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papi don't ride your hobby horses on the breakfast table I'm sorry your majesty the twins really like ponies at the moment hmm they really want a pet and ponies are lovely pets so pretty and cuddly and they've got lungs where she tails to brush Daisy and poppy would so love a pony jaimé jaimé goodness meet nerd ponies are ginormous and Daisy and poppy are tiny fairies no pony maybe the princesses could have another sort of pet I can magic them up a harmless fluffy little pet wait a minute pets need looking after who's going to do all the cleaning up the twins can we okay but please make it a sensible pet nanny not a dragon or a– or guys horse your majesty oh I've got a bad feeling about this don't worry darling nanny plum knows what she's doing I've got a very bad feeling about this we are the magical fairy library now let's find a book on pets hmm a tiger no too big Oh hmm a snake sneaky sneaky no to Wrigley an alligator no too many teeth oh here we go perfect little pet a hamster I wonder what pet Nanny has magicked up for Daisy and poppy as long as it's small I don't care ahem may I present the princess is new pet Peppa elf rocket this is Mission Control what's going on up there nanny plum opens the door is now in space oh yeah that's a shame well never mind on with the mission no we oh I suppose we must oh all right you're all tied to this rope so you won't drift away are you ready ready we're coming nanny plum hold on hold on hold on support I know we can't reach money plum mr. elf the Rope isn't long enough Oh No lost in space the toilet here's your lasso babe thanks dad any plum oh thank you ban thank you everyone for rescuing me let that be a lesson to you nanny plum no more opening doors I was just telling you look around well please don't look around this is a serious mission elf oh is it speak well I'm very sorry I won't touch anything again berries honor good now everybody strap themselves in our next stop is the moon oh good the sooner we get back the sooner we can have our picnic for the last time nanny plum there will be no picnic on the moon this adventure continues in our next episode picnic on the moon funny business here's my timetable for the mission one land on moon does that to plant the flag I am now king of the moon the flag done three go back home what about the picnic and he missed out the seaside yes wave this Sea of Tranquility I fancy a paddle the Sea of Tranquility doesn't have water in it it's full of sand but where do the aliens go when they want to swim Ian's nanny plum said there might be aliens on the moon haha well that's just a fairy story hello oh that's nice he's saying hello can you speak alien Danny no this is Mission Control what's going on up there we just met an alien amazing this is an historic momentous occasion this is the biggest thing to happen Danny plum we do not celebrate historic meetings with a cheese sandwich maybe the aliens can show us where the seaside is there is no sea on the moon only sand we can still build sandcastles yes no don't start digging up the moon you'll upset the aliens now what do you need a ice cream yes that's right ice cream is easy will soon be home yes and it's good to see that the kingdom isn't flooded with frogs or jelly or anything yes Bali must be behaving herself she's very pretty not too close princess Holly beat your wings as I said we must be very careful this is the tricky bit I have to get the tooth from under the pillow without waking the little girl gently pillow oh wow very tease right stock one two three four oh thanks Ben that's what I call a big baby tooth what about the coin nanny here it is young no what's wrong yeah the little girl's witness a letter what a nuisance I love getting letters but the children always want to reply now we'll have to come back again can I read it Duty fairy what is it like to live in fairy land fairy land that makes it sound like some silly make-believe place did she ask about elves no then maybe there wasn't enough room on paper but she does say love for Lucy that's a lovely name Josh remember princess Holly we mustn't wake up nanny what happens to the cheese now we'll give it to the elves they take care of the rest this way hopefully that we no one there then we can just leave our tooth and go good evening and I help you hello teeth delivery have you filled in your tooth report yes is it for sweeping the floor no no no we use the wheat to make the flour first we put the wheat in this funnel the funnel separates out the parts we need come and see this way everyone we haven't finished yet princess Holly look the wind turns the sales the sales turned the cogs and the coldest turned grindstone the grindstone crushes the grains of wheat and out comes top-quality elf flour it's very slow that's why it takes a week to make a bag of flour why can't it get faster the mill goes at the speed of the wind so if we could make the winds go faster the mill would go faster 200 years but we can't make the wind go faster I can oh now I'm not sure you should use magic oh stop fussing I'm always very careful when it comes to weather spell nanny can I do the spelt a no princess Holly you're much too young for dangerous weather spells but you can watch me and see how it's done low winds do your stuff with all your might what did I tell you faster and faster I live in a castle it's hello Lucy how do you do I'm a fairy King Oh oh there the car won't start look it says empty on the petrol gauge no petrol that's not good oh I wish we could help them at nanny plum maybe you could sort this out with a bit of an fairy thingy very thingy what's that new you know the stuff you do with your one oh you mean magic wise old elf yes magic very well magic it is just enough fairy dust to get them home oh we've got no petrol but the