32 thoughts on “Be kind to the innocent – A song for the animal rights

  1. Beautiful song , I am organising fund raising for a lady in Romania , she help the strays takes them in to her shelter feeds them and if possible finds a loving home . I will be making a fundraising video and. I hope I can use this song …. Its perfect really touching . Keep writing plz

  2. I can not download it :-(( sound cloud stopped me out after 1,15 m not sure why ? Simone anywhere else I can get this song thx xx

  3. love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! gonna make a Public Service Announcement With It…………………………………………..
    Animals Are Peoples To………………….. 🙂

  4. amazing and so true.. I love animals and i hate this what theyre doing to those poor animals its sicking they have rights to

  5. Hi Simone… I have formed a group that has taken on the responsibility of educating our citizens on good animal welfare and would like to use your song as our anthem….please let me know of your copy rights….. 

  6. LIVE RADIO PLAY of this song for the closing of today's episode of #TheKevinStormShow. Listen on #TuneIn

  7. You know what's crazy, that people want rights for animals but when you see a homeless person on the street some people don't even care about one of us and what they need or what their life's are. Sure some of the homeless people put themselves on the situation like younger people but the real homeless that really like lost their job or house or family. Thank you if you took the time to reading this comment.

  8. Rights belong to moral agents, and animals lack moral agency. Driven by instinct, they lack the higher-order thinking skills that enable people to choose between courses of action.

    Okay, so there is a dog meat festival in GuangXi China. It is held on June 22. Please , please, please sign this petition to cancel this festival! Link to the petition: https://www.change.org/p/mr-chen-wu-yulin-governor-please-shut-down-the-yulin-dog-meat-festival-in-guangxi-china. Thank you all so much! Please copy and paste this on as many videos as you can. Thank you so much!

  10. wtf r u talking about animals fight all the time. lioness's use the death kiss where they wrap their mouth around their victims face and suffocate them and wolves hunt down and exhuast their prey. yea animals are innocent

  11. I dedicate this song to all the Earthlings that suffer and die every day and night. Watch Earthlings full documentary and educate the children the next generation they need to know the truth. Watch COWSPIRACY sustainability secret full documentary and make the connection. Remember supply and demand. DEMAND cruelty free

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