Basic Dog Training – Honey

Nice focus, good girl. All right, Jacob, let’s
see you watch me. Nope, I don’t want to do it. Sit. Watch me. Good boy. We’ve got to
give Jacob a round of applause because Jacob could not focus for his life in the beginning
and he’s so good now. Good job. Excellent, excellent. Lily. Good girl. She’s always thinking.
All right, Chloe, let’s see you watch me. Chloe. Chloe, sit. Chloe, watch me. Good girl.
Sit. Watch me. Good. Excellent job. Very nice. All right, very simple. I don’t have anything,
Tom. Stay. Good job. Nice. All right. Down-sit. Come here, boy. Up. Sit. Itchy today. Sit.
Down. Good boy. Stay. Good boy. Down-stay is his best friend. Good job, Tom. Excellent.
Very nice. Miss Honey, down and stay. Honey, sit. Down. Good girl. Stay. Good girl. Excellent.
Jacob. Sit. He’s such a clown. Good boy. Excellent. Good job. Okay, Lily. And you know what? Lily
has the best hand signal for down considering she didn’t want to learn down. Yeah. Good
job. Excellent. Very nice. Chloe. Down and wait. Chloe, sit. Chloe, sit. She knows, she
says, “Mom, I know you’re not ready. I’m not doing it yet.” Chloe, down. Come on, Chloe.
Down. Chloe, you’re cheating. No. Come on, Chloe. Down. Chloe, down. Now wait. Wait.
Chloe, wait. Good girl. Excellent. No, that was a big improvement from her. No, that’s
a really big improvement. Every week since we’ve learned it, she’s gotten better. Good
job. Okay, my man. Down and stay. Sit. Good boy. He’s so good with everything. Good boy.
Stay. Excellent. Nice job. Okay, what we’re going to do now is I’m going to take you guys
out individually. We’re going to go down to the back, do your come and call and your loose
leash walking and your leave it. We’re going to come back. Leave it. Good girl. Good. Excellent.
Wonderful. Chloe, leave it. Good job. She did it. Good girl. Honey, sit. Honey, leave
it. Honey, sit. This way. This way, Honey. Good girl. Tangled. Honey, come. Look at her.
She’s got the leash stuck between her legs. Good girl. All right. You want to go for the
bonus points? Oh my goodness, the trainer one fell apart? Try the bonus points. Just
for the heck of it. Later. Oh, that’s not now? Oh yeah, we’ll do them after. Everybody’s
got to get a chance. Oh, okay. Sit. Sit. There you go. Nice turn. Finish. Excellent. Very
good. Good girl. Very nice. Okay, Tom, any tricks you want to try, and do finish. Here,
boy. Good boy. Nice and quick. Good job. Oh, I thought he was going to go back the other
way. Yeah. Good. Good boy. Excellent. Oh my God. I don’t recommend teaching that to your
dog unless you want to pay … That’s what I did. Getting the neighbor’s … Getting
the newspaper. They got the neighbors’ newspaper. That’s now paw, that’s bite Daddy’s hand.
We don’t teach that in here. Sit. Daddy, I don’t need bonus points. Good boy. Excellent.
There you go. Good boy. Very nice. All right, try your finish. Sit. Sit. I don’t need bonus
points. I did good enough on my real test. Sit. It’s one or the other. Sit. Excellent.
Good boy. Good girl. Very nice. No, I don’t have anything. Okay, Jacob. There you go.
Good boy. The worm was a stretch. Roll over. Will he go all the way now? No. Not all the
way? That’s all right. That’s good, over on the side. There you go. Excellent. Good boy.
Very nice. Try that finish. Honey, come. All right, Jacob. Good job, buddy. Good boy. Pretty
tough. Good job. All right, Lily. You want a treat? Sit. Down. Roll over. Yeah. Perfect.
Give me a treat. Come here. Excellent finish. Very nice. Good girl. Good job, Lily. Very
nice. That’s fine. Okay, Chloe. Chloe? Chloe, sit. Chloe, sit. Chloe, down. Come on. Come
on, Chloe. She’s like, “Mom, give me…” Be a good girl. Almost. We’ll do the one you
can do. Chloe, sit. Chloe, sit. Good girl. Excellent job. Roll over. No? We can roll
over. Really? Something fun, something extra. That’s all right. Give it a shot. Just lead
her up on your side and make her sit… Are you trying to steal my treats? I’m trying
to distract you to keep you out of trouble. Chloe, sit. Hey! Good job. Okay, Logan. Any
tricks you want to try and finish. Sit. Good catch. Very nice. That seems so simple, but
most dogs can’t do it. Yeah, hit the brain between the eyes, right? That’s actually a
trick. A lot of dogs can’t do that. Sit. Down. Down. There you go. Bring it over this way.
Good boy. Look at him. Cleaning up everybody else’s hair. Logan, sit. Come on. Time to
finish? Use his release word so he knows not to get up. Come on, Logan. There you go. Bring
him around and now at your side and finish. Good job. Very nice. Okay, guys. Congratulate
yourselves. You have passed your beginner’s test. Yay! What did I do? All right. In no
particular order, okay? First one, this certificate certifies
that Logan has successfully completed beginner’s
education. These are in some sort of order. This certificate certifies that Chloe has
successfully completed all of her requirements to complete her beginner’s education. Keep
your certificates. I’m not making you new ones. All right. This certificate certifies
that Huck has successfully completed all of his requirements. You did a good job. Yes,
you did. Oh, nice sit. Good boy. This certificate certifies that my big boy, Jacob, has successfully
completed all of his requirements. Don’t drool on it, Jacob. All right. This certificate
certifies that Lily has successfully completed … No biting. All right. Last, but absolutely
not the least, this certificate certifies that Honey has successfully completed all
of her requirements to complete her beginner’s education. I want you guys to take pictures.
I do have some caps that you can borrow. Now we’re going to start over here. I have a little
one and I have …

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