Belgian Malinois Puppies Most Savage Moments ??

[Applause] okay spin them around [Applause] [Laughter] get that man Minaj's who this mother going let go that's a good at all right technical Alex hold on I'm gonna try to get it so just run down there run back get him standing over me up leave my Bulldogs name up it a mother

13 thoughts on “Belgian Malinois Puppies Most Savage Moments ??

  1. I think they are adorable. And its good to start training them at such young age. If you pass a certain time then it gonna have very bad problems in older age

  2. Whoever taught those pups to bite the man without a suit does not need to be training dogs. That is too much aggression for pups which will turn to hate down the road. Not good at all.????????

  3. Но малинуа необязательно настолько злить,с такого маленького возраста,еще и постоянно. Это неправильно при любой породе.

  4. Одного щенульку из них сейчас бы себе взяла,затискала бы манюню)))) какие собачки,боже, красота

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