of dog I was looking for and with Swiss Ridge you don't get to pick out the puppy they match the dog with your personality Fenway and I ended up together because a breeder was rich camel charity paradis together I did a lot of research I actually loved the Bernese Mountain Dog but didn't want the shedding and wanted a longer lifespan and as traditionally for a Bernese Mountain Dog and so picking a burner doodle was super easy for me because I wanted the burner part and I had already had a poodle mix dog at home so that part was easy finding the breeder and deciding where I was going to get her from that was about a year and a half process for me I wanted somebody who you know did all the right testing and gave the right kind of temperament dogs so I originally had a friend that got a golden doodle from a Swiss ridge same breeder and I fell in love with it so I went on her website and I contacted a Sherrie the breeder and I fell in love with the Bernville a second I saw it as well so while I was waiting for my firm doodle I got a golden deal so that's how we got connected what don't I like about it they're hypoallergenic they don't shed they are literally the friendliest dogs on earth I love the fact that they are so easygoing and good-natured what I love most about the burna doodle breed I love that she's whatever you need her to be if you need her to sit and be calm with you she can sit and be calm if you want to go for a walk or play she's up for that as well I love how social they are I love that they don't have a mean their body they love every person they love every dog they get along with everybody I love this and non-shedding you'll eat whatever you put in front of them but most importantly I see mica fresh meat I truly believe in fresh meat so Coco is 40 pounds and she's also on fresh food as well as kibble and she gets probably about a scoop of kibble and almost two fresh patties a day so Federline is only 15 pounds she's what's known as a tiny burner doodle so she's 3/4 poodle and a quarter burner doodle by the time you get down to the genetics on this so she doesn't eat very much I feed them canine life's muffins and she gets one muffin a day so he's about $100 worth of kibble and dehydrated raw every month and he has never missed a meal in his life and he's always starting he doesn't shift he has hair as opposed to fur so I basically comb and brush him once a week he goes to the groomers every four to six weeks Coco is a hypoallergenic dog so she doesn't shed when I brush her which is on a daily basis I get a little bit of hair that comes out but not very much I brush her every night just because we like that that's part of our routine and she goes to the groomer every seven weeks he doesn't mat which is great so I only brush them every three days and I taken to the groomer every six weeks and I would say the only downfall to this size is that the grooming costs a lot more again and part of the researching this breed in terms of you know how these breeds came together and Australian Bernie doodle is actually Labradoodle and a Bernese and the researching the Swiss Ridge specifically this particular breeder you know the dogs come with the certificates of health they really do spend a lot of time making sure that the dogs that they use in the breeding program are extremely healthy I don't really have a lot of concerns about her any health issues that she would have the more you mix the breeds the less hereditary hurry and health issues they have and so no I'm not concerned at all because she's not purebred a lot of those issues that you find in purebred dogs won't exist I think because of his size he's obviously not going to live as long as say a tiny burner doodle so that is the only concern I would have but other than that I'm not concerned about the health compared to the bernese mountain dog so how did he get along with other dogs and other people he is absolutely the most social dogs she loves other dogs really loves other people she gets along with everybody that she's super friendly I would say he's a little more aloof with strangers he's not he will he's happy to go up to somebody and sniff them and let them pet him but I wouldn't say he's overly super in your face with strangers but once you get to know him he's happy to to uh to get some love so he does when I'm not around and that's the great thing about these briefs is that they're high-energy when they're outside when they're playing with others when they're on their walks when they get home they just relax probably sleep we have another dog we have a mini golden doodle and they would play but I think that most of the time when we're not around she just sleeps what are you doing in at home she sleeps hahahahaha and it was the one thing you wish you hadn't known it as Aboriginal before you brought yourself I should have done sooner they can be a little bit stubborn to train they're very smart dogs but sometimes people will mistake that for the stubbornness for not being so bright but it just takes a bit of persistence and and they're very good dogs to train but she can be a bit stubborn sometimes Iowa wish that I would have known how amazing they are because then I would have got to at the same time probably the first thing is that I would never go to the washroom alone again so that would probably the first one and the second thing that I wish I'd known is that just the cost of a large breed so the grooming and the food and the maintenance of a large breed he will be in a deep asleep and I'll get up to go to washroom and he'll follow me right in there you

49 thoughts on “Bernedoodle Dogs 101: Is a Bernedoodle Right for You?

