Becoming a desensitisation volunteer with Cats Protection

Hi, I’m Catherine. My role helps cats
acclimatise to humans. If they’re young kittens, or they’ve come in from another
environment or they’re strays, then they often need to get used to new people, get
used to being touched again, being groomed and my role is to make sure that
they’re ready for their owners – their forever homes – their happy life ahead. It’s especially rewarding when you get a cat or a kitten that is a little bit nervous
and doesn’t really know what to make of you, or a cat that has suffered and they
come into care. Watching them, helping them acclimatise
to people again, become more friendly, become ready for homes – that’s the best part. Really, it is. They’re so honest – if they
want to be near you, they’ll come to you. If they don’t, then they’ll hang back and
they’ll let you know. And to be faced with such honesty is hard to
describe, but there’s something pure about it, something intrinsically warm
and nice that just makes you feel brilliant when they come to you and they
do warm to you. I think that anyone thinking about volunteering should
absolutely go for it. If you have the time, it’s the best thing you can do with
your time, no question.

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