cars working maybe this car is so modern it doesn't need petrol well ask at the garage lucy who are you talking to a mummy can't Ben come on the picnic but Holly Ben is an elf and this is a Royal fairy picnic please can Ben come he's my best friend well I suppose as he's your best friend hello mrs. elf speaking right Oh Ben is princess Holly hi Holly hi Ben would you like to come on the Royal fairy picnic today yes please good come to the classes quick as you can mum I've been invited on the Royal fairy picnic how lovely you'll need plenty of food so you have enough to share what would you like um pies cheese and some fruit please I'll put in a whole strawberry then you'll have enough for everyone thanks mum see you later oh this should be fun we've never had an elfin our royal picnic before thanks for inviting me that looks heavy I hope you carry it oh thanks burn it's really light it's a magic basket don't worry dancing its Gaston the ladybird hi Gaston daddy can't Gaston join our picnic hmm I'm not sure as I said ladybird are never happy what's wrong oh dear nanny What did he say he said he loved his home just as it was all messy and smelly oh sorry Gaston don't worry we'll make it just the way you like it yes we're very good at making things messy brilliant six top sexy dustox bed knife and lucky now just a final layer of dance and we're done well done everybody that smells just as bad as it did before and if you ever want us to make your case untidy again Gaston don't be afraid to ask yes that's what friends are for Wow been drinking the jackdaw to open its mouth I would never have thought of that uh yes elves are very good at that sort of thing we should go before the jackdaw works out what to do next okay Nannie been found my wand that's very nice but you really shouldn't have lost it in the first place yes nanny plum now Ben I understand we have you to thank for finding Holly's wand it was nothing really I think a reward is in order here you want a new magic hat yes it can be my thank-you to Ben no please don't bother stay very still burn and Holly wave the wand gently yes nanny plum Wow it worked it's all down to wand control and it's a nice cowboy hat then thanks for finding my wand sorry I didn't believe your plan would work and I'm sorry I didn't trust your magic hat spell I know the magic hat has turned Ben blue how do I look um I think your old hat suits you better me too I broke Azure birdie oh it's good to have my old hat back again and it's nice to have you back ones I will never leave you again tomato dangerous it is that's why we wear these hard hats but there's another job that's really dangerous whoa what's that can I see it can be quite scary I'm not afraid it is possibly the most dangerous job in the world for an elf collecting dangerous eggs chickens wow they're big aren't they yes that's why we have this high fence and why it's very important to lock this game we princess Holly it's collecting eggs that's dangerous how do you collect an egg an elf must run very quickly to the egg pick it up and run away with it as quick as they can what happens is they're not quick enough they get sat on now you see how important it is that the gate is locked at all times a chicken's escape touch-touch chicken run away come back so where are the twins and they kind of flew away they've escaped and they've sort of got my wand goodness knows what damage they might do don't worry we'll find them else are good at that sort of thing and so how are you going to find them easy – dong can sniff them out yes fine Daisy and poppy my goodness Daisy and poppy you're a long way from home we better ring your mummy and daddy bunny rabbit no no Daisy that wasn't very nice what's going on what's that noise it's coming from over there I think we found my little sisters that one's wearing my dad's hat papi Daisy what have you done rabbit the rabbit see they've turned off the elves into rabbits lazy that wasn't funny or clever give me the wand Daisy and poppy I'm sure you didn't mean to you pokin McQueen's teapot oh no mommy will be so sad we weren't supposed to touch it while we know what can we do can you fix it with magic oh I'll try abracadabra oh well that didn't work Oh nanny will no spell let's ask our no we can't tell anyone what can we do then then odd elves good at mending things yes and you're an elf been out sigh can you help me mend it sure please you're my very best friend and you're my only home okay what if someone sees us I can make us invisible I know that's bother my invisible spell has worn off that's alright we're nearly there no one will see us now hello Ben hello princess Holly because I am the princess and I can be the Prince yes I'll turn you into a prince by magic can't we just pretend I'm a prince no magic is much better I seem to have turned Ben into a frog I always get frogs and princes mixed up then if you could hear me croak good I'm going to get help wait here I've turned Ben into a frog oh good you've been practicing your magic it was an accident Ben is not happy being a frog frogs are never happy can you help me turn Ben into himself again all right now calm down I'll fetch my wand while you wait with Ben okay make sure he doesn't hop off frogs do that I know Ben's gone no never find Ben and he'll be a frog forever hi Holly hello violets what's wrong I've turned Ben into a frog and he's hopped off somewhere hmm he'll be at the point that's where frogs live of course come on let's go look mr. Elvis bought the musical instruments hi olli that was the last delivery now we can play you might have finished Ben but I'm still working Holly it's time for your speech good show what happens now now comes the hard bit we have to sit still and not fall asleep in honor of your majesty we will now do a dance how often watch very good very good come on daddy let's