BASIC HAMSTER CARE | All about hamsters! ?

hey guys so today’s video is going to be
basic hamster care so the first thing for your hamster is obviously you’re
going to need a cage I personally recommend using aquariums and bin cages
you are going to need a large cage for a hamster something along the size of 450
square inches of floor space that’s equivalent to around a 40 gallon
aquarium when placing the hamsters cage try to put it somewhere where there is a
low traffic area so there’s not too many people maybe not too many loud things
going around like the TV or things like that also try to keep it out of direct
sunlight so you don’t put it in a window because you don’t want it always shining
in your hamsters cage and it could heat up a little too quickly in your hamsters
cage you are going to want to include things such as hideouts
and you can get a variety of different types this is an igloo this is a little
lion hut you can get you also want to put different toys in there so like
different tubes and different things to stimulate your hamsters brain and you
also want to include chew toys in your hamster cage because hamster teeth are
continuously growing they never stop growing so they do need something hard
to chew on to wear their teeth down so that they do not end up having any
medical issues the next thing you are going to need for your hamster is
bedding and hamsters are naturally burrowers in the wild they will burrow
and make houses underneath the ground so you do need a lot of substrate
you should give at least a 6-inch amount so that your hamster has enough room for
it to burrow and things like that there are some unsafe types of beddings such
as pine, cedar and scented beddings anything that is called soft wood
shavings is not safe for your hamster it can actually give them a respiratory
infection these safe beddings that you want to go with would be Aspen or
any paper based bedding it can be colored even just make sure it’s not scented or
anything like that my favorite personal bedding would be the kaytee clean and cozy
because it’s just so soft and it’s actually a fairly good price because you
get so much in a bag you also are going to need some type of wheel because hamsters
in the wild can run up to several miles per night so they need a wheel to burn
off their energy so for a Syrian hamster and a Chinese hamster you want to get the
proper size and it needs to be at least 8 inches most syrian hamsters
will need a larger wheel than an 8 inch most will need at least an 11
inch wheel and for Dwarfs you should probably go around 6 to 8 inches
this right here is a 6 inch silent spinner that I use for my dwarf hamster and she
fits perfectly in it you also want to stay away from anything wire or mesh
because this can injure your hamsters feet and limbs so stick with anything solid
next you are going to need a diet for your hamster obviously they need to eat
something and a hamsters diet should include some type of seed mix and a pelleted mix and then some fruits and vegetables on the side there are a
lot of seed mixes on the market you can find so many different brands of seed
mixes for hamsters but a lot of them don’t actually meet the requirements the
hamster actually needs a hamster should have at least 17 to 19 percent protein 4
to 7 percent fat and 8 to 13 percent fiber right now the most recommended
diet that you can be feeding your hamster is the Higgins sunburst gourmet
blend feed mix along with the Mazuri rat and mouse pellets hamsters can have a
variety of different types of foods because they are omnivores and I do have
a video that you can check out it does include all of the different types of
safe foods you can feed your hamsters and all the unsafe foods that you shouldn’t be
feeding your hamsters so you can check that out if you want
personally I feed my hamsters 2 tablespoons every 2 to 3 days I
find this is a good amount and it gives some time to eat it you do not need
to be refilling a hamster food dish every day it might seem like the dish is empty
but your hamster has cheek pouches that they put all of the food in and they
will take it all back to their nest so that it’s close to them so that they can
eat it and take little snacks when they want to so it might seem like your hamster is eating
all that food but they really aren’t so give it a couple days for them to eat
the stuff in their nest before refilling the dish next you need some source of water
for your hamster because once again they are a mammal and they need to be always
hydrated you can use a water bottle it is what I recommend because it keeps the
water clean and it doesn’t get full of bacteria or anything if you do use a
hamster food or water dish you do need to be cleaning that out more often than
you would a water bottle but for a water bottle you do want to be cleaning this
out every several days and refilling it with new water next is cleaning your
hamsters cage your hamsters cage really should only be cleaned every once a
month if it is the proper cage size and you should be cleaning spot cleaning it
every several days so just going finding where your hamster pees or if you see a
lot of soiled bedding cleaning that out every once in a while to make sure it
doesn’t become over dirty and then only cleaning it out once a month because
hamsters can get very stressed if you’re always cleaning their cage and when you
do clean your cage make sure you’re not using any harsh chemicals on the cage
here is some water and vinegar mix this is awesome it’s pet safe and and won’t
hurt your hamster so this is what I like to clean my cage is with every once
in a while I don’t do it every month because it’s not necessary but when you
do clean it make sure you use something safe also make sure to include some
previous bedding from the old cage into the new clean cage that way your hamster isn’t too stressed out because they will smell their old bedding and they might feel a
little bit better your hamster itself does not need to be bathed a hamster if
bathed in water can actually become very very stressed and they can even catch it
cold or even passed away so you really never want to be bathing your hamster in
water instead if your hamster gets smelly or they look a little greasy you
can give them a little bit of chinchilla bath sand and
they can roll around in that and that should clean them pretty good most
hamsters should live on their own especially syrians and Chinese hamsters
because they are naturally solitary when paired with another hamster they will
fight each other and it can become very tragic if you lose a hamster there are
some species that can be put together but it isn’t really recommended as it is a
little bit risky and it should be only for experienced hamster owners to try
but even I have tried it and I personally really don’t recommend
keeping a pair I suggest keeping one hamster to one cage it’s just that easy hamsters should not be introduced to each other either as they can result in
fighting each other and that can be very very scary so try not to introduce your
hamster to another hamster or try to put them on like a playdate or something
hamsters really like to be on their own and they do not get lonely and just like
any other animal hamsters need a vet fund in case anything serious happens
or if there’s an emergency you do need to take your hamster to a vet just
because they might be small or cheap does not mean you have the right to not give
them the medical attention they need so that is your basic hamster care I do
have a full playlist full of hamster care videos if you would like to learn more
about hamsters feel free to check out that playlist that has a lot of helpful
videos in that so yeah guys thank you for watching bye

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