29 thoughts on “Beneful Grain Free Says Goodbye to Grains!

  1. This commerical is so terrible that I actively avoid any video it plays before. Congrats, you've ruined other people's YouTube channels. I've stopped buying your dog food just because of this commercial. The fact that it made it through every pitch meeting and corporate boardroom and made it to air means that at least a dozen people should be fired. I hope you're all satisfied with yourself. I've talked at least three people out of getting your food because of this. I wish your company and the advertising firm behind it nothing but Ill fortune and ruin.

  2. I have a specific hate and this commercial is that hate except for the parts with the dog. Basically that hate is people with slightly southern accents chewing and talking….. this hate is really specific

  3. STOP THIS ADVERTISEMENT!!! Every time I look at my dog hear this “dog’s” annoying voice. I feed my dog Purina Pro Plan and if I have listen to this annoying ad anymore I’m switching to another a different dog food just so that the money I pay doesn’t go into creating anymore of these annoying ads!!!!??????????

  4. That's not even what mouth full talking sounds like. This is just a poor imitation and even more disgusting. What a worthless pile of shit excuse of a company to even think of duch idiotic incompetant horseshit.

  5. TAKE THIS OFF THE AIR! I hate those sounds SO much!!!! This commercial comes on & I run for the remote to turn the tv off. It triggers my mysophonia. It’s like nails on a chalkboard to me and I will NEVER buy your dog food after this.

  6. And that stupid ass dog talking with his mouth full after my dogs ate that shyt they the runs n they shit all over my sectional n I had to get the carpet cleaning guys to come soap my sectional whitch costed me 650 fuk im still mad even though it was last week screw beniful u stupid fuks ima make yall the owners pay for that steam cleaning shyt

  7. If I hear this voice over guy’s smacking his mouth EVERYTIME he has his mouth full, I’m going to find him, and sew his mouth shut.


  9. Only saw two comments without scrolling and I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks this advert is deplorable I mute the tv second I see it so I don't have to listen to that rude mutt. Hey marketing executives not cute or amusing at all. It is annoying and nails on the black board.

  10. I'm not buying your products until you get rid of any dyes and more importantly chicken, or meat byproducts.  Please respond.

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