dance what but I fell all right could you play something a little bit more modern right Oh oh you're right Holly Kings work is fun I'm not using magic I'm just lucky my fairy win let's play a new game yes hide-and-seek okay we'll play hide-and-seek upe I love hide-and-seek but no flying okay no flying one two three okay four five six seven eight nine ten coming ready or not hmm then quite well hidden they're ice cold oh this is too boring I have better things to do with my time stop Holly it's not a good idea to fly around madam spider why the flutter of our fairy wings is like a fly and she likes to eat flies eat flies yes that's just what spiders do you like to eat ice cream spiders like sweet flies they have very smelly breath ah excuse me madam spider could we possibly collect a G drop from your lovely web here it is to make some medicine for the king madam spider says yes I'll get the Dew Drop nanny elves are very good climbing and I'm an elf very good now we need the slime from a slug Holley perhaps you could do the asking this time you might have to shout a little though because slugs cannot hear very well because they have no ears can't we just take some slime from the ground you can't go around collecting someone else's slime without asking them first it's not polite hello mister slug louder well we need some of your to make his medicine can we collect some in this jar please what sort of bird's egg are you a black bird it's a talking egg no it's me the wise oh hello good day mistress plum as I was saying it is a blackbirds egg and there's a baby chick inside how do you know you can hear it tapping listen exciting nanny can we look after it you must never collect the eggs of wild birds the place for an egg is with the mummy bird wise words mistress plum but the mummy birds not here then we must find her oh I know Gaston can follow the eggs trail and find the mummy Oh Justin good at smelling things I don't think the lady birds can follow the trail through water now we can't find the eggs mummy so what can we do nanny if the mummy were here she would build a nest and sit on the egg to keep it warm please your bottom is too small we need a bigger bottom hello everybody hello King thistle daddy can you help us help you with what your majesty if you could sit on this egg until we build a nest that would be most kind very well I don't look silly do i I say this is jolly uncomfortable it won't be long with you it wasn't band's fault it was my idea sorry Ben we were worried you wouldn't win I could've won the race and the high jump now I'm not going to win anything take your partners please for our final event the wheelbarrow race eeeh then doesn't have a partner can I be your partner Ben I promise I won't use magic all flying No you've already messed things up enough please Ben I know I'll be good at it it's just like gymnastics okay then my goodness a fairy oh well the rule book doesn't say a fairy can't race on your marks get set go goodness me the winners are Ben elf and fairy princess Holly problem who'd have thought a fairy could win the wheelbarrow race gracious me what was that very good at the next elf games we shall have dancing and gymnastics ads looking pretty yes and looking pretty baby princess Holly can teach us how to do it was that meant to happen I don't think so left behind and a fairy without her wand is like a ladybird without his spots Pournami what can we do I've got a simple plan we find nanny we rescue her then we give nanny her wand but we don't know how to find her and we don't know how to rescue her and we're not allowed to touch many plans want then it's a good thing I'm here I can do all those things because I'm an elf just find nanny plum Stage one completed hello how'd you find me so quickly Gaston followed your smell my smile for your information I do not smell nanny we've got your wand holy you know you're not allowed to touch my wand it could be very dangerous but we just wanted to help you and you have said a theory should never be without her wand so we're here to rescue you and give you back to one well that's very nice of you all but stage two they're rescuing bit keep still nanny plum I'm going to slow this lesson round your waist but sounds dangerous I think I'll just wait for the wind to drop and then I'll fly down are you sure you don't want to be rescued nanny what happens next is the paint room this is where the toys are painting every has their beautifully one takes the ties another Mouse and another the hair amazing I thought it would be all done by Machine Oh we do it all by hand it looks such hard work elves work hard work thank goodness I'm a fairy shush mammy once the dress is painted the dog goes through to the dryer and then it's packed ready for delivery and here we are the finished doll a perfect example of elf workmanship isn't those dress supposed to be right what oh you're quite right princess Holly oh never mind some mistakes occur when you're making so many dolls right we'll have to unpack them all and paint them again but there's not enough time I could sort this out in a moment with a bit of magic magic is not allowed in the elf factory okay I'll just ring out father Christmas and tell him what's happened I'm sure he'll understand no no don't ring father Christmas may be nanny plum can you was a bit of magic just this once good first I need my wand hello one I'm sorry I had to free his nanny plum she was very rude to me I don't think mommy meant to be rude mrs. which maybe not but she was are you going to keep nanny frozen forever know if nanny says sorry she can go nanny say sorry to missus which I will not say sorry I was only trying to help you out your grumpy old witch oh so you won't let mommy go nope we should get help is it all right if we go mrs. which of course you have both been delightful company what's