BEARDED DRAGON – A Cute And Funny Bearded Dragon Videos Compilation || PET VIDEOS

[Música] y [Música] ah [Música] y [Música] bien no [Música] [Música] [Música] y [Música] tú [Música] sí [Música] y [Música] tú [Música] y [Música] no [Música] [Música] [Música] i tú [Música] no [Música] la luna sí y [Música] y [Música] no [Música] [Música] [Música] más y no [Música] no [Música] [Música] y y [Música] y [Música] no no [Música] [Música] [Música] y [Música] y i [Música] él y [Música] y [Música] no [Música] [Música] [Música] y [Música]

49 thoughts on “BEARDED DRAGON – A Cute And Funny Bearded Dragon Videos Compilation || PET VIDEOS

  1. My dentist currently has a bearded Dragon in his office. Her name is Pepper and I fell in love with her! Now I’m hoping to get one of my own in July! ???

  2. My bearded dragon died today ?she was the best she died at 9 I miss her so much I got her when I was 6 she was amazing and now I’m just watching these videos wishing she’ll come back ???

  3. I’m hopefully getting my first bearded dragon this weekend. I can’t wait because they are adorable!

  4. That’s so adorable.. I had one bearded dragon lizard before.. His name is Ares.

    He died may 24, 2019. This video is making me miss my lizard! I love him so much in my life! 🙂

  5. My beardie is almost 10 & I have yet to see him stretch his front arms like in this video 🙁 I’ve heard they move them (like waving) in a circular motion to say “hey baby” during mating season. Is this what was going on? Soooo cute?!

  6. i have one and his name is Nacho! he isn't really tamed yet, sadly but i am working hard. He lives with us for 3 months now. He doesnt really like getting touched or smth like that at all but i still love him

  7. How is it those dogs and cats so chill with them?! My dogs would either attack out of fear or be rough trying to play with them

  8. The mirror one is relatable. My own beardie has a tiny portion of mirror facing his enclosure and he has has a specific time each dsy when he fights his reflection

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