  1. I love Bernedoodles. This "Australian Bernedoodle" thing is ridiculous though. A Bernedoodle is a cross between a Bernese Mountain Dog and Standard Poodle.

  2. Are the Labradoodles less stubborn and easier to train. Also would they be expected to have a longer lifespan? I live in a warmer climate and I think anything half Mountain Dog might be iffy but Labs do fine. Allergic people married into the family so my next dog has to be hypoallergenic.

  3. go to a shelter and adopt……why create more mutts when I can get a loving, beautiful dog at a shelter! I don't get it….

  4. We bought a Bernedoodle last year. She is the most well-mannered dog we have ever owned. Yes, the price was high, but it was so worth it. She does not shed one bit, is very child-friendly, and extremely well-behaved. That's not to say that other breeds are not like this, but she is certainly the best fit for our family. If anyone is looking to purchase one, I recommend "Angel View Doodles," in Alabama. She was very informative, chooses her parent dogs very carefully, and started the potty training process for us.

  5. These people are delusional if they think "mixing dogs" equals a healthier dog! These "breeders" do not start off with well bred, extensively health tested purebred breeding dogs from responsible breeders (and they will never allow that) so you're actually at quite a disadvantage compared to a purebred from extensively health tested lines.

    I cannot believe people will pay $3k+ for these designer fad mutts. I didn't even pay anywhere near that amount for my purebred from a responsible breeder of top show dogs (who are also super versatile and well structured to not break down over time when active). It's not even a brag. You can get a dog from a reputable rescue and I highly support that. My point is that it blows my mind people will pay way more than I did for a not so well bred, inconsistent designer mutt!

    The day any of these "doodle" people decide to make the move towards creating an actual defined breed that is consistent in its behavior and looks, putting an emphasis on health testing and holding people accountable, that's when I'll begin to have some respect.

  6. I love bernedoodle and if you also love bernedoodle here is very details information about bernedoodle –>.

  7. I have a Goldendoodle and it doesn't make any difference to my feelings whether someone considers her to be a "mutt" or a "cross-breed", etc. However, I, too, was pondering the real meaning of the word "mutt" and here is what I came up with: "Mutt" is a synonym for the word "mongrel", which is defined as "a dog of no definable type or breed, especially one of unknown ancestry; one that is not the result of intentional breeding." So I guess that answers my question.
    I've had both purebreds and mutts in my life, and I don't even have a preference! I do have to add though that purebreds seem to have more health issues in general. As long as a dog is cute, within my price range and has healthy parents, why the heck not!
    I love my Goldendoodle puppy (she's 11 weeks old), and I'd love to get another Doodle in the future (possibly a Bernedoodle).
    To those of you considering getting a Doodle of any sort: Be prepared for family members, friends and strangers to completely rave over your pup!

  8. Does anyone have any info about the standard's lifespan that isn't just an average? Like personal experience? I had a standard golden doodle who was my absolute best friend who all of a sudden begun acting sick and died of cancer in one night at only 7.8 years, and the average for them is 10-15. I know Bernese mountain dogs only live up to 7 or so usually, really young, younger than the average of golden retrievers. I know someone who lost their Bernese mountain dog at 3.
    I just don't want to be interested in something that may not live nearly as long as anyone would hope.
    Any word on newypoos? Or the Australian bernedoodle?

  9. Now there are Bernadoodles?! How fucked up is that? More and more breeds coming up. So sick. It doesn‘t make sende AT ALL! If a bernese mountain dog isn‘t for you you just get a bernadoodle? Get educated on why these designer dogs are stupid to breed!

  10. This is very misleading. Yes Bernedoodle do shed not as bad though. Combing it at least 3x a week to keep it from matting of youll end up shaving their fur in the groomer. Its a lot of work when it comes to grooming. Other than that theyre very loving.

  11. Why would you spend all that money for someone else to pick out a dog for you.Not to mention almost all the dogs look overweight

  12. People drive me CRAZY with this inbreeding vs purebred dogs. Do you realize that ALL dogs are basically inbreed? The entire world of "dogs" came from wolves in Europe. How do you think any "purebreds" came about?! Get off your high horse and just love animals.

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