your plan we have to get the king yes daddy can tell the wait jar then she'll let nanny go bye-bye yes thank you mrs. rich goodbye Nanni's frozen like a statue oh yeah daddy if we don't do something the nanny will stay frozen forever hmm Oh sad I'm happy no more dinners no dinners what nanny plum frozen yeah show me where mrs. witch lives it's a joke telescope it gives you a black ring around your visor makes you look really silly today is elf joke day what's elf joke day it's a special day when all the elves play jokes on each other hey that sounds fun it is fun would you like one of my two e sweets yes please have this flower no thanks I've had enough of your silly jokes it's okay Holly it won't jump out or make your face dirty promise I promise princess Holly is this your doing he was playing jokes on me never use magic in anger it can be very dangerous sorry Manny pong Holly put Ben down what's all this about jokes burn itself joke day I love jokes I don't sing they're very funny first we need something to turn into shoes lemons no there needs to be shoe shaped oh now we need something round and juicy for the jacket oh no a tomato hmm what can we use for the crown ah Holly you remember king and queen marigold hello and this is my best friend then elf hello Ben I must say your skills are quite um charming yes nice and sensible oh is it the country look I think the way one dresses is very important my husband won't be a moment he's just changing into his new clothes new clothes that sounds interesting well it is an experiment sorry to keep you waiting fantastic outstanding oh really the jacket feels a bit soggy actually it looks wonderful feel fresh and exciting nope we were just saying how important it is to think carefully about what you wear oh I don't think I think it's all yes I was worried that might happen tricky things magic clothes this is nothing to do with me my wife chose it don't worry honey I'll fix it I still got my magic water else go oh it should be alright no one enters Micmac now what was that loud bang I think there's a bit of a storm brewing outside well as long as there's new magic going on I assure you mr. old elf princess Holly is not using magic naughty nanny plum Oh sauce now it's time to paint our toys remember be very careful a little paint goes a long long way I bother doing things without magic is very hard maybe you need just a teeny tiny bit of magic first me zigzag Zowie pace this time miss Holly are you doing magic no eyes out elf not me I think it's just the storm outside it must be really close now hmm there's something funny going on around here wise old health what do we do next a good question Holly but you can call me Holly that's nice you can call me mr. gnome I need a deck chair and a fishing rod why do you need a fishing rod on a golf course so I can pretend to fish bowls don't like it when I pretend to fish no quick before the mole comes back sandwiches one bucket of tea mr. Nam needs attention and the fishing rod quickly so he can pretend to fish oh dear I thought this might happen we have flattened all the hills so goodbye thank you boys all else or you will also believe in a windmill what a working windmill is a very difficult thing to build oh it mustn't actually work no just pretend but with sales the go round alright we're building a pretend windmill for the Nome yes it mustn't actually work it's just silly that's the cockerel crowed princess Holly time for fairies to get up is it morning already breakfasts ready Holly let's get your hair brushed on crown all done mornings are such hard work hello nanny plum what is it Ben I haven't got time to be answering the daughter elves can Ollie come out to play I'm afraid princess Holly is too busy – hi dad hi ollie I've got a new watch Wow is it a real watch yes you can hear it ticking oh yes can you tell the time Ben not yet but we're going to learn how to tell the time at school today yes well I'm sure you don't want to be late I'm an elf elves and never late bye bye I wish I had a watch what's over for princess Holly if I had to watch I could tell the time we fairies don't need watches we have different ways of telling the time like what money we have dandy-lion clocks here's a good one how can a dandelion tell the time we count how many puffs it takes to blow away all the seeds like this 1 2 3 it took 3 puffs that means 3 o clock nevermind daddy you can system this little chat yummy thanks Manny yes this food is delicious well I suppose I'd better magic up some special lazy bird food by a lady Birds growl food smelly and found Gaston loves smelly food why isn't he eating it then Gaston says it's too cold hello Gaston have a little taste if you like Gaston Gaston says just right and ever bad day maybe not forever but he can stay until his house is mended this ol Gaston's gets it better splendid Gaston says that this TV program is a bit boring how about this one this programs too noisy so this program is just right that's what I was saying we fairies always take an empty basket on picnics magic basket please it's still empty that's because it isn't a magic basket it's just an empty basket groans evil magic us a packet of crisps No uh Oh Holly remember what I said about not needing any magic in today yes well this is an emergency so if you wouldn't mind doing a bit of no not magic jelly writes too dangerous hmm I could try an ice-cream spell that's easy and there's no chance of that spell going wrong well without magic we're not going to have anything to eat that's right please Holly do your spell I don't know how to magic other flavors yet that's fine vanilla is my favorite delicious maybe magic can be useful sometimes thank you princess Holly you're welcome ah what should we do next make sandcastles making sand castles

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