Bentley The Yorkie EP. 1

hi I'm Bentley I'm here to talk about sweet no bowties or her it might be Justin yet but okay you know made of sugar and spice and everything nice not me I'm Bentley I'm a Yorkie I made a barrage of nails and puppy dog tails I don't know what kind of dog got bowtie years anyway some kind of kakadu key or Shih Tzu who knows I know what I am I'm a Yorkie and I'm here to tell you and I set the story straight I got two brothers he comes over he comes home to visit he stares me down I stare at him back and then we go to pot and bird knows to fly and there's my younger brother brighter he's a big old no he just comes lollygagging through the house without a care in the world Amon is old bad bad but I can tolerate him as long as he stays on the inside of the room and out of my business you see whenever my two brothers come to visit you know scooter and Riker they snatch me up dummy back here in the room behind a gate in a cage all locked up like some kind of animal and that's where I'm gonna draw the line this is my house I'm an alpha dog here manly the Yorkie and ain't gonna take no more crap but uh I'll in my video slate no let the baby back and remember all we have in this whole world is each other sayonara baby

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