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  1. Basking sharks
    Are awesome and it's so cool when the blimp out of the water to get the lamprey off, I've seen the guys in real life end they are cool!
    As far as I know they have never harmed anyone
    May they stay on earth for as long as it lives!

  2. i'm curious-if you're diving, and you're low on air so you go to the surface, but you won't have enough air for the time it takes to decompress, which is more important;
    stay and decompress until you're out of air, or
    just go up anyway?
    what would you do in this situation?

    aand, as a megalophobic (fear of big things), these are my least favorite animal. :'3

    also DANG, your editing is GOOOOD 😀

  3. your videos are awesome…also a video of hungry shark worlds basking shark showed up in my reccomended lol

  4. We are currently being over run with lamprey eels in all the local rivers of Northern California. They are terrible at the fish hatchery for the spawing salmon in the Feather river in Oroville CA

  5. I live in Canada and my brother gose to the university of new Brunswick fredericton did you know that unB stand for university of new Brunswick

  6. I remember watching this when I was like 6, even now as I'm 14 the channel still has interesting videos. though the artificial positive attitude isn't my thing.

  7. ウバザメとかジンベエザメって、プランクトン主食でよくあんなにでかくなれるよね。

  8. Wow!! What a great privilege it it must be to be the one who helped open up even more information about the “Blue World”!! Congratulations on your find!!! ???? And, as usual, an awesome and amazing video!!!

  9. Very interesting relationship between this blood eating animal and the toxic blood of the shark. I learnt something new! thank you.

  10. I don't think those Marine Biologist paid that much attention to the sharks because if they did 8:52 they would've noticed the old round bite marks the sharks back…..just saying..

  11. A basking sharks throat is only a big as a grapefruit?? I did not know. I’ve looked up basking sharks many times in the past and not once did that piece of information come up. Thank you for sharing this!??

  12. If I ever get my driver's license and pay off my debts I'm moving somewhere near water peace and quiet sort of private like a light house

  13. Have 2 story’s about these giant sharks. Both occurred on the north coast of Northern Ireland by Portstewart and Portrush

    1. I was doing 2 dives with my local dive company on their boat. We’d just finished our first dive and were fitting our new tanks to our BCDs Whalen suddenly a giant fin slices through the surface of the water. It glides under the dive boat, it’s dorsal fin hitting the hull. My dad was onboard and videoed it on his camera and saved it on our computer.

    2. I was sitting in a restaurant by the sea looking at the beach when not one, not two, but THREE basking sharks appeared from the sea in the bay. Everyone was fixated on the sharks as they swam gracefully. It was incredible

  14. First – Canada ?? rules!
    Second – Wright whales – soooo cool
    Third – no wonder people thought there were sea monsters with basking sharks cruising near the surface! That was just surreal.

  15. all shark like blacktip shark, whitetip shark, porbeagle, blue shark, sand shark, thresher shark, hammerhead shark,
    bull shark, goblin shark, mako shark, megamouth shark, tiger shark, basking shark, whale shark,great white shark and megalodon

  16. Lampreys, the mosquito of the seas, or is it the flea of the seas, it seems like underwater things are like lands things but different looks and behaviors

  17. But that makes no sense. I've seen sharks with lampreys on them my entire life. When they film great whites, they always have lampreys hanging on.

  18. Ooooh!!! I don't think I like lampreys!!! Sharky xxx… Lampreys seem to be to sharkies what leeches are to us, YEUCH!!!

  19. When he pulled of the third lamprey the shark, it agreed to put in a good word for Johnathan with his friend the great white..

    Who now has a special pass to dive in all waters with the blessing of the sacred order of the clasper.

  20. Why cant you make them reproduce more or is it because of predictors of the Northern Right whales and what would eat such a Giant whale ?? Keep up the good work u guys r awesome.
    t Whale

  21. Because of how wide the mouth is and probably how shy they are. The basking shark doesn’t live in aquariums like whale shark

  22. I've got news for Jonathan Bird: Gavin Maxwell wrote a book called Harpoon at a a Venture, in which he chronicles the commercial hunting of basking sharks in the UK, in the 1940's. And Maxwell wrote about lampreys on the backs of Baskers then. Sorry Johnny!

  23. i dont think spooky is the word id use if i saw that swimming under me! You know it's really interesting but you can see on the Sharks back all of the scars from lampreys Onnit see all those circular little scars. Although it makes me think could that be the reason why the basking sharks occasionally will breach and sometimes they'll deliberately half Beach themselves and like roll around in the surf zone wonder if that's why and you're trying to scrape the lampreys off

  24. Way to go Jonathan! So impressed that your discovery was noted by marine biologists and assistance and capture of the lampreys was so successful. You have one of the best jobs in the world. I love your channel. Thanks so much for your dedication and love for the blue world. ??

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