Bengal cat behaviour – Subtle changes Part 8

Heyy Catfans!
Today I wanted to show you some footage I managed to catch of a subtle interaction between
Teego and Chatzi Chatzi joined Teego on the table, but Teego
feels pressured and walks off with his now famous slow motion walk. But there’s more to these interactions than
meets the eye with a first glance. First, Teego’s tail flicks – that’s
classic behavior for tension. But look at their postures, Chatzi is face on, he’s
the aggressor, coiled and ready to attack. Teego is side on, ready to stand up and make
himself look as big as possible. It’s also half way to turning around, and protecting
his face, with its delicate eyes, nose and ears You’ll see the same in this next clip. Chatzi
is bored, and just wants to play, but the same posture is there for both cats. Teego
doesn’t walk away this time, so Chatzi pushes it a bit further . A tomcat will bite the neck of a mate to assert
dominance, so Chatzi couldn’t really be more insulting! And of course it gets the
desired reaction from Teego! One of us moves and it distracts the two – Another
clue that it’s only boisterous play going on here but Teego takes it as an opportunity
to sidle backwards and get away from Chatzi. Chatzi’s still interested in case someone’s
going to the kitchen or something food related! Another day, and another almost identical
interaction. Teego starts to walk away and Chatzi goes for the neck again. Teego makes
a move that any Judo champion would be proud of. He gets clear, and finds some high ground
– always an advantage. Chatzi can’t do anything from down there! He walks away and
lets out a meow of frustration. Another time, Teego’s got a new idea. If
he’s under the coffee Table, Chatzi won’t be able to jump on his back, so he feels safe.
He’s actually got a prime launch position for a return attack, but he quickly returns
to his haven afterwards! Actually when he moves suddenly to have a
lick, it startles Chatzi – expecting another attack! Notice the roles have reversed? Chatzi
is submissively sideways and Teego is now in position to attack. Chatzi does a bit of
a nervous walk away! Can you see his slightly spiky ridge on his back? Cats do that to again,
make themselves look bigger Just to prove that it’s not all stress and
dominance games in our household, the boys stop playing to have some mutual licking and
snuzzling. It’s all very loving and calm, but don’t forget, Chatzi IS a bouncing Bengal,
so you can never turn your back fully with him Teego moves to walk away, and just spots some suspicious body language from Chatzi. He sidesteps
a nip, and looks back to say – did you just do that???? He continues to a safe place under
the table, but Chatzi still wants to play. But Teego really has the upper hand today,
and bats him off and Chatzi gives up. I really hope your enjoying our cat behaviour documentaries Please subscribe and share these videos with your friends And even visit our Facebook page for more pictures and discussion about our crazy cats!

100 thoughts on “Bengal cat behaviour – Subtle changes Part 8

  1. Welp, YouTube recommendations just made me watch 8 episodes of a cat getting to know cats. Lemme know when part 9 comes out.

  2. What happened to this? I only watched one episode and an hour later I finished the series. Oh look it's me in the mirror being a favourite line.

  3. Neighbours cat (bigger than mine) does a slow-mo walk that puts your tiger to shame: he is doing like six steps per minute.
    When I come looking what's all the hissing and screaming outside I often need to laugh out.
    It looks so funny when he is just 30cm away from my cat turned the back on him and walks like
    "I'm not fleeing. I just want to walk here and enjoy the landscape".

  4. The two guys go back and forth batting and swatting, then settle down and start licking each others' faces.

    "What's better than this? Guys being dudes!"

  5. WTF… That's it? I actually watched all these videos and just like that… You take it away… Please make more :,(

  6. Would be so much more effective minus the excruciating music which is a distraction from the commentary, or at least the volume turned way down lol, but yet still, good info.

  7. Time traveler :”Do you watch bengal cat behavior series?”
    Me :”yeah, i watched all the eight episode.”
    time traveler :”dayum i liked episode 32 where freya finally chill down when chatzi around.”

  8. Thanks god I just saw all 8 in less than 1 hour, better than to wait 5 years to see ,I hope part 9 will be in my lifetime

  9. That was really nice, although I would've loved to see more interactions between Freya and Chatzi over time.

  10. It's obvious Chatzi needs to be the only cat in the house, he's too high strung and doesn't get along like Teego. So much for owning a Bengal.

  11. Wtf happened to season two… I dont know how i was recommended this but i was fukin glued. Saw all 8 episodes

  12. I made it. I wasted my life to finally see them play with each other. I can go home now. I can go see my wife and kids again. I'm free.

  13. I've only watched about a sum of 40 minutes of these cats and I looooove theeeeeem. I hopw they're still getting into mischief today.

  14. YouTube recommendations working too well lately. I watched all nine episodes and didn’t even answered a phone call.

  15. ok i watched all 8 episodes .
    now im gonna get second cat, Film it and post it on youtube and get 8M views and get profit of 20k$

  16. The cat v dog people debate has an aspect I never noticed until this series got me looking at cat behavior videos. As a general rule, cat owners keep much messier and more cluttered spaces than dog owners. I’ve had cats, but always had dogs around, so the cats came and went as they wanted out in the country. More than 2 cats indoors, house starts looking catty.

  17. For those who just watched all 9 episodes, or id you’re not aware., the cats are featured on another channel, called JazzyRags. It’s a kids channel, so it’s not an update. They seem to get along perfectly fine though!

  18. That’s a bengal like it’s trying to understand if he should eat the other cats lol. I don’t understand why capture animals from the wild? They haven’t be properly bread. So they’re more energetic, and jus overall more assertive than a regular house pet. Their instincts are doing wat their ancestors from the wild are doing. Jus being a killer animal. Like you’d think after all the stories, people would stop.

  19. ?…fantastic cat-u-drama❕ Your home is a wonderful and friendly cat sanctuary ? I'm only at 8, have a long way to go…"Have Binge Will Watch" ?

  20. Doubt these cats will ever become friendly towards each other. Especially the dominant one, he'll beat up the new good. Their personalities just doesn't match.

  21. my two male cats act the same way towards each other lol. they're both fixed males but one is a bit younger than the other and my older cat seems to also be the less dominant one.

  22. Hi, new sub with a Random question, not sure e if you'll see this but …????…

    I know this ex stay who's been adopted by the local supermarket sort of like a mascot, he trusts no one but me and a few staff, I go to visit him most days even when I don't need food, just to say hi, but the problem is in the morning he comes running to me to sit on my lap, great, but when I have to leave or go to work he refuses to get off me and claws in to not fall off or be gestured off(not physical gestures but more of a mental movement like I fame intention to leave if that makes sense) how do I get him to get down more peacefully or at least be assured enough to know ill come back if
    that may be the issue ??‍♂️

    Love the cat to bits and it's cool to think that he choose me over others but holy shozdogs he has some sharp claws

  23. 0:50 am i the only one that feels like the bengal is slightly psycho? xD
    Like, just 30% socially twisted and incompetent, a bit autistic.

  24. 4 years has passed and nothing about the ep 9 so sad. I was watching really happy all episodes straight and here I'm into a end with no